The perfect mantra according to your astro sign to reinvent yourself in times of crisis

What does it mean to " reinvent »? Quite naturally, over time and over the last few decades, a beautiful personal evolution has taken place in you, and your life has changed completely, hasn't it? Who were you just 3, 4 or 5 years ago? The path you have traveled thus far has been through new reflections possibilities that fueled your thoughts, right? Or a metamorphosis imposed itself through a series of significant and totally unforeseen reversals.

This is what containment obliges you, once again, to approach life differently, differently, in short, nothing is like before. In this "New World" where the death of our loved ones is "stolen" from us in a certain way, we must learn to reinvent ourselves through this chaos social which mixes with uncertainties, moral and psychological fatigue, the underlying fear of too rapid deconfinement, lack of money and loneliness.

Whether it's teleworking, at home, in our loves or friendships or through new personal, commercial, artistic, business, economic or professional goals, we are all reinventing ourselves right now. Whether voluntarily desired or imposed by life, this phenomenon leads to a level anxiety never reached in some people. 

To find out more about Covid-19*, see the special file.

What to do to reinvent yourself?

Don't expect everything to magically fall into place. It's up to you to challenge fate a bit by investing yourself personally in making things happen. Several experts have written on the subject of “how to reinvent yourself”, and they have shown that among the factors that most affect well-being is the ability to plan and set “personal goals”.

Think of a situation you have experienced at some point in your life. Then, reminisce about the day you had enough. How did you get out of this mess? Have you fully, entirely assumed this choice? So what happened in your life? What “transformational” phenomenon did you trigger at that time? In fact, you made a crucial choice and it allowed you to reinvent yourself, and your life was completely transformed.

The very first step is to CHOOSE to reinvent yourself. How ? By using a mantra, which you should repeat out loud between 10 and 15 times a day at first. In ancient knowledge, the old Buddhist sages teach us that the Word is sacred, that speech and song are powerful tools to chase away negative thoughts, to break down resistance. In Hinduism, for example, the AUM sound designates the original vibration, which is the source of omnipotent life and which was at the beginning of the formation of the universe and, of course, of life on Earth. In this article, the mantra that I propose to you is the following: “I choose to reinvent myself because I choose to reinvent myself, that's what it is and that's okay! The more you feel the power of this mantra vibrating within you, the more you will activate significant changes in your life without having to lift a finger. Easy, simple, effective!  


Reinventing oneself also means discovering and storing new lessons,

to refine our thoughts or reflections through inspiring readings,

training or webinars, etc.


In this world which is currently changing like never before, we are losing our usual reference points of professional, artistic, political, scientific, commercial, business, journalistic, financial, medical functioning. We are adapting to a new life with family, friends and love as best we can. We learn on the job new procedures or ways of being, of behaving, of socializing. In short, we continually reinvent ourselves through the force of things and events; of the Covid-19. Why not choose it and see what happens?

Which mantra suits your lifestyle, according to your zodiac sign?

You can also choose two or three mantras, in short, the one that appeals to you the most or that is associated with your native ascendant, if you know it. Otherwise, go see the article I wrote on the lunar ascendants for the year 2020, according to your respective dates of birth.


Repeat out loud: 

I choose what is.


Repeat out loud: 

I choose to trust life.


Repeat out loud: 

I choose to open up to others.


Repeat out loud:

I choose to dominate my emotions.


Repeat out loud: 

I choose to love.


Repeat out loud:

I choose the joy of living.


Repeat out loud: 

I choose balance and self-confidence.


Repeat out loud:

I choose the ephemerality of things and situations.


Repeat out loud:

I choose spiritual aspiration and creativity.


Repeat out loud:

I choose honors and social position.


Repeat out loud:

I choose to recognize others.


Repeat out loud:

I choose to live fully in the present moment.


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Astrologically yours,

Ginette Blais


Some predictions were taken from my book Horoscope 2020 published by Éditions LaSemaine.


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