How can spirituality improve mental health?

I talk a lot about Mental Health, in the medical and scientific sense of the term, but among the practices that help me maintain a balanced mental state, there is also the spirituality

And yes, the rational and the esoteric are not completely irreconcilable! It is not for nothing that the younger generations drink astrology as much as scientific reports. Besides, spirituality isn't necessarily about great crazy rituals and ancestral symbols! It can also be reflections and gestures very rooted in nature and daily life, provided that we feel more connected to our environment. Lap.

How can spirituality improve mental health?

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Whether we are talking about astrology, karma, tarot, visualization, energy, crystals etc., all these elements have spirituality as a common denominator.

You only have to go back to 2006 to remember the enthusiasm generated by the publication of the book The Secret. Well yes, we all know someone who had it in their library! It's almost the Harry Potter of boomers, ah! In my house, my mother was the owner. I remember that at the time, from the height of my 14 years, I found it super esoteric to have "a magic book" under my roof.

15 years later, I find it really fascinating and interesting to maintain a spiritual life.

Many “hardened rationalists” find these concepts laughable and even ridiculous. However, it is important to remember that all beings are spiritual, without necessarily being aware of it.

And often, unfortunately, it's when something frustrating, sad or incomprehensible (like a tragic death, serious illness or social crisis) that some awakening to spirituality materializes.

How can spirituality improve mental health?

Here are some proven spiritual practices:

Mindfulness or "mindfulness"

What's this? It's from stay in the present moment. It's giving importance to your 5 senses by unloading your worries, your negative emotions. In short, we approach our emotions with a step back, without judgement. Several applications exist to familiarize you with the concept, in particular Headspace.

What does it bring? Benevolence, resilience, presence, tranquility, self-esteem.

Conscious breathing or “breathwork”

What's this? This is'pay particular attention to your breath, to breathe consciously. When we say to breathe before an oral presentation in order to reduce stress or to blow during childbirth in order to control pain, this is the very reason for conscious breathing. I have been practicing it for a short time and the well-being I feel at the end of each session is indescribable. There are several types of breaths that come calm the nervous system.

What does it bring? Authenticity, empathy, creativity, self-reconnection, lightness.


What's this? A physical work, but more mental. There are several kinds of yoga, each with their specificities. Everything is thought out; the choice of postures, the order of these, breathing, movement, etc. In yoga, we allow the mind to concentrate, to tame the discomfort. It's like a moving meditation! And although yoga has largely been co-opted by the West as a sport, it is originally a complete spiritual practice. So, no, you don't need to put your head upside down on Instagram for your yoga to be valid and above all beneficial.

What does it bring? Relaxation, presence, well-being, clarity, creativity.

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Daily writing or “journaling”

What's this? is to write and externalize his moods. It can be in a book, on your cell phone, as long as you do it regularly! It's about listing the things for which you feel gratitude too. The simple fact of describing how one feels, even if one is not convinced of the why and the how, helps to reconnect with oneself, with one's essence. Writing can even be creative, it's up to you.

What does it bring? Awareness, openness, empathy, benevolence, freedom.

How can spirituality improve mental health?
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