The astrological profiles of the 19 candidates of OD Chez Nous! (including the new candidate!)

“What is the astrological sign of handsome Renaud? I wonder if we are compatible…”. This question crossed your mind while you were watching an episode ofOD With Us? Well, we have the answer for you! Well, we can't tell you if you're a perfect match with the candidate you're into, but the astrological profiles of the 18 participants can tell you more about their character traits and their mystical personality...




Age : 26 years

City : Blainville

Occupation : construction worker

Astrological sign: Gemini

Characteristics : confident, strategic, prone to implode and explode

Description: Carl is Gemini. An adaptable, flirtatious sign that likes to talk and often does two things at the same time. Gemini isn't normally very drawn to the depths, but since he has the Moon in Scorpio (an emotional and intense water sign) glued to Jupiter (exaggeration), he has a powerful emotional world nonetheless. Mercury (intellect) in Cancer comes to give him even more water, so he can be in touch with his emotions and those of others. He is a boy who can be proud and attracted to spectacular girls who "give off", because he has Venus in Leo. One thing is certain: it needs attention. He can be jealous and possessive and get very angry if something does not suit him. On the other hand, he will have repressed a good moment before exploding, because he has Mars (anger) in Taurus (sign which ruminates) in opposition to Pluto (intensity). Sometimes having Jupiter very stuck on the Moon can make the person either pushy or very full of themselves. On the other hand, the positive side is the ability to be optimistic, to always bounce back despite the hardships and above all, to find meaning in them.



Age : 27 years

City : Baie-comeau

Occupation : web entrepreneur and speaker

Astrological sign: Verseau

Characteristics : mature, outgoing, organized at times and disorganized at others!

Description: Charles is Aquarius, a normally unconventional and rebellious sign, but since the planet Saturn (maturity) is very close to its Sun, he is rather a mature and serious person. Indeed, he also has the Moon (emotions) in Virgo, so he needs security. It is possible that he is the one who does the housework often, because normally Virgos like cleanliness and organization. His serious side is offset by Mars (action) in Cancer (a more childish and playful sign) and his Venus in Aries (which gives him courage, drive and a taste for adventure). Charles is a mixture of great seriousness and childish actions! Then, it can be as organized (Moon in Virgo) as disorganized. Mercury (intellect) in Pisces gives him emotional intelligence, but if he is contradicted or displeased, he may sulk or get angry impulsively. He is someone who can charm and who has a great need to please! He is Libra (relational sign) and the planet Jupiter (which amplifies everything) is directly in his ascendant, making him certainly popular.



Age : 26 years

City : Québec

Occupation : lineman

Astrological sign: Virgin

Characteristics : critical sense, need to be in a relationship, proud

Description: Jamie is Virgo with Mercury in Virgo as well. He can easily be grumpy! Virgo tends to notice all the little flaws and is often very judgmental. On the other hand, Virgos like to do housework, which can come in handy in a group! Jamie is a guy who has great skills for being in a relationship, if he can (also) overcome his “commitment vs. freedom” duality. Indeed, it has Mars and Jupiter in Libra: THE most relational sign of the zodiac, but these planets are in tension with Uranus, the one that represents the need for freedom. He has the Moon (deep needs) in Taurus (calm sign, which needs security, just like Virgo) and Venus in Leo (he needs to be admired under his discreet exterior), but since they are two fixed signs , he can be hard-headed! Let's just say Jamie can be a champion at being stubborn about a tiny detail. There can also be a duality between: I take care of my money, but I need to have beautiful things that are expensive! Why? Because Moon in Taurus is thrifty, but Venus in Leo likes to spend!

Jordan (he's the new candidate!)

Age: 27 years

Villas: Blainville

Occupation: professional soccer player 

Astrological sign: Balance

Features: in control, mature, flirtatious


Description : Jordan is Libra with Mercury (communication) and Jupiter (beliefs) also in Libra. He is someone who loves to discuss and who is truly in love with justice! He could debate for a long time about the social inequalities of this world. Libras love to charm, they are champions in the art of seduction. But if we want to win Jordan's heart, that's another story!

