How to please the luxurious Leo woman!

Power. Glory. Wealth. Luxury. Here are four important words in the Leo woman's vocabulary! The objective is not to demonstrate that the natives of this astrological sign are egocentric, demanding and materialistic people. It's just that they are ambitious, that they know what they want and that to charm them, a little luxury does not hurt! Check out some ideas for surprising gifts for the Leo woman, for his birthday.


If you were born somewhere between July 24 and August 23, inclusive, you are a Leo woman. Very proud of your person, determined and having an almost unshakable confidence in yourself, you nevertheless often allow yourself to be guided by passion to make your life choices... Even if you are the type to like to receive (the bigger the gift, the better it is). is!), you, the Leo woman, are also very generous towards your loved ones, whether by voluntarily offering them your "time" or by pampering them a little in turn.


Warning: now, if you are not a native of this sign, but you know one to whom you would like to please, read the following lines carefully… Just a little advice like that!


In this birthday period for all Leo women, here are 4 luxurious gift ideas that will take her to seventh heaven… and make you a big star in her heart!


1. The candy pink cocotte for a flirtatious woman

If the Leo woman who is dear to you likes to receive you at home around tasty dishes that she sometimes spends all day concocting - because she is like that, the native of this sign, she wants to make sure that you leave her house completely charmed and with a full belly – give her some luxurious but practical kitchen “equipment”. A suggestion? The round cast iron casserole, featuring a long-lasting enamel finish on the outside, courtesy of Le Creuset. Available in three sizes: 4 L ($2), 535 L ($5) and 3 L ($600). We love its beautiful candy pink color!   


2. For the travel and jewelry enthusiast

After a long car trip or a night on the plane where she couldn't sleep a wink, your precious friend or lover will certainly have other things on her mind than having fun untangling her beautiful gold chains that have had a crazy fun to unite with each other during the trip! Thus, a beautiful foldable travel pouch (which stores easily) for jewelry turns out to be an excellent idea. It includes an earring holder, a ring holder and pockets to store necklaces and bracelets safely. In nylon, with velvet lining, it is offered in black ($175).


3. The silk scarf, for sweet moments

It's known: the Leo woman likes to stand out in a crowd! As a result, she often appreciates original fashion accessories in bright colors, if possible those that are unique, therefore made by hand. This gorgeous silk scarf (100%, yes please, $117), for example, was made in Greece. Its ancient Greek motifs and symbols will appeal to lovers of world history and civilization. Note: this is just one example among many, it's up to you to find the unique scarf that will make your Leo woman shine...


4. Spa weekend for that big baby who loves to be pampered!

Near a lake or lost in the middle of a beautiful wooded area: it's up to you to find the establishment of relaxation and beauty treatments par excellence that will allow the Leo woman so dear to you to spend a weekend memorable! Facials, massages, hot and cold baths, the big luxury, what! The decision is also up to you to choose whether you offer him this relaxing getaway alone or in charming company (that's you)...

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You see, it's not for nothing that Leo is said to be the most regal sign of the zodiac!


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