The objects to get to create your mystical corner at home

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If you are thinking of making a cozy little corner at home to meditate, meet or even assume your side mystical, we have suggestions for you! 

Discover the objects to be obtained in order to create a space to clear your mind and contemplate things to come, all from the comfort of your own home.

Psst. : Vanessa DL invites you to use objects that you have at home in order to recharge your batteries daily in your meditation space during this period of covid-19 pandemic.

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Tarot deck

Urban Outfitters

Whether it's because you really believe in it, or just for the fun of it, tarot cards can help you reflect on what's to come so you can better understand your destiny. 

$50 | Available at Urban Outfitters 

The Everyday Tarot book

The Amazon

For people who are tarot buffs, this book is a must that will help you understand the power of the cards!

$30 | Available on Amazon

bamboo beaded curtain

Urban Outfitters

Sometimes all you need is a veil or a pretty curtain to create an intimate and comforting space. This one will easily get you in the mood!

$59 | Available at Urban Outfitters

Lampe in sel d'Himalayan


According to legend, Himalayan salt has benevolent powers and helps, among other things, to reduce the harmful waves of electronic devices on us. But above all, it looks like an artifact straight from an Indiana Jones movie! 

$35 | Available South Indigo

Mystical cushion


To create a cocooning space, you undeniably need cushions or pillows to release the pressure. This one will help you connect with your mysticism with its inspirational pattern. 

$40 | Available on Society6

Cosmic cushion


We don't know if the stars are aligned for you, but your spine will be a little more aligned with this other themed cushion!

$40 | Available on Society6

Amethyst Crystal Pillar


According to ancestral beliefs, amethyst is the stone of wisdom and humility. This soothing object could help you promote your spiritual elevation. 

$20 | Available chez Indigo

Rose Gold Cross Moon Pendant Necklace

Lost and Faune

In addition to your space at home, some jewelry will help you stay zen during the rest of the day. This necklace with a rose gold moon is perfect for those who want to be in constant symbiosis with this star.

$36 | Available on Lost and Fauna

Journal to write down thoughts

Urban Outfitters

After all, sometimes one of the best ways to clear your mind is to write down your thoughts and come back to them later. And who knows, maybe inspiration will also be there with this notebook to write down your revelations.

$20 | Available on Urban Outfitters

Tarot Inspired Phone Case


Well, we suspect that your spiritual corner is a cell-free zone! But this case will be a humorous touch to carry around on your busier days when coffee is needed. 

From $48 | Available on Society6

Meditation apps

Erik Brolin / Unsplash

There are several meditation apps, free or paid, such as that of psychologist Christophe André, which is available on Google Play or Apple Store.



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