Indeed, Jordan has the Moon (emotions) in Aquarius, a sometimes detached and rational sign, which is better in a loving friendship than in a stifling relationship. But since he has Saturn (control) and Pluto (power) in contact with his Moon, he has a fear of rejection and abandonment, which makes him very much in control of his emotions. 

For him, abandoning himself quickly in a romantic relationship at the risk of losing his heart (and his soul) is not his cup of tea. As he has Venus (love) in Virgo (another sign that is not fond of wild passions) he must have real confidence in his partner. But when this one shows him that she is really serious and will not play with his emotions, he can love with all his heart and be very faithful. 

Jordan has Mars in Scorpio. Which makes it very competitive but without it being really apparent. 


louis maxime

Age : 30 years

City : Gatineau

Occupation : substitute teacher

Astrological sign: Gemini

Characteristics : flirtatious, sensual, mature

Description: Luis Maxime is a Gemini with a Gemini ascendant, which certainly makes him talkative and chameleon-like, very flirtatious and interested in a thousand things at the same time. However, he still has a very important "earth" background. Indeed, he has the Moon (deep needs) in Capricorn, which is also stuck on the planet Saturn (discipline, maturity). He was most certainly a child-adult; he has a responsible and very serious background and can be very demanding of himself. He also has Venus (love) and Mercury (intellect) in Taurus, a concrete and stable sign, which needs proof and security. It is therefore less "volatile" than other Gemini! That said, he has Mars (action) in Aries (the warrior), in tension with Jupiter and in square with Uranus. Which makes him a conqueror, competitive, and impatient for the things he deems he needs to get fast. Luis Maxime is a mixture of alpha male and interiority, with a good aptitude for communication. He might be attracted to women who are both ambitious and sexy.



Age : 22 years

City : Laval

Occupation : hockey player

Astrological sign: Scorpion

Characteristics : excessive, strategic, intense

Description: We have here an interesting mix: a pure specimen of Scorpio - Sagittarius mix! Indeed, Mickaël is Scorpio with Mercury (intellect) in Scorpio, but he is ascendant Sagittarius, with the Moon (needs), Mars (action) and Venus (love) in Sagittarius. Mickaël has a Scorpio background. So he's competitive, strategic, intense, a bit jealous, sexual, passionate and sometimes dark. But he has so much Sagittarius in him! Which also gives it an optimistic, intrusive, humorous, motivating, sparkling, sporty, exaggerated, excessive, unfiltered and adventurous side! We really have here someone who has coaching skills, who understands who he is dealing with, but who, sometimes, can get carried away by his excesses and his beliefs. He could be the type to want to get everyone on board with his ideas and whims. He REALLY has a lot of energy to burn. Beneath the friendly and "good-natured" exterior, there is still a Scorpio watching over. It should never be forgotten!



Age : 24 years

City : St. Hubert

Occupation : pilot

Astrological sign: Leo

Characteristics : proud, familial, intellectual

Description: Patrick is Leo ascendant Leo (the king of the zodiac) with the Moon in Gemini. He is the very archetype of the boy who is made to work in the world of communications and showbiz. It is very important to him to look good and he can be a bit proud. Normally, a Leo rising Leo may believe that everything is due to him, but Patrick still has a nice sensitivity, because he has Venus (love) and Mars (action) in Cancer, an emotional and gentle sign. His Moon (emotions) in Gemini and his Mars in Virgo make him a guy who needs to understand and analyze things, as they are both rational signs who like to think things through. Here is a good candidate to start a family and have a rich love life! Indeed, in astrology, the archetype of the father is Leo and the archetype of the mother is Cancer. Patrick has a lot of both. He must like to take care of others. If he's disappointed, frustrated, or upset about something, he can easily wrap himself in a wall of silence and sulk. He can have a very interesting dark or “second degree” type of humor.



