These Health Issues Threaten Your Zodiac Sign


Physical ailments are often linked to an emotion and, in your case, when you are frustrated you react with such force that you can easily hurt yourself.

Predisposition to disorders affecting the head and nose, burns and meningitis.


The throat and neck where the thyroid and larynx are located: are particularly vulnerable areas.

A tendency to be overweight will always force you to watch your weight. Despite great physical resistance, you sometimes fall from fatigue.


You are exposed, as Gemini, to disorders of the respiratory tract, especially the bronchi, and to intercostal pain. Above all, you must learn to breathe well.

Your mind overloaded with thoughts makes you distracted and accidents happen.


Your gastrointestinal tract, like the stomach and intestines, is sensitive, even fragile. Since the lunar star is your ruling planet, you tend to have depressions.

You eat your emotions and, at the same time, you devour sweets.


Leos must watch their eyes: possible problem with vision in general. The heart is linked to the star that is the Sun and, as the Sun has taken up residence in your sign, everything connected to the heart therefore becomes your Achilles heel.

Varicose veins are likely to be more common.


Food assimilation disorders or intestinal disorders are the lot of people born under the sign of Virgo very often. You change diets frequently.

You may be suffering from hypochondria or your sensitivity to pain is phenomenal.


Libras often experience disorders affecting the kidneys, bladder, and lungs. You also tend to have high blood pressure. Water retention and edema sometimes make your life difficult.

Anxiety is definitely not your best friend.


It is the genitals (as well as the entire reproductive system) that must be under close surveillance when it comes to your health, Scorpios.

Of course, heart and kidney problems are also among the symptoms related to your zodiac sign.


The joints: the knees, especially, as well as the respiratory tract are to be monitored.

The liver and gallbladder are often subject to inflammatory and congestive disorders. The assimilation of food is sometimes complicated, difficult. Your worst enemy in life is obesity.


Your master planet is Saturn and it is connected to the framework: the bones and the teeth are weakened here. The legs are not always strong and there can be many falls.

You must especially be wary of your depressive states. Add a little joy in your life!


Spasms and cramps… you know! Otherwise, good for you.

You are also susceptible to heart palpitations, high blood pressure. The ankles are delicate and fragile: it's your Achilles heel. Pay particular attention to your cardio-renal system.


Avoid getting cold feet and you'll save yourself a lot of chronic health problems. Blood circulation can be difficult and cause swelling.

You can easily fall into addictions to alcohol and drugs. Flee indolence!

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