The best tattoo ideas according to your astrological sign

The best tattoo ideas according to your astrological sign

The tattoos are not for everyone, but we must admit that more and more people are showing off through the ink on their skin! If you're looking for inspiration for your first or next tattoo, the stars have some suggestions so that you find the best concept for you.

1. Aries

Your natural fire deserves to be represented by dynamic symbols, which signify movement. Don't hesitate to be inspired by this sun that constantly shines in your heart!


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2. Taurus

What you love most is taking it easy on yourself! It's about enjoying the finer things in life, and your body knows it! Whether it's your little guilty pleasures or your touch of sensuality, there is a perfect tattoo for you, just take a look inside to find out which one!


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3. Gemini

With everything going on in your brain and all the stories you love to tell your audience, you definitely need a tattoo that shows your strength for cogitation and communication! Pay homage to the writer in you with a beautiful literary concept, or get two tattoos that talk to each other, like your 2 Gemini.


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4. Cancer

Your great sensitivity and your aura of mystery and uncertainty are the traits that set you apart from other signs. Why not assume yourself completely by expressing the magic that lives in you with a splendid sketch of Harry Potter? Or find a mystical symbol that is dear to you, with a touch of color to show the breadth of your palette of emotions!


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5. Leo

You bite into life and you seek to surpass yourself every day. Your sporting spirit must therefore be expressed on your next tattoo. You are proud of your accomplishments, and you have the sacred fire. You should show it to everyone on your next marathon or your next mountain expedition!


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6. Virgin

Your analytical mind is always on a survey! What would we do without your critical sense? Celebrate your insight with artwork that matches your talents and the puzzles that dwell within you.


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7. Balance

Good chic, good style, but never flat! This is the phrase that best represents you. So don't go get a skull tattoo that says I Love Mom. Instead, look for a discreet and minimalist design that will express what turns you on the most in life, that is to say, to be creative and mysterious.


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8. Scorpion

Your mind is on, and you question everything around you. You love shining the light on the truth, so why not take the concept literally and draw inspiration from all sources of light for your next tattoo?


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9. Sagittarius

Your heart and mind are filled with magic, and you live to be amazed! What goes up does not always come down to earth, according to you! Admit it, deep down you're a unicorn and you should be shouting it from the rooftops.


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10 Capricorn

You like to be in control and you can be uncompromising. The obsessive compulsive in you will be lightened with a symmetrical pattern. Paradoxically, you have to choose either a very minimalist concept or, on the contrary, go big! Remember this when you make an appointment with the tattoo artist! 


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11 Verseau

You are unique and colorful, and your tattoos should reflect that. Your originality and your passion must be the basis of your inspiration. Whether it's illustrating the characters that turn you on or works of art a little too much according to your mother-in-law, you must remain yourself.


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12 Fish

Your soul is rich, discreet and deep. There is even a little dark side that lives in you! Avoid overly dramatic or colorful tattoos if you want to be true to yourself. Assume this romantico-gothic and misty side in you!


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