The ascendants of Virgo

You are Virgin and want to know the influence of your ascendant on your astrological sign? First you can calculate your ascendant. Then select your sign and your ascendant.

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Virgo rising Aries

You are resourceful for whom nothing is impossible. Surely you get impatient yourself when the demands and perfectionism of the Virgo ascendant force you to be thoughtful and to restrain your go-getter impulses. An energetic, determined, resourceful, efficient worker with an unparalleled sense of organization, you tend to put too much pressure on yourself and put your limits at risk. In addition, you do not trust easily and this mistrust can sometimes play nasty tricks on you. No detail escapes the Virgo ascendant, and the "impatients" of Aries must learn to calm down, observe and study things in depth before launching into action. Quite a challenge! Dynamic and tireless worker, you are hard at work. The ingenuity of Aries and the active and efficient dedication of Virgo give you extraordinary assets to organize, develop, orchestrate any project or work. On the other hand, your critical spirit is inclined towards controversy. When you correct your lack of nuance, your loves will be so much better.


Virgo rising Taurus

Tenacity and perseverance come together here. The planet Mercury is associated here with Venus and they make you an organized, perfectionist and very pragmatic being. Mercury is here in an Earth sign unlike the Air sign of Gemini (Mercury is also the ruling planet of Gemini). You don't have an easy laugh, but when you find a funny story you laugh your heart out. Your biggest flaw is that you are too serious in life, maybe even a little stuck in showing your emotions. Does intimacy in love or too much emotional display scare you? Either you take things too seriously and you suffer from this lack of freedom in the depths of your being and way of thinking like seeing life, others, the world. The heaviness of the world, moreover, must often weigh on your shoulders. Your thirst for control prevents you from opening yourself to the calls of your heart. So warned… it's up to you.


Virgo ascendant Gemini

As Virgo is in charge, intellectual anxiety is always very present. You are a skilled communicator. This doublet of Mercury (Gemini – Mercury Air and Virgo – Mercury Earth) makes you experience certain contradictions. You often waver between heaven and earth or between the concrete and the dream. But when you get into action, you know how to do it right. Your instinct is powerful. Your intellect is able to make connections, to understand complex teachings or ways of doing things thanks to your power of observation. You're probably easy to talk to, but you don't open up so easily. This nuance is important. Young, you were already reasonable, observant and modest. Your biggest flaw is that you tend to over-intellectualize things, situations and people. You leave little room for spontaneity.


Virgo rising Cancer

You are devoted, discreet, refined, shy and capable of great tenderness. Except that you sometimes seek security in the family or in the group – the importance of siblings takes on its full meaning here. You are here to learn how to do…in doing so, you learn tips for getting by in life. You practice, you accomplish a lot of daily tasks. The “practical” side is important to you. Cancer (dominated by the lunar star), however, will impose its slower pace on you and it likes to bring “comfort” to the effort. The only problem is that you scatter yourselves over a host of small activities when you find yourself in the grip of your moods. You appreciate a job that brings you, that envelops you or that gives you well-being. Restaurateur, hotelier, nurse, domestic services are just a few facets of the jobs you could exercise. You classify, organize and analyze with a view to efficiency and perfection, you are also obsessed with small details. You hate being caught off guard.


Virgo rising Leo

The desire to assume authority is powerful. You may be suffering from the “faultlessness” syndrome. Quite a weight to bear, you will agree. In short, you do everything in your power and, all the time, not to suffer reproach. Who never suffers a reproach in his life? You are a devoted being, with a big heart on two legs, always anxious to be beyond reproach. Otherwise, you are more discreet and withdrawn and you surely suffer a lot from your condition since Leo likes to shine and your Virgo ascendant resists this possibility. You have all the qualities of the sign of Virgo: a beautiful head inside and out. Your leadership is focused on a job well done. The little methodical and picky side of the Virgin lives in you too. Some of you have surely chosen to express your capacity and potential in accommodation centers for the elderly, hospitals, prisons or missions such as Doctors Without Borders and others. You do not experience financial lean periods badly.


Virgo rising Virgo

You assert yourself well and you are able to take the direction of higher positions. You have the mastery and you assume it well. However, your authority is quite picky and this can lead to many conflicts. In the sense that you are working with the human factor and of course human errors can occur. You're not immune to making mistakes either, and it seems like you don't like getting caught and scolded. This excessive demand could make you sick or cause you to hate the world because it does not work according to your standards or your values ​​or your beliefs. It's different, that's all! You bring your uniqueness to the world and the world brings its uniqueness to you, and you have to learn to accept that. When you do, the world will serve your ambitions and you will serve theirs, and together you will spin the wheel of good fortune, love, success, and abundance. The only problem… you are too preoccupied and you forget to live.


