Summer full moon: Here are the 4 luckiest signs!

A lunar eclipse will happen on July 5 next. The purpose of the eclipse is to clean up and bring about a necessary restructuring.

The deconfinement / pre-deconfinement will experience certain failures since Mercury will retrograde until next July 12 approximately.

To put the odds on our side, let's keep ourselves well informed and ready to react to the slightest symptom.

For all the details on Covid-19, see the special file right here. *

Summer full moon: Here are the 4 luckiest signs!


If you are one of these 4 astrological signs, it could be love be at the rendezvous and that a great success professional carves out a place in your life by July...


1. Cancer (June 22 to July 22)

You reconnect with the lover differently, differently, and it's pleasant, fun and of course bewitching sometimes. It's as if the confinement, in a way, had deconfined you in the sense that you were able to shine, to come up with original ideas to develop your business, or you offered your customers your products and services of inventive way. You will continue on this beautiful momentum during this beautiful month of July. The eclipse which will occur next July 5 will eliminate or “eclipse” professional, artistic, business and commercial difficulties from your life. You will therefore be able to experience a good recovery in one or the other of these sectors.


2. Sagittarius (November 23 to December 21)

You will tackle very concrete love projects this month. You will not lack the will or the desire to take action to meet someone or to renovate, rearrange, decorate or repair the interior or exterior of the house. The results will be breathtaking. You will have energy to spare to move projects, ideas or a recovery plan. Moreover, your resourcefulness, your know-how and your suggestions will be greatly appreciated by your bosses or future employers, associates or clients. Many Sagittarians will find a great job.


3. Aquarius (January 21 to February 19)

The two planets Venus and Mars will organize themselves to make you meet love. You will finally be able to settle down in a stable and beautiful relationship. Unless, of course, your heart is already taken. Under these conditions, you will certainly choose to live together, get married or have a child. When it comes to work, Mercury will complete its retrograde on July 12, and you will no longer wade through blockages and delays. At the same time, you will resume a good financial cruising speed.


4. Pisces (February 20 to March 20)

Many Pisces women will experience the joy of being pregnant. Others will have the happiness of finding true love. Also, many Pisces will taste success on several Internet, TV or radio platforms. The public will ask for more… nothing less! The quality of your interventions, you will find brilliant solutions, in short, a beautiful confidence in you will radiate, this month. You could even receive some nice cash inflows: a better salary, for example, an increase in your sales percentages, etc. Pisces business people will make their business profitable like never before.    

Speaking of the moon and the full moon, be curious as you discover what your lunar ascendant has in store for you in 2020... If your lunar ascendant is one of the lucky signs mentioned in this article, these predictions are for you too.

Some general predictions for all zodiac signs

Let me present to you my predictions for the summer months. They have great social upheavals in store for us here and internationally. A very revealing symbol came to my mind during my astrology research: powerful tensions will cause an unprecedented social "crisis" in the United States. The divisions will grow. Armed and anti-lockdown protesters even invaded the Michigan Capitol. We have been witnessing almost the "decline of the American empire" for several weeks and it is likely to get worse. Other religious scandals will emerge. The greatest challenges facing both the arts and education are how to navigate the perilous waters of the adventure of deconfinement without falling into excess or overflowing while exercising the discipline to respect the instructions. and the wearing of the mask whether we believe in it or not. 

Fortunately, our Quebec and Canadian society is in good health and it will continue to be. In one of my capsules, I reassured you about the Trudeau government: that it would not let us down financially. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau plans to announce federal funding to help provinces deal with the growing number of Canadians infected with Covid-19 and to help workers who must continue to self-isolate.


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