Your life as a couple according to the sign of your partner

Your life as a couple according to the sign of your partner

Living together is not always easy! We meet people, we get to know them, we sometimes fall in love, we move in together, and then we start to know the person again for real!

Fortunately, the stars can help us get an idea of ​​our couple life from the astrological sign the other! But of course, life is full of surprises, which is also its charm! 

Here are some clues about what kind of partner you have, according to his sign of zodiac

1. Aries

For the Aries, Why make it simple when you can make it complicated! He values ​​his freedom, and will be much more attracted to you if you do the same. He expects you to bring him his share of surprises every day: he will reward you! The trick to keep his attention: show that even if we are independent, we cannot live without him. (Even if it's not true!)

2. Taurus

The person born under the sign of Taurus appreciates your smile and your optimism, but he will quickly become jealous of others you smile at! He regularly shares his doubts that he will confide to you while you are doing the dishes together, or while you are on a chairlift during a ski weekend! He secretly dreams of a solid family life, even a little cliché!

3. Gemini

Trust is at the center of the couple with the Gemini. He doesn't like routine, so you have to find strategies to live a life full of fire! Life with him is exciting and he likes to be in the company of a caring person whom he can admire without moderation. With this dear Gemini, you are likely to live an extraordinary life.

4. Cancer

Stability is essential for the Cancer. Balance is what he seeks most in others. He will be faithful to the being who is at the center of his life, and his goal is to stay with the same person until the end of his days! You can expect to be spoiled by living with him, because he is understanding and treats with small onions the one who shares his daily life!

5. Lion

This charmer is a proud being who likes to show off, but he remains a purely romantic partner! It is not with his words that the Leo will sing the apple to you, but rather by demonstrating his love in a clear and unequivocal way! He appreciates the company of a deeply kind person who can make him purr rather than roar!

6. Virgin

The being born under the sign of Virgin is the epitome of courtesy! With his beautiful sensitivity, he will give you a hand as soon as the opportunity arises, whether it is to gently zip the back of your dress or to help you when you take out the trash! You can count on this gentleman at all times, even if he is not always easy to please, thanks to the demands he places on himself and others. He does not try to control the person he shares his life with and he will be faithful to you.

7 Balance

The man Balance is a real woman magnet! This master of seduction is all in all a little superficial, but basically when you know him you realize that he is a very empathetic and honest being. He has the soul of a vigilante and he will never hurt you on purpose. Make sure to give him some leeway, and he'll come back to you with a big smile that will make you crack up every time!

8. Scorpio

The man Scorpion tends to believe that the person he shares his life with is his trophy! A very annoying habit, which he happily compensates for by being attentive and demonstrative of his feelings. Not always easy to live with and a bit possessive, he has a somewhat clumsy way of showing his attachment to others. Basically, what he wants is to be loved as much as he himself can love you!

9. Sagittarius

Not always very skilled when communicating with people he finds desirable, the Sagittarius compensates with its somewhat disarming authenticity, but still crunchy! His spontaneity is refreshing and he has a good heart. You won't have much to blame him for, other than his occasional clumsiness! He is the master of his destiny and he knows that you two will be the heroes of your own love story!

10. Capricorn

The man Capricorn wants to be a strong pillar for his family. He is very realistic and you couldn't be more down to earth than him. That said, when he loves once, he loves forever! He wants to be protective like a papa bear, sometimes even with the person who shares his life! If it was just him, you'd be living in a nuclear bunker safe from harm, but you can help him spread his wings and get out of his comfort zone!

11. Aquarius

Mixed messages are not a rarity when sharing your life with a Verseau! It's yes, but no! He also tends to change his mind on a dime and say the opposite today of what he will think tomorrow. Not easy to follow, then. He loves living a destabilizing daily life and seeks to live a relationship that is anything but banal. He will particularly appreciate you for your thirst for freedom and your original thoughts.

12. Pisces

The mysterious Fish attracts the attention of many women who are intrigued by the enigma he suggests in his eyes. Luckily for you, his romantic side makes him a big fan! However, he likes to be able to go about his business without constantly having to be accountable. If you accept him as he is without monopolizing him too much, he will invite you to live your most beautiful dream projects together!

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