Dream about getting a tattoo: What meanings?

Dream about getting a tattoo: What meanings?

Dreaming about getting a tattoo is a fairly common dream, with many hidden messages. But what does it mean to dream of getting a tattoo? Some argue that a tattoo is the voice of personality, especially in the case of creative people, who use their bodies as the canvas for these meaningful portrayals. On the other hand, there is a part of the opinions about it, which affirms that dreaming of getting a tattoo is an act full