Chinese sign: the personality of the Dog

Chinese sign: the personality of the Dog

The Brief History of Chinese Astrology

The Buddha, in a very distant time, would have invited several animals to pay homage to him and only 12 showed up.

First it was the Rat, the Ox (the Ox, if you prefer), the Tiger, the Hare (the Cat or the Rabbit, if you prefer), the Dragon, the Serpent, the Horse, the Goat (the Sheep, if you prefer), Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Boar (Pig, if you prefer).

The personality of the Chinese zodiac sign Dog

The native of Dog, much like his symbolic spirit animal, is renowned for being generally friendly, loyal, playful, and intelligent.

However, he can be vindictive, irascible, envious, scheming and a liar. In fact, a great duality inhabits him and, sometimes, his changing moods mean that his relatives and friends do not always know on which foot to dance. Usually the native of Dog loves his home very much, and takes care of his home and his couple with jealous care. When he falls in love, it's for life. He seeks safety above all else, that is his injury! Chinese master astrologers consider him the most conservative and traditionalist of the 12 other signs, that says it all!

In short, he respects tradition. His critical sense is powerful and prevents him from communicating at the level of the heart. Proud of his person, he will never hesitate to adorn himself with his finery.  

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