Who are the 5 most loyal zodiac signs?

More than ever, everything is moving fast in the relationship between humans. Social networks, for example, allow us to make new acquaintances quickly. Gone are the days when we were stuck in a village with the same inhabitants until the end of our days! 

It is sometimes difficult to know what to expect when you have one or more circles of friends, a group of colleagues at work or when you meet love. Will they be in our lives for long, and are they worth betting on without being tricked? Who is the loyal type?

Luckily, the cosmos gets it right and with the help of our knowledge of the traits associated with each Zodiac sign, you can know what to expect when meeting new people.

So here are the 5 Most Loyal Zodiac Signs that you will come across in your life!

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1. Scorpio

Being in a relationship with Scorpio is not easy, but at least this sign has the qualities of its faults! His somewhat possessive side can be annoying for signs that seek freedom, but his loyalty is unmatched! If you develop a friendly, business or romantic relationship with a Scorpio native, know that it has the potential to last a lifetime! He or she will be there for you whenever you need their support and if the relationship is lasting, will expect the same from you. Unless of course if you decide to look elsewhere or betray him in some way… Which will put Scorpio in all his states. So make sure it's what you want, because once abandoned, Scorpio will not forgive you.

2. Cancer

With Cancer, it's all or nothing. When the Cancer person decides to make room for you in their life, it's forever! Whether platonically or passionately, she will defend you body and soul. He or she may want to avoid conflict when sticky situations arise, and it won't be uncommon for Cancer to vent to their friends about other friends, but in the end, they'll be there. for you in all the hardships that really matter. 

3. Taurus

Taurus is a very stubborn sign that never lets go easily, which also translates into great loyalty to those they love. Even if he or she won't stop stalking you about junk anytime soon, his friends are in his heart forever and he won't let you down, even if you try to change his mind! It can also happen to him to keep people in his life who are not worth it at all because he stubbornly believes in them despite the evidence that proves the contrary. Taurus will be your accomplice until your death, even if it's not reciprocated! 

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4. Lion

No one wants to be Leo's enemy, but everyone should want to be their friend! It's a bit like having a bodyguard following us throughout our lives. The Leo is very protective of his loved ones and anyone who will harm them will hear him roar loud and clear. His loyalty is clear and tell yourself that if you have one in your life, it's the least you can do to return the favor. After all, you wouldn't want to give him any reason to think you're a fake friend, because you'd lose your protection privileges pretty quickly...

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5. Gemini

Contrary to stereotypes about this sign, the zodiac twins are not "two faced" and are very loyal to people for whom they feel a crush on friendship or love. It can be difficult for Gemini to find their perfect match, but once you impress them, they will forever have you in their hearts. He will sometimes annoy you with his stories, but he will also take the time to hear yours with great interest. And best of all, he won't run away when you really need his help, unlike other signs. Gemini is a very loyal being when he cares about you!

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