Age : 31 years

City : Québec

Occupation : lawyer

Astrological sign: Balance

Characteristics : diplomat, sense of aesthetics, balanced

Description: When looking at Renaud's chart, there is something soothing and relaxing, compared to many of the other candidates, as there are few aspects of tension. He is Libra (a sign that needs calm and justice) with Mercury (so to speak) in Libra. A diplomatic and relational sign. Plus, he has Venus (love) in Virgo, a more self-effacing sign that will take notice. He still has a beautiful Mars (action) in Aries, so a beautiful masculinity with a touch of idealism (Mars square Neptune). He can be proud and a bit proud with his Moon in Leo, but he must certainly have a strong sense of aesthetics. He could act as a mediator in case of conflicts. He will like girls who are more refined and pretty than spectacular and flashy. Moon and Venus are in the 12th house, the sector of intuition and spirituality.



Age : 22 years

City : Laval

Occupation : sales representative

Astrological sign: Leo

Characteristics : sense of humor (black type), insensitive, perfectionist

Description: Vincent is Leo with the Moon in Taurus. Two fixed signs that are normally good in their ways and don't like change. However, Moon (needs) and Sun (identity) are in tense aspect with Uranus, which makes it unstable, a bit rebellious and reactive. It has no water in its chart, so it is more rational than emotional. It has Mercury (intellect) and Venus (love) in Virgo. He has a critical mind, he can be extremely perfectionist, even obsessive-compulsive (because square to Pluto), and he is very strategic. He can have a very second degree humor, which stings or which can hurt, if necessary! Mars (action) in Libra is opposed to Saturn in Aries. He can therefore oscillate between ME vs the OTHERS. Or he may be very reactive and bothered by others blocking his path.



Age : 27 years

City : Shawinigan

Occupation : carpenter

Astrological sign: Scorpion

Characteristics : intense, capricious, sometimes dark, sometimes bright

Description: William has a beautiful “light vs. shadow” duality. Indeed, he is very Scorpio because his Sun (deep identity) is stuck on Pluto, the planet of the unconscious, shadow and personal power. However, her Moon (needs) is in Leo: a bright, solar sign that likes to be brought forward. He is an ambitious boy with his Venus in Capricorn, stimulated by Jupiter (amplification). He needs to get somewhere in life. He has an interesting mind, can have a good sense of humor and is good at explaining things to others. It's not the sporty, combative or even warrior type. On the other hand, it is a strategic one. He has intense and deep emotions. He can be jealous and possessive. If he is not in a good mood, it is possible that he does not necessarily force himself to please or spare the sensitivity of others.




Age : 27 years

City : Ile Bizard

Occupation : beauty salon owner

Astrological sign: Fish

Characteristics : emotional, reactive, idealistic

Description: Andréanne is Pisces with Mercury and the Moon in Pisces. This makes her a sensitive and hyper emotional person, with the soul of a savior. She feels EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING. With Venus (love) in Aries, she is a love at first sight type. She is impulsive, but at the same time, she may have difficulty expressing her anger. Either she is very explosive at all times, or she is hoarding so as not to hurt others and it can end in tragedy. His emotions are on edge. She is very sensitive and can cry often. It may lack realism, as there is very little earthiness (pragmatism) in its theme. As much as she can be fusional (with all her Pisces), she can be independent and need autonomy. She may not realize this and is sending mixed signals. She is very easy to adapt to, but since Uranus (freedom, originality) is in her 7th house (the others), she can be attracted to marginalized people. She is a great idealist and a dreamer, in love! She can be drawn to impossible loves or set her sights on boys who need saving.



