Who is the Taurus woman really?

Optimistic, dynamic and routine: the Taurus woman does not go overboard to get what she wants in life. Persevering, she refuses nothing in the ultimate quest for her happiness... It can be easy to sum up as follows: the native of the sign of Taurus, because these aspects of her personality, she does not hide them from anyone… But, who is she really? What are her secrets, those she keeps buried? Let's discover it together!


If you were born somewhere between April 21 and May 20, inclusive, you belong to the natives of this dark sign that is that of Taurus. The woman born under this star is said to be a passionate and faithful lover and to make an excellent co-worker, even a possible partner. Even if, sometimes, she prefers the shade to the light, because of her transient shyness, the time has come to shine the spotlight on her...


Proud representative of the Taurus sign

The go-getter and ambitious aspect of her personality leads all those close to her to believe that nothing can destabilize her and that she is not easily upset by harmless spats at work or during a family dinner, for example. . However, the Taurus woman often doubts herself and her abilities… In these moments of questioning, she can be extremely vulnerable to the point where the loved ones around her struggle to recognize her. This is one of her little secret sides that she is usually not proud to show, even if it hides a beautiful sensitivity. Warning: if you catch a Taurus woman in an episode of vulnerability, don't spend your time reminding her afterwards, because she might resent you and sulk for a few days!


Who is the Taurus woman's number one enemy?

Take a moment to briefly analyze the personality of the Taurus women around you (or your own personality if you are a worthy representative of this sign)… Do you have the habit of turning to them when you want to hear a good crisp gossip, even THE rumor of the century? Probably not, because if there's anything the Taurus woman can't sense, it's a rumor! Perhaps because she is very sensitive and often has the impression that others are talking behind her back… She also takes criticism badly. Thus, she normally refuses to embark on the "game" of rumors and she stays away from it.


One thing that the Taurus woman may assume less well is her materialistic side. Indeed, she tries to hide it from those who know her less, because she lives a constant dilemma between the many goods (furniture, clothes, vehicles, etc.) that she dreams of appropriating and her struggle for a mode of greener and more eco-friendly life… That's another of her secrets, but the fact that she continually seeks a balance between zero waste and new electronic gadgets doesn't make her a bad person!


Her tendency to want to "own everything" can make the Taurus woman a rather jealous lover or lover, nevertheless hyper sensual and charming... However, when she loves, she loves for real and this oversized dose of love is the best gift she can give her loved ones.


Taurus women of yesterday and today

  • Adele – singer
  • Queen Elizabeth II – British monarch
  • Gal Gadot – actress, aka the modern Wonder Woman
  • Audrey Hepburn – actress and icon of the mode
  • Madeleine Albright – the first female Secretary of State (in the United States), in office from 1997 to 2001


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