Special progressive deconfinement draw: Astro-Tarot for the month of June 2020

Astral Alerts: 

We will find ourselves, for the most part in any case, in a period of progressive deconfinement. The temptation to party, to go out with friends will be great. Even from a reasonable distance, we have a responsibility to protect others. In other words, even in deconfinement we will have to maintain a limiting behavior. The good news is that a beautiful period of merriment, celebration, professional and other births, success and victory will be upon us. But the astrologer in me knows that Venus retrogrades and if we're not careful this retrograde could bring us back into lockdown. Thus informed, we will take the necessary measures.         

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Special progressive deconfinement draw: Astro-Tarot for the month of June 2020

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Le Tarot has a wheel of fate just like astrology. The Tarot consists of 78 Arcana : 22 adults and 56 minors. Depending on your zodiac sign, I will conduct a monthly drawing. It's been almost 50 years (yes, time flies) that I learn to master the Tarot, and I think I can present to you the fruit of my research, my knowledge and my love for the Tarot. Good reading! 


Aries: 6 of Swords — 6 of Swords

You can dare and take certain professional, artistic or business risks, but keep in mind that you will be the carrier of water for many people. Above all, you will create a beautiful transition in one or other of these areas of life. You are recovering from a difficult time, and you can now access the next level.         


Bull : Page of Cups — Page of Cups

Many Taurus are bound to meet love this month. Someone will stir up passion and strong energies of achievement within you. In short, you will be more easily open to love. However, you can sometimes be indifferent and, if you are not careful, you could miss this rare pearl. 


Gemini: The Judgment — The Judgment

You will make every effort to ensure that justice is done to you in a romantic, friendly, family or professional and/or artistic situation. In other words, you are no longer confined, of course, but determined as ever to make yourself respected. Or the person concerned will make his most sincere apologies and his repentance will go straight to your heart.           


Cancer: 7 of Cups — 7 of Cups

You could decide to reconnect with an old lover or get married and, while you're at it, why not both. However, if you know this person well, make sure their intentions are pure and good. Moreover, it appears in your Astro-Tarot that the weight of this decision to resume or renew weighs heavily on your heart. Everything's gonna Be Alright !


Lion: L’Ermite — The Hermit

With the Arcanum of the Hermit, it is clear that you have certainly taken advantage of this period of confinement to recharge your batteries in order to understand the behaviors or beliefs in you that were preventing you from finding love precisely. You will aim for new goals or take a new professional, artistic or business start.   


Virgo: 8 of Swords — 8 of Swords

Life will finally free you, some of you, from a really toxic family, love or friendship situation or one that was preventing you from living your life to the full. An unforeseen and beneficial event will therefore allow you to spread your wings, once again to free yourself, in short, to take a new flight. How will you manage this freedom?


Balance :  Ace of Wands — Ace of Wands

You flourish more and more and it's not over, if I believe the Ace of Wands. Your ideas and vision for work (regardless of what area of ​​life you are in) will expand and your creativity will be almost limitless. You are entering a fertile period from all points of view. You might even end up pregnant.



As de Pentacle — Ace of Pentacles

You will not hesitate to test your worth by intellectually wrestling with others, or you will prove to be extremely competitive. You will certainly plant seeds that will pay you big in the fall. In short, let yourself be carried away by this beautiful wave of prosperity that will come your way this month.   


Sagittarius: Reine de Pentacle — Queen of Pentacles

Oh dear, Sagittarians! Prepare yourselves, most of you anyway, to meet true love. Especially, if you have been alone for several years already. New business, professional, artistic or commercial developments will appear on the horizon and you will certainly be spoiled for choice. Reread the topo of the month!


Capricorn: 5 of Cups — 5 of Cups

Strangely, and at the very moment when you no longer expected anything from anyone or anything, life will offer you a masterful gift. Some feel guilty for not having been there for a loved one, you must make peace with this guilt and forgive yourself. Otherwise, conflicts and oppositions, strangely, will lead to a new surge of hope.  


Aquarius: 9 de Deniers — 9 of Pentacle

You feel deeply (or you will feel it strongly during the month) a call from within. Otherwise, you will have to listen to your inner voice and follow your intuition. For example, you could be offered the moon when you would rather take care of your own projects. Your loyalty and hard work will be rewarded. Cheer !


Fish:   Queen of Wands — Queen of Wands

You will be vibrant, intellectually lit, and necessarily competent in everything you undertake. A big change will transform your life completely. This is a nice well-deserved reward. The family takes a new place in your life since you have settled many things lately.

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Some predictions were taken from my book Horoscope 2020 published by Éditions LaSemaine.

Special progressive deconfinement draw: Astro-Tarot for the month of June 2020

Editions La Semaine / Booksellers

Special progressive deconfinement draw: Astro-Tarot for the month of June 2020


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