What are the 12 houses of astrology?

 To better understand astrology, its influence on our personality and to analyze a chart of the sky, it is important to know the 12 houses that represent 12 aspects of life. Each house therefore has its theme and is associated, depending on the individual, with an astrological sign. All of this makes us different people, with different reactions and different needs.

To establish the 12 houses of astrology, we must first find the’ascendant. House 1 is precisely determined by the ascendant. It is calculated from your time, date and place of birth. As you will have understood, a 1 house in Libra will not have the same impact on the behavior and vitality of the person concerned as a 1 house in Aries or Scorpio. 

How to find the houses in astrology? After determining your 1st house through your ascendant, follow the order of the Zodiac to find your 2nd house, 3rd house and so on. For example, if your 1st house is in Libra, your 2nd house will be in Scorpio, your 3rd house in Sagittarius, etc.

The first house: the ascendant

Ego, identity, behavior, physical possibilities.

It represents what you can become and the corrections to be made to your personality to change your life. How will your character develop, your behavior in the face of obstacles or chances of fate? The physical appearance and the identity will be defined according to the ascending sign, finally only a part, it is much more complex than that an analysis of personalized chart of the sky. But more generally, it is an essential element in the interpretation of the theme. 

House II: money and the need for material security

money, wealth, possessions

How do you anchor yourself in matter? What type of appetite do you feel for material possessions? Could it be the desire for control, ambition or lust? How do you manage your money? What is your power of action on matter: your blockages as well as your possibilities? What relationship do you have with money and does money contribute to your success or, on the contrary, to make you insecure? What belief (good or bad) do you have about money and possessions? 

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House III: the need and desire to learn, curiosity and intellectual interest, openness or closed-mindedness

movement, communications

Oral or written communications and learning through the exchange of information: contracts, literature, emails, letters, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Social and closer contacts: brothers/sisters, cousins/cousins, colleagues/clients/bosses, neighbours, etc. What are your major upcoming trips? What is your level of study or what are the studies to be undertaken to enable you to communicate your truth? What is your level of understanding of life? 

House IV or the Bottom of Heaven: family, origins, heredity or family conditioning

Your origins, roots, history of your lineage

It represents your ancestors, your roots, your home: the original one or yours. What is your heritage? What kind of childhood did you have: your first emotions (good or bad) were forged in the family atmosphere. What imaginary power are you endowed with? How do you manage your drive to achieve inner well-being, a pleasurable level of sensitivity and empathy?

The fifth house: self-image — encounters, impulses of the heart and creativity

Hobbies, children, artistic creations or inventions

In what types of creative and recreational activities are you most comfortable? What are your hobbies? How many children do you have? What relationship do you have with your children? Here, the creative work just like the child serves to prolong the identity. It is also the home of entertainment, of luck in games which, unfortunately, can lead to all types of excess and addiction. 

House VI: daily life, routine, overall health

The limits of matter, the experimentation of life: learning to do and putting into practice what has been learned

Daily life: your behavior at work, for example, or in the face of small obligations or constraints. She also represents pets. It gives clues about well-being: illness, but also depression, in short, the difficulties that your body must encounter on a daily basis. How do you deal with the trial-and-error dynamic? How do you cultivate the know-how? Take care of everyday life.

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House VII: de facto unions, marriage, associations, activities and degree of sociability

The need to act with the other or to help or support the other, to commit,

What kind of activity are you engaged in socially or romantically? Is your union complementary or doomed to confrontation? Do you have a privileged and intimate relationship, or no desire for real commitment? This house allows you to discover if you have a lack or a quality to acquire in order to access a better life. Partnerships of all types.

The XNUMXth house: existential crises, psychic gifts, mourning, intimacy

Sexuality, intimate and private life

How have the great crises of existence served your evolution? It also represents inheritances, money earned through others, lawsuits or law and justice, but also power games that are brewing or that you are brewing, emotional power: emotional manipulation, or interest in the occult, sexual passions, addictions... 

The XNUMXth house: knowledge or higher studies

Foreign travel, high and abstract conceptions, education, philosophy

How did you build your own value system, outside or beyond the family or religious beliefs you received? In this house of great ideals, of great initiatory journeys, your spirit discovers by itself or through higher teachings its own deep identity. In short, your consciousness opens up to understanding the abstract: everything that escapes your conscious eye. University studies are also linked to this house.

What are the 12 houses of astrology?

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House X or the Midheaven: social activity, professional destiny, career

Skills, achievements, goals, lucky strokes of fate to advance your career.

How do you contribute to the world? What is your social status? Your personal ambition is energized here. What type of work or professional, artistic, business or political career do you have? What level of social elevation have you reached? What are your ambitions, your achievements in society? What relationship do you have with the public, or how do they perceive you and what stardom potential do you have?

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House XI: collective projects, the need to play a role in the community

Support and protection, intellectual and affective affinities with friends, the group, progress

Are you putting your desire to be socially involved into action? How does life organize itself to force you to be socially responsible? What are your plans, your hopes? How do you assert your identity within a group? It is in this house that your political and community involvement is defined. The humanitarian and the collective are the order of the day in this house. 

The XII house: the mystical, trials, loneliness, dreams, secrets

Paying the bill or reaping what one has sown, the withdrawal or isolation necessary for the reconstruction of the Self, for the development of the subconscious 

How do you live the moments of loneliness? Do you feel alone in the world? What is your relationship to spirituality? The feeling of loneliness emerges when the connection with life is broken. This house will tell how it happened and why? The spirit of sacrifice and self-sacrifice are energized. 

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