Here's The Perfect Halloween Costume For You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

THEHalloween, it's that time of year when we let go of our crazy and we disguised. Sometimes we need inspiration to find the perfect concept for us. Let's not be afraid of ridicule and with a little imagination and resourcefulness, all the ideas in the world can become a costume!

See what is the perfect suit for you this year according to your astrological sign!

1. Aries

With your character and your inner strength, you would make a majestic Frida Kahlo! Just like this Mexican artist, you have a forehead all around your head and you go for it!

2. Taurus

You love food and you often encourage your loved ones to be in a good mood! To honor your determination, your resilience and your greedy side, we suggest you turn yourself into a pumpkin for an evening.

3. Gemini

You are a little ball of emotions that can rebound at any time and your multiple facets fascinate those close to you! With all these different flavors brought together in one person with a child's heart, we suggest you dress up as a bowl of fruity cereal! Be creative, you will take everyone by surprise. 

4. Cancer

Thanks to your sensitivity, you take care of your loved ones and you are always there to put the people around you back on their feet. That's why you would be a very believable nurse at the next Halloween party. On the other hand, the zombie version will be much more interesting to contrast with your usual softness...

5. Lion

You are proud on a daily basis, so imagine the panache you could have at a costume party! We know that you like to create a spectacular effect by setting foot in a party, and you make sure to be among the latest arrivals so that everyone notices you. Keep attracting attention, dress up as a delicious hot dog! 

6. Virgin

Perfection is your trademark! You are certainly not the type to dress up in any costume, your image must remain impeccable even at a party! Why not dress up as Cleopatra, a magnificent queen who also had a lot of criteria and who never did things by halves...

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7 Balance

Full of elegance, you know how to bring together the people around you to create a winning and collaborative dynamic. Dear Libra, you are a bit of the Mary Poppins of your network, and this costume of the best nanny in the world will fit you like a glove!

8. Scorpio

Halloween for a Scorpio is a bit like spring bringing it back to life. On the eve of the Day of the Dead, you shine at this dark time of the year. You are intense creatures and you know how to live your passions to the full. To combine all these beautiful facets that make you a unique person who is not afraid of darkness, you will have to become a little more gothic than usual and wear your best witch hat!

9. Sagittarius

You are one of the best organizers of activities in your network of friends: You are bright and you love to bring a little magic and lightness into the lives of your loved ones. Don't miss another opportunity to make your gang laugh, dress up as a dinosaur and have fun!

10. Capricorn

Ambitious, you spend most of your evenings at the office working hard to advance your career. That's why the perfect costume for you this fall is... a Frappuccino! Admit that without this great ally, you wouldn't have such productive days.

11. Aquarius

Your immense creativity loves Halloween, because you can finally let go of your crazy without being judged by others. So why not put a wacky twist in your life and laugh a little at the pandemic? We suggest you turn yourself into a QR code. What is certain is that it will make people talk!

12. Pisces

Very sensitive, you inspire reverie and magic in all those who have the pleasure of meeting you. Why not treat yourself and really dive on the other side of the looking glass, in the skin of Alice in Wonderland? You could live in the dream world you love so much, having tea with the Mad Hatter!

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