These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Surely Break Your Heart

Ah thelove! Not always synonymous with tenderness and pleasure, oh no! It also sometimes rhymes with arguments, tension and... painful breakup. In this chapter, here are 4 astrological signs which could well break your heart with a crash and leave you with a lot of pain after the "it's over". At least you will be warned!

These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Surely Break Your Heart

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1. Scorpio

Scorpio could abandon you for a yes or a no! Or even worse, for someone else (and why not, for his ex)!

And beware, the break could also leave psychological scars following certain heated discussions and not always very… diplomatic remarks.  

2. Aquarius

If he can be very devoted, Aquarius can become a cold and even icy being... Capable of detaching himself from his emotions and appealing to manipulation, he could well leave you overnight without the slightest remorse - and crying won't change that.

With a bit of luck or time, he might retrace his steps, but don't try to dissuade him, he's already somewhere else.

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3. Lion

If the love is no more, the Leo too could make you see all the colors or give you a blow where it hurts. As a good king of the jungle, he gives no quarter to anyone, including the one who was once (barely two, three days ago...) his better half.

But be careful, it is sometimes to hide his own vulnerability - or his inner "cub". Cute… but not so much.

4. Virgin

This usually very loyal sign can surprisingly break your heart in two... when their pride takes over their reason!

Combined with the fact that the Virgo sometimes has difficulty expressing their emotions and sometimes suffers from a lack of confidence, they can be led to make disastrous decisions and break up in abrupt and insensitive ways, when deep down they are suffering. just as much as the other.

Obviously, regardless of the sign, whether it seems compatible with your personality or not, a breakup is always a bit painful...

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