The return of Saturn, or the famous crisis of the thirties

If you are over the age of 30 years, you know how bad the years around that age can be intense. A succession of trials and blessings, interspersed with a ton of changes, and all that happens at lightning speed. These are not restful years!

We often have the impression of going through an identity crisis from the age of 27, 28. But did you know that behind it all there is a astrological phenomenon who affects everyone? It's called the return of saturn

and astrology, Saturn is the planet of life lessons, karma, discipline. Saturn is a bit like the headmaster of the zodiac, who watches, who punishes if necessary, who makes sure that order is respected, that the students are “good” pupils, that they understand their lessons. 

In our lives, it therefore comes to play a bit of the same role. She makes sure that you understand your life lessons, that you try to evolve as a human being, that you don't close your eyes to your automatic mechanisms, your less brilliant sides and your problems. Saturn has a bit of a raw and direct energy, but this planet really wants the best for us. Tough love, as they say.

Tell you how intense it was! But it activated tons of things in me. It helped me understand who I really was. It reconnected me to my heart and taught me how to make choices from there.

I changed profoundly during this period. At high speed. It was breathless, exhausting. But also powerful, beautiful, magical. 

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