The moon sign is probably the sign that says the most about you

Do you know the influence of your moon sign on your life and your personality?

THEastrology is so popular that even the most rational like to get caught up in the game. Moreover, ordinary mortals often confuse astrology and horoscope, and yet they are two very different things!

In fact, astrology is a pseudoscience that studies the effect the position of the planets has on people, and yes, the position of the Sun, Moon and planets at birth does have an impact on the course of events. of a person's life. The horoscope is actually a derivative of astrology. It is a prediction of the future based on notions of astrology.

In summary, we could say that astrology is art and the horoscope is a painting!

Thanks to applications like Co-Star and Instagram accounts of experts like @sanctuarywrld, @_vanessadl, @astro.lya, @astrologie.simple, @maude.vallieres or even @melanie.fortuna, we can now learn in a way simple and fun on this very complex field (and no, it's not small beer, believe me). Astrology is as dense as it is captivating when you dive into it, and above all, it is a great tool for understanding the world!

And finally, the moon sign, the moon sign. Although it is quite unknown, it is so important! This is the sign that represents you emotionally the most, the sign that translates how you manage your sensitivity and intuition when you are alone with yourself, in your inner world. It is the part of our most intuitive personality.

It is also the subtle facet of yourselves to which only the people in your intimacy have access. Apparently, women feel the impact of their moon sign more from childhood.

How would you react if I told you that your best friend talked behind your back? What if, after an interview, you don't get THE job you've been looking for? The way you instinctively react to these situations most likely matches your moon sign

I invite you to visualize your christmas cards, which is in fact a capture of the position of the planets when you were born, via the Co-star application or their website, or even on It's crazy how precise it is, it's almost like Voldemort reads your soul. For real!

However, keep in mind that your moon sign can only be interpreted with nuance if we take into account the other planets that influence it and with which there are important aspects. If this intrigues you, I invite you to do your birth chart analysis with a reputable astrologer.


Libra must imperatively be in harmony with others. This is why she is so demonstrative and emotional. Good relationships are very important to her and often she tends to neglect her own needs out of accommodation. Be careful not to be too accommodating dear Lunar Libra, you are not an entrance mat, but a person in your own right! Sometimes compromises don't have to be made.


Blind trust does not exist for Scorpio. You have to earn his trust. That's why he always has a poker face to hide his vulnerability. He is nevertheless super intuitive (the Moon has a great influence on this sign) and has an incredible flair for lies or betrayal. If such a situation occurs, beware of his venom for revenge.    


The worst thing you can do to Sagittarius is to restrict their freedom. Both in a relationship and in day-to-day life decisions. Their crying need for truth and exploration makes this moon sign a true "citizen of the world" and a bon vivant with whom to explore life. Moreover, exchange, philosophy and debate are a real playground for him.  

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