November 11: The Great Transit of Mercury

November 11: The Great Transit of Mercury

 November 11, 2019, for an phénomène quite rare will occur, according to astronomy : the planet Mercury will pass in front of the Sun. This passage of the planet Mercury in front of our star will be observable, depending on our time zone, from 7:15 a.m. to 13:4 p.m., according to the Montreal Planetarium. This phenomenon only occurs 13 to 14 times per century.

Note that you can in no way watch this phenomenon with the naked eye.

The planet Mercury travels in the constellation of Libra, according to astronomy. All the meaning granted to the constellation of Libra is explained thanks to Greek mythology, which gives it the name of Nemesis meaning: "executor of divine justice" in the sense "who dispenses fortune, neither good nor bad, simply in the proportion due to each and according to his merits”. Roman mythology appropriated this aspect of the Goddess in the form of Invidia, or “indignation at unfair advantage”. Otto group (renowned German mythographer, 1906) preferred to link this name to “righteous resentment”. This Goddess, like the constellation of Libra associated with her, only punishes those who have no shame, no scruples, no moral sense.

What does this great transit of Mercury mean, according to astrology, in the constellation of Libra?

Have you been feeling outrage at an unfair advantage lately? Are you experiencing injustice (financial or otherwise)? Are your merits recognized at their fair value? Is anyone willfully ignoring your past and present financial contribution? Are you craving revenge? Or do you have to contain yourself so much that you can no longer sleep or find inner peace? Does an injustice perpetrated by someone you trusted put you in reaction mode? In short, if you suffer from inequity, inequality, abuse, are or have been the victim of an error (legal, financial or other), irregularity, bias, illegality, slander, malevolence, usurpation, favouritism, disloyalty, privilege, exploitation, know that Mercury, which is still in Libra according to astronomy, and which will pass in front of the Sun, will offer you extraordinary possibilities to free yourself of all these calamities.

The constellation Libra (symbolically) represents justice and the rhythm of fate.

The constellation of Libra is also associated with modesty and respect. A close or loving person may lack modesty or respect for themselves or you. Does a situation raise your fear of being judged? Are you the victim of an effrontery which shocked you, which made you indignant? If so, justice and the rhythm of fate will take its course in order to set you free.

How to make the most of the transit of Mercury in Libra?

Now is a good time to reflect and plan for your future. Positive thinking is key. You will have access to a broader perspective and it will allow you to clearly visualize the way forward. The planet Mercury acts on human intelligence, the ability to think and reflect, to create and to communicate. So good communication skills will develop in you and a more open "self-expression" will lead you to great success. Finally, you will have the chance to meet someone with whom you will be in harmony with everything you love and appreciate in a human being. You might also rediscover the love and appreciation of someone who has impacted your life at one time or another.

Someone will share their spiritual wisdom with you or they will give you next level advice.

Do you feel ambivalent about a relationship or situation in your life? Your heart may be telling you one thing and your head another. In general, the right thing to do in such cases is (within the limits of your morality) to follow your heart.

 There are two possible modes of action: acting under the impulse of “fear”: fear of loving, of being hurt, fear of others, of not being able to find love, of a good job, fear of staying stuck in a limited and dim fate, or you can use the "love action mode". The technique that I propose to you will help you to integrate "this mode of action" into your inner self so that it manifests your desires. You will see the turn your destiny will take.

My proven technique! 

Over the past few months, I have developed this technique, which has already proven itself in the lives of those who were willing to participate and put it into practice. PRACTICE is of capital importance, if you want to obtain concrete results, if you want your desires to manifest themselves in real life.

This technique develops the "love mode of action" within you to help you manifest all that you desire. By putting it into practice:

  1. You will develop a new force of attraction (you attract negative and bad experiences, the opposite is also true).
  2. You will access a higher level of intelligence: genius ideas will arise within you, inspired thoughts will arise within you, new understandings or visions of life will transform your inner energy, you will become aware of all those negative beliefs that play from you.  
  3. You will move from reflection to action to achieve your dreams.
  4. You will manifest whatever you desire.
  5. You will connect, naturally and effortlessly, with the part of you that yearns for well-being, for love, for peace of mind, for abundance.   

You must put this technique into action in your life in the form of a mantra that you will repeat aloud, at least three times a day: "I choose to love despite everything because I choose to love despite everything. everything. That's what it is and that's okay! » Simple, easy and effective!

Don't worry, this mantra has nothing to do with the others. This "mantra" is intended to help YOU establish a RELATIONSHIP with the highest part of yourself, to "empower" you and, as Celine Dion sang so well, to help you connect intimately with “The power of love”. Don't take my word for it, experiment and put this teaching into practice and you will see it for yourself! You are not reading this article for nothing.        

Give the technique a chance to do its work in you (2 to 3 months, according to the testimony of the voluntary participants), and events orchestrated by life will create outside of you this beautiful change of destiny that you are hoping for so much.

Astrologically yours, Ginette Blais

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