The ascendants of Aquarius

The ascendants of Aquarius

You are Verseau and want to know the influence of your ascendant on your astrological sign? First you can calculate your ascendant. Then select your sign and your ascendant.

Aquarius rising Aries

Uranus, the planet of Aquarius, meets here Mars, the planet of Aries. Your spirit is independent, you like to emancipate yourself, to be at the forefront. It's the same dynamic if you are Aries and your ascendant is Aquarius. Except that you happen to be hypertensive, to get upset and to worry to the maximum sometimes. Despite this, you remain an eternal and incorrigible optimist. Your social goals are humanitarian and unionism could be your hobbyhorse. You like to provoke and show yourself to be non-conformist and marginal. Your optimism can be very contagious. Advanced techniques could make your fortune. You like to create, investigate, discover and learn. In fact, you would make an excellent (woman or man) astronaut, airplane or fighter pilot, lecturer, animator and/or director of feature or short films. One thing is certain, you don't like to reveal yourself.


Aquarius rising Taurus

Uranus (Aquarius) meets Venus (Taurus) here and it's a safe bet that you've experienced love ups and downs worthy of the greatest love or sexual stories! The same analysis also belongs to the Taurus ascendant Aquarius person. Your charm is indefinable, you are, so to speak, popular and, wherever you set foot, heads turn in your path. On the other hand, you may be stubborn, and not so easy to convince. You can even, in these moments, show bad faith just so as not to assume your faults. Uranus teaches you friendship, fraternity, universal love, but it can also lead you, if you do not control yourself, on the paths of intolerance, judgment and disobedience, on very bumpy roads! In other words, you are prone to rebel easily when the planet Uranus acts up.


Aquarius rising Gemini

Uranus (Aquarius) meets the planet Mercury (Gemini) here. Quite a life contract! Gemini ascendant Aquarius have much the same character traits. Your intellect is like a presto. You are a high-flying avant-garde. You enjoy solving puzzles, undoing old beliefs, attacking crass ignorance, but you often do so without compassion for your counterpart. A bit as if you were traveling at 200 an hour and the person in front of you couldn't go faster than 100 an hour! This intellectual shift is apparent, of course, but it can be very hurtful. Do you get the nuance? In other words, it is up to you to adjust to the intellect of the other, and not the other way around. The Aquarius part of you is eccentric, intriguing, cordial and open to the world and the Gemini part of you is just as much. This ensures that you move a lot of air, and you can electrify any audience.


Aquarius Rising Cancer

The planet Uranus (associated with Aquarius) invites the more homelike nature of Cancer to experiment with the limits of the real world. Does that tell you anything? The notion of comfort is very powerful here. You are reluctant to be accountable, to be indebted or to have to submit to the law or to formal obligations. In short, the non-conformist nature of Aquarius opposes traditions, established customs, while the more conformist nature of Cancer does not dare to make too many waves. This inner dichotomy means that you are often in reaction rather than in action! You must grasp this to undo the reactions that overshadow your success. One thing is certain, you amaze people and you excite them. You love and appreciate family peace and friendliness to the highest degree, and you favor openness to others.


Aquarius Rising Leo

Aquarius is energized here by the solar power of Leo. By solar power, astrology means the strength of character, the inherent know-how of Leo and its ability to handle difficulties. Except that pride is multiplied by two here! Pride is therefore your cute sin. Pride kills its master… did you know that? These same characteristics are found in Leo Ascendant Aquarius. So pride kills its master in the sense that you may have lost loved ones to it, opportunities to become emotionally involved in romantic relationships and see them through, chances to find love. By raising your head too high, you forget to pour out your heart to the world, and it is for this reason that you suffer so much from loneliness and a serious lack of love. Thus warned, you are now able to come down from your pedestal to put yourself in tune with the others. Sometimes you have to reduce yourself just like a great chef reduces the sauce to give it more body and taste. This picture is worth a thousand words! Of all the Leos, you are surely the most individualistic, and that's not a fault. We would all benefit from being a little more, but if it is pushed to the extreme this same quality becomes a defect.


Aquarius rising Virgo

Aquarius likes to devote themselves to the collective or the community. Your ideas are original since Mercury (Virgo) — the planet of the intellect — here meets Uranus (Aquarius) — the planet of the unexpected, of evolution, of emancipation. Of course, this planetary combination pushes you towards advanced technologies or science, staging. Your temperament is nervous and cerebral and people often have difficulty following you. You must therefore learn to communicate the substance of your thoughts well. Your many knowledges make you an educated, cultivated, future-oriented being (Uranus linked to Aquarius). At worst, your optimism, nonconformity, originality, and idealistic streak make people think you're disconnected from reality or completely enlightened, and that image is far removed from who you really are. You have great skills in the field of financial management and investments. Uranus, however, makes your first instincts unreasonable to others. However, you know what is good for you and what is not. Your loves are under the sign of "live and let live", which can keep several good matches away.


