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Discreet, logical and intellectual on the edges, the Virgin woman has a big goal in life: to succeed! Faithful and devoted, the native of this astrological sign does not give up easily when faced with an obstacle. But hey, don't be fooled by appearances: the Virgo woman can be full of surprises... Besides, the few hidden talents that it has, that we are revealing to you today, will surprise you!


Women born somewhere between August 24 and September 23, inclusive, are natives of the sign of Virgo. Even if we say she is quite down-to-earth, the Virgo woman also has her moments of escape and dreams… She has the right, after all, doesn't she? Well, it seems that during these moments of relaxation, she would put herself entirely in the hands of the little creative side of her person!


Word romance...

Ever wanted to have a personalized poem, custom-written just for you? What if, without knowing it, you yourself were the muse of a Virgo woman? Indeed, when she lets herself be completely carried away by a moment of creation, the native of this sign resorts to what joins her the most, that is to say words. For some, it's the brushes, others the camera, but Virgo, it's poetry that really makes her vibrate... Even if she tends to be quite discreet in love - emotional displays in public, for example kissing as if there was no tomorrow, very little for her – she is a great romantic at heart. If you ever have the chance to come across a poem written by a native of this sign, you will be able to feel through her choice of words all her sensitivity and her vulnerability.


Psitt: if you are a Virgo yourself, what are you waiting for to make your little person a part-time poet? It may be wrong to believe that poetry and "beautiful" words are for others...


The musical soul

Is there anything more frustrating than looking up the lyrics to a song when you know damn well you know them, but for some “x” reason you can't remember them? Okay, there are things more irritating than that in life, we agree, but still a loss of musical memory, it bothers.


Surprise: it's not likely to happen to the Virgo woman! She does have an ability – a superpower, let's call it that – to memorize the words to a song the first time she hears it. It is therefore very practical to have a Virgo's phone number among your contacts to help out in the event of a musical breakdown!


The inventive spirit

Inventing something is not given to everyone. Creating from scratch an object that will be useful for human beings, or even that will revolutionize the history of humanity, is even less so. Apparently, the Virgo woman has the soul of an inventor! It is therefore not for nothing that the field of science is eyeing him, to develop a career there...


Interesting little fact: a renowned historian proclaims loud and clear that we owe the invention of beer to ancient Mesopotamian women! It would really be these women who began to concoct and sell beer, then to drink it (that goes a bit for granted, if we operate by trial and error). We bet that in this batch of women inventors of this alcoholic drink, we found a good handful of natives of the sign of the Virgin...


In short, whether through poetry, music or her inventive spirit, the Virgo woman is far from having finished surprising us!

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