The most sexual and hot zodiac signs in bed!

When we are lucky enough to find one or sexual partner that makes us shiver with desire, we know we're on the right track! Of course, the sexuality isn't all that matters in a couple, but it still goes for a lot! You are looking for a person who will make you come like no one has been able to do before, and you are wondering which signs are the hottest in bed? We have answers to help you find the one you need to spend hours of fun!

Here are 3 reputedly hottest signs under the covers.

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1. Scorpio

With their emotional intensity and determination, Scorpion will give you orgasms you can't even imagine before you experience them! They will be able to read the lines of your body and will know what you need simply by observing your reactions when they touch your sensual curves. The Scorpios will find a way to know your greatest fantasies in order to serve them to you on a silver platter.

Once you have experienced a passionate night with a Scorpio, you will no longer see carnal pleasures in the same way. The natives of Scorpio will know how to be attentive, sensual, sweet and intense all at the same time! It's an orgasmic rollercoaster that awaits you. Here's one of the reasons why it can be so hard to break up with these people: you'll get downright addicted to the chills they'll give you...

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2. Taurus

These foreplay specialists have a 6th sense when it comes to turning you on! Sensual at will, their caresses of Taurus will drive you crazy with desire. They know how to use their hands to make you want to let go, just like the rest of their body. They will be lovers attentive to your desires and will awaken fantasies that you did not even know you had in you!

In fact, the Tauren is a very sensual being that will make you experience such strong sensations that you will ask for more and more. Your loved ones will ask you what earned you this splendid smile the day after your sleepless nights to have fun together. If you like to have your satisfaction taken care of in bed, you won't find a better partner than Taurus!

3. Aries

When an Aries has their sights set on you, they'll do whatever they can to make your sexual exchanges memorable and keep you coming back for more! Being stubborn is sometimes a fault, but not when it comes to going in search of the G-spot! If you like having your partner's complete attention, you will be spoiled. If you could give him more hands to touch you, he or she would definitely accept so that he could show you how much he wants you! He likes to touch your curves and he does not miss it. 

The Taurus person is not the type to think of another during your intimate moments, on the contrary! You inhabit his spirit during your union and the Aries only has it for you. Didn't have time to shower? No big deal, his attraction is a burning fire and he wants you the way you are, without hesitation. 

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