Age : 28 years

City : Carignan

Occupation : owner of a beauty salon

Astrological sign: Gemini

Characteristics : intense, artistic, determined

Description: Éloïse is Gemini, with the Sun in square to Jupiter (exaggeration), which means that she needs a lot of recognition and can LOVE to talk. His Leo ascendant gives him a certain allure and the importance of always having a beautiful facade. His Moon (needs) is in Capricorn, a realistic and ambitious sign, but it is glued to Neptune (dreams, idealization), which gives him a very idealistic and sometimes irrational side. On the other hand, it gives him a sensitivity and an intuition that are not seen elsewhere in his chart (not much of the water element, emotion). For her, love is often complicated (Venus opposite Pluto and square Saturn). She is very afraid of rejection and abandonment. She will control herself and choose well to whom she will give her heart. She can be very aesthetic and artistic, with Venus and Mercury in Taurus. She's a girl who doesn't like being told what to do! Mars (action, anger) in Aries (warrior sign) in tension with Uranus (rebellion).



Age : 27 years

City : Vercheres

Occupation : marketing manager

Astrological sign: Aries

Characteristics : independent, a little tomboyish, talkative

Description: Here is a very independent girl, competitive, sporty and ready for anything! She is Aries, a go-getter and intrepid sign and, moreover, the planet Mars (self-assertion, courage) is directly on her ascendant (therefore in her apparent personality). She is a free-thinker with her Moon in Aquarius (non-conformist sign). She needs freedom. At the same time, she has a beautiful emotional sensitivity, because Mercury (intellect) is in Pisces, which gives her intuition and feeling. Emilia is an ambitious girl who will surely have a great career. She has an entrepreneurial soul. Having a lot of masculinity in her, an overly sweet boy might feel threatened. She is the type to fall in love quickly, more of a hunter than “picked like a little flower”. His reactions can be unstable! She can get shocked very quickly. She is a girl who is thirsty for adventures and who normally should like to study for a long time. Either she will travel a lot, or she can do long university studies.



Age : 29 years

City : Chicoutimi

Occupation : professional makeup artist

Astrological sign: Verseau

Characteristics : gang girl, serious, good heart

Description: Julie is Aquarius with Saturn (seriously) in Aquarius and Mercury not far away in Capricorn. His Moon is in Scorpio. She's a thoughtful girl. She is not the Aquarius type who rushes into the stretchers and wants to change all mentalities. On the other hand, she is really good inside a group! She has a beautiful sensitivity, because the Moon in Scorpio experiences great emotions and her Venus in Pisces makes her capable of truly loving with all her heart! Being less independent than other Aquarians, she is a candidate for true love. With her Mars in Gemini, she's a gang girl! Having Venus square Mars, she can separate love and desire. She can therefore be with someone for whom she has no desire (sublimated love) or have a one-night stand with someone she does not love. However, when she is truly in love, she is a girl who loves loud and clear.

*Julie doesn't know her time of birth, so unfortunately we don't have her ascendant.*


Age : 27 years

City : Sainte-Therese

Occupation : border agent

Astrological sign: Capricorn

Characteristics : unstable, rebellious, hard to follow

Description: When we look at his theme, we see a lot of inner tension, a great need to please and a certain rebellious side. Practically all its planets are in tension and in connection with Uranus (rebellion, instability, marginality). We feel that she has always had the impression of being apart or different from the others. She has a huge need to please and she is still lucky in life, with her Libra ascendant and Jupiter (luck). On the other hand, to "deposit" in a relationship, that's another story. She's more of a girl who will enjoy romantic friendships and explorations of all types. However, when she loves, it's deep and intense. She can have quite explosive reactions, because Mars (angry) is in Cancer (exacerbated sensitivity) and in tension with her Aries Moon (very competitive and active). She is open-minded and may have beliefs to share or multiple interests in life.