Virgo rising Libra

The undisputed charm of Virgo and that of Libra are found under the same capital. What a great winning combination on the social, artistic, business, political, romantic, friendly, family and professional levels! Charm, sweetness and prettiness give you access to everything you desire and you already know this, having surely experienced it. Public relations holds no secrets for you, but you remain secret all the same. Your conciliatory nature, your refinement, your fine, subtle intelligence and your capacity for understanding sometimes go beyond understanding. You have learned to be realistic in your desire to devote yourself, to give yourself to others. Above all, you came to learn to make the difference between “doing everything for the other and being with the other — accompanying him without trying to DO for him”. It was surely a difficult life lesson to learn. You like spirituality in the sense of "evolving your mind", and not in the religious sense of the term. Could it be that you live your life in a position of dependence by letting the other do the effort, earn the living and make the decisions for both of you?


Virgo rising Scorpio

The critical spirit is increased tenfold here and you can easily use black humor, rebellion or provocation to reach your target or to move the other. You are a crime novel character with your will to find the culprit, your love for investigative work and/or your quest for the depths. Your intuition is very powerful. Nothing escapes you! You are recognized for your know-how, your service dynamics and for your discretion (the Scorpio ascendant). You observe intensely, well hidden in the shadows, the behaviors, the interactions and then you wait for the right moment to intervene. However, you are often on the defensive in front of others. You don't form friendships that easily, but when you do…it's for life. Your advice is invaluable and those around you know it and benefit from it because you are telling the truth. You can "reverse" suddenly and fall into provocation. Your sulphurous charm attracts passionate and exciting loves to you.


Virgo rising Sagittarius

You have come to fulfill yourself financially and materially. You are looking for success, it is visceral for you! By success, astrology points to love, family and friends since Sagittarius loves to surround himself with people he loves and appreciates. Your loved ones, however, must possess a vivacious, open, and fired intellect or you will drop out soon enough. You will experience many areas before you find the WAY. You can also accomplish yourself in a more modest area and serve the poorest with great dedication. Sagittarius is the knight of the zodiac, always ready to wield the sword to defend the oppressed, always in search of the truth. Many of you have left a resounding success to embrace a more “humanitarian” or missionary career. Your sign of Virgo leads you to plan everything and in every detail your projects, your life or your future. Your realism can be cold and detached, which, of course, complicates your romantic relationships.


Virgo rising Capricorn

Mercury meets Saturn here! Your practical sense must be extremely developed. Your memory is sometimes encyclopedic and your taste for studies is the highest in the zodiac. If it's not studies that turn you on, it's knowledge with a capital C. You show discretion and great determination. This stature hides behind modest airs. Your loved ones, loved ones and/or friends must blame you for being cold. You internalize your emotions too much because you believe that the display of emotions is a sign of weakness. The Earth element is double and this doublet makes you an organized being with well-ordered opinions and your practical side is powerful. In short, your "reason" is a formidable weapon and the people who know you have surely already tasted your medicine! You must beware of falling into narrow-mindedness by confining yourself precisely in the ghetto of “I am right and you are wrong” or in “judgment”. You then deprive yourself of a certain freedom to be and to live in harmony with others.


Virgo rising Aquarius

Aquarius likes to devote themselves to the collective or the community. Your ideas are original since Mercury — the planet of the intellect — meets Uranus here — the planet of the unexpected, of evolution, of emancipation. Of course, this planetary combination pushes you towards advanced technologies or science, staging. Your temperament is nervous and cerebral and people often have difficulty following you. You must therefore learn to communicate the substance of your thoughts well. Your many knowledges make you an educated, cultivated, future-oriented being (Uranus linked to Aquarius). At worst, your optimism, nonconformity, originality, and idealistic streak make people think you're disconnected from reality or completely enlightened, and that image is far removed from who you really are. You have great skills in the field of financial management and investments. Uranus, however, makes your first instincts unreasonable to others. However, you know what is good for you and what is not. Your loves are under the sign of "live and let live", which can keep several good matches away.


Virgo rising Pisces

You want to understand how subtle energies work, life or death. In short, you are interested in the invisible because you want to understand, and not to make a religion out of it. This last distinction is important. However, others often bring you the discernment that you lack. You are often trapped in the duty at hand instead of opening yourself up to the possibility of working for pleasure and doing what you love. A certain heaviness of living then sets in. Imagine that "pleasure" is an important ingredient in raising the dough (your life). You absolutely must add it if you want to succeed in your recipe (your life). Your zodiac sign confronts the dreamy side of Pisces, and this "reality" often forces you to bring your mind down to earth. You have the ability to mold yourself to the most diverse personalities, it's Pisces' most formidable weapon!


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