Aquarius rising Libra

The Libra ascendant must accept being propelled towards social life by Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius. This particular combination takes you from unexpected to unexpected. Your life is surely woven with stories as wonderful as each other. You like traveling, but as soon as you arrive... you are already thinking of going somewhere else! Independent, you don't let yourself be caught so easily in the nets of love. For you love = commitment = obligation = loss of freedom! With such a calculation, it is not surprising that your love life is marked by several breakups, leaks or disorderly conduct. You have a strong taste for studies, philosophy, cinema, communication, creation, invention (Uranus) and everything related to the arts with a capital A. You are (perhaps) a tormented being or too often you feel misunderstood.


Aquarius Rising Scorpio

Your temperament is innovative and you refuse any conformism. Your search for personal emancipation is legendary. You have always been looking for the Holy Grail and you will eventually find it! The only problem is your lack of discipline. It is similarly the same dynamic that occurs if you are a Scorpio rising Aquarius. You want to distinguish yourself, think outside the box (the planet Uranus associated with Aquarius). You could make an excellent aviator, fighter pilot, take an interest in advanced techniques, high technologies and, of course, astronautics in general. When you love, it's forever, but the list of strangers who have passed through your life and your bed can be long! When you have an idea in your head, you don't budge so easily. Rebellious (Aquarius) and withdrawn (Scorpio), you are difficult for those around you to grasp. You remain in their eyes, the most complex and mysterious being they have ever really come to know. This aura of mystery, you maintain it with love! It represents your protective armor against the wickedness of the world.


Aquarius rising Sagittarius

The Sagittarius ascendant brings you a militant, sociable, zealous spirit, in addition to bringing you the soul of an explorer, a traveler. You hate that people put limits on you or hinder your walk towards the future (the planet Uranus is responsible for this state of being). You like the great intellectual and philosophical currents. You are the reformer type too. A little too much sometimes, and people can't always follow you. Your talents as instructors and facilitators or sociologists are exceptional. Easily enthusiastic, you often express yourself in a good mood. Your energy is radiant. Outdoor life takes precedence over family life. You are an entrepreneur at heart. Your zodiac sign Aquarius is capable of making friends, developing a large social network and shining in society. You benefit from this ascendancy over the world. Have a good time !


Aquarius rising Capricorn

Uranus (Aquarius) meets Saturn (Capricorn) here…much like “the ancient of times” (represented by the energies of the planet Saturn) meets the eternal youth (represented by the energies of the planet Uranus), and that these two opposing forces dwell under the same roof… they are within you and they activate your personality. For example, Saturn puts the brakes on you and Uranus pushes you to act, Saturn gives you a maturity to die for and brings you deep and serious realizations, while Uranus takes things with a grain of salt, it does not s in fact not that much in life. This dynamic generates several contradictions in you, but it is at the same time what sculpts your beautiful personality with great beauty. You are also very sociable, but also very selective in choosing your friends, and even your relatives. In short, you do not open your door to just anyone, even if they are close people. Capricorn is an Earth sign and Aquarius an Air sign, you like to embody new ideas, new concepts or new plans of action, but they must remain in the realm of the achievable, the doable.


Aquarius Rising Aquarius

Uranus in doublet encourages you to play an important social role in life. Either you will create a company or you will be appointed to a commanding position in real life, in short, you will certainly distinguish yourself. You attract people like a magnet because you have a magnetic personality. The entertainment world could allow you to shine to your measure. Cinema (Uranus), TV (audiovisual) or radio and now the Internet — the Net — are all media tools that will allow you to leave your mark. Your ideas are pioneers, you are gifted for discoveries, research with a capital R. Whether you exercise the trades or professions of dowsers, electricians, surgeons, computer specialists, director or filmmaker, you are surely at the cutting edge of latest technologies.


Aquarius rising Pisces

Your ruling planet, Uranus, struggles a bit with the rather elusive energy of the planet Neptune (Pisces). Uranus seeks to destroy what lacks solidity and Neptune loves to have fun learning to control subtle energies. Do you ever get lost in such a maze of contradictory energies? In fact, you suffer from chronic ambivalence. You can flee into alternate realities or find yourself in the moon quite often and easily. In addition, you have easy happiness, but you pick up quickly. You have surely experienced significant financial or material reversals during your life. Your ideas are often revolutionary. The most negative aspect of this assembly is your tendency to run away from reality in drugs or drink. Unfortunately, they alter your level of consciousness to such an extent that you sometimes lose the map. Thus warned, you will avoid falling into these extremes.


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