Age : 25 years

City : Laval

Occupation : wedding entertainer

Astrological sign: Taurus

Characteristics : talkative, independent, unconventional

Description: Martine, under a very talkative, airy and fluttering exterior, is a rather stubborn girl who does not like being pushed around or being told what to do. She has Mercury (communication) in Gemini, which gives her a youthful and talkative side, especially since Mercury is in contact with Jupiter (excess). She may like to flirt, but Sun (identity), Venus (love), Mars (action) and Moon (needs) are in fixed signs (need for stability). She needs to feel unique. She may have needs and desires that are unconventional (Moon in Aquarius and Venus square Uranus), even though at root she is Taurus, a stable sign that likes her ways. Martine has a beautiful duality “security and habits” vs “freedom and non-conformism”. His Sun is opposite Pluto (personal power) and square Mars (affirmation). She may feel threatened by others. She needs to be secure!



Age : 34 years old (initially she refused to say her age, but the mystery has been solved!)

City : Rouyn-Noranda

Occupation : Project Manager

Astrological sign: Aries

Characteristics : sensual, determined, artistic

Description: Naadei is the beautiful sensual artist. Although she is Aries (a masculine and competitive sign), she has the Moon (emotions, imagination) and Venus (pleasure, love) in Taurus: a sensual, artistic, calm and persevering sign. She also has Mercury (intellect) in Pisces, therefore a beautiful sensitivity and the soul of an artist. Her Mars (self-assertion) is in Capricorn, an ambitious and persevering sign. That said, she can identify a lot with the principle of "I am not like the others and I assume myself" or even be extremely idealistic and sometimes act under the yoke of naivety. She has a faith that moves mountains. She is very sensitive to her environment and aesthetics in general. She is a girl who has an anguished background. She may have experienced significant grief in her childhood (Moon and Venus opposite Pluto) or naturally be drawn to deep subjects such as psychology and death. She may like to keep a mystery around her. She also tends to live passionate and intense love relationships that “tear off”, but each time allow us to understand each other a little more.



Age : 25 years

City : Gatineau

Occupation : entrepreneur

Astrological sign: Capricorn

Characteristics : bewitching, explosive, ambitious

Description: Oh the ambitious, strategic, intense and idealistic beauty we have here! Noémie is definitely a mix of Capricorn, Sagittarius and Scorpio. She is the serious and hard-working side of Capricorn. Let's never forget that Capricorns HAVE to go somewhere. They are competitive, but this is not always apparent. Often this sign is too serious, but it has the Moon in Sagittarius, glued to Jupiter (the planet of Sagittarius). This makes her resolutely lucky, a bit cyclothymic, very optimistic and eager for adventure. Here we have the perfect example of the femme fatale, with her Venus in Scorpio (sexy and sexual sign) which, moreover, is stuck on Pluto (planet of Scorpio, but also of personal power). Thus, she loves and is able to bewitch whoever she wants. She LOVES to seduce. She's also decidedly strategic, but probably not at the expense of true love. With her Moon square to Mars and Saturn, she can sometimes build up and come to explode in anger.



Age : 25 years

City : Laval

Occupation : real estate broker

Astrological sign: Cancer

Characteristics : need for security, secret, sensitive

Description: With three planets in Cancer (Sun, Mercury, and Venus), Stacey's vital need is to fall in love and start a family. Except that his three planets are in opposition to Uranus (freedom), which can cause a small paradox in his psyche or "commitment vs freedom" as well as a very great instability. She is a girl who needs security, but who can still be surprising. Cancer being a shell sign, she can easily hide her emotions or her real feelings and then suddenly surprise everyone. With her Mars (action) in Virgo (perfectionism) opposed to Saturn (inner judge), she can put brakes or limits (or fears), but her three planets in Cancer are in contact with Uranus, so can support her and give him a "oumph" and a little kick as needed. A Taurus Moon needs calm. If it's the hubbub, it can disturb her more than another. Once her duality (commitment/freedom) has been overcome, she is a girl made for love and family. As long as her lover gives her some freedom!


Psitt: we say a huge thank you to the astrologer Mademoiselle Lili for all her research and the star charts of the candidates (not to mention her special capsule on their love compatibility). A colossal and impressive work!

Sonia Gagnon

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