How many hours of sleep do you need according to your zodiac sign?

With the time change and the arrival of the darkest season of all, one can wonder about the amount of sleep necessary to perform well while remaining rested. See what the stars have to say about bedtime of which you have need according to your sign.


Le Aries is an energetic leader, so he is able to leap out of bed after only a few hours of sleep. On the other hand, when his schedule allows him to sleep in, he takes the opportunity to recharge his batteries and can sleep very long overtime hours!

6 hours of sleep is enough for him, with of course a few more hours on weekends.


Le Taurus has plenty of energy in reserve and is known for his strength. He also needs rest, but for him, too much is worse than not enough!

The ideal sleep duration for this sign is therefore a reasonable 7 hours of rest. If he goes straight, he may not want to do anything afterwards!


With all the energy that Gemini takes to socialize, he needs more rest than most other signs. After all, living with multiple personalities in one person is exhausting!

In order to be able to continue chatting about everything and nothing with everyone, Gemini needs to go to bed early and the ideal would be an 8,5 hour night.


Le Cancer likes to recover from his emotions when he is under the comforter. When he has the chance, he must rest as much as possible in order to manage the worries that may be brewing in his brain. Sensitive to disturbances, the slightest noise can disturb his sleep, so it is better to sleep more than less when he has the opportunity.

A night of less than 8,5 hours during the week is to be avoided!


Le Leo can stay active without having to spend an endless night.

With 6 hours of sleep per night, he will be able to be productive and roar for long hours. However, short siestas are recommended for this zodiac kitty!


For Balance, no nonsense! Sleep is a bit of a waste of time. She will therefore want to make the most of her schedule and take as few hours as possible to rest. However, if she takes her need for rest too lightly, she may regret it and be useless during the day.

A minimum of 6 hours is mandatory!


This air sign appreciates sleep, and it is necessary for him to take stock of everything that is going on in his head when he is awake.

An 8-hour night is necessary, and on weekends the Virgin can spoil and lengthen that up to 10 hours.


Le Scorpion is equipped to survive the rigors of life, but a desert of sleep is to be avoided because he must regenerate his energy well at one time or another.

So why not take advantage of the night to rest well, dear Scorpio? Between 6 and 7 hours of sleep will do you the greatest good!


Your brain of Sagittarius is often restless in the evening, and this sign tends to go to bed a little too late at night! If it is possible for you to start your day with flexible hours, it is a good thing because you will surely need to take back this sleep.

If possible, try to get 8 hours or more of sleep to replenish your mind with exciting new ideas.


Le Capricorn is ambitious and willing to suffer to succeed. This is why sleep is never a priority. Maybe at Christmas he'll treat himself to a long sleep, but the rest of the year, the idea is unbearable to him.

The bare minimum of 6 hours per night will fit him like a glove… or rather like pajamas!


For this sign, everything depends on the mood of the day! Although he adores wandering in dreams, the spirit of Verseau always ends up activating at one time or another.

We wish him a night of 8 hours, but we know that it will vary between 6 and 10 hours in the end. A little stability is really desirable, so try to discipline yourself. It's for your own good!


This sign likes to wade through a sea of ​​dreams, and we don't blame them! The world of dreams is essential to the development of the Fish, and if he is deprived of sleep, he is likely to recover during his working hours by daydreaming in the moon a little too long.

The ideal to be productive during the day will therefore be a big 9 hours of sleep in order to be able to bathe in daydreaming as much as possible and to be able to move on to something else the next day at the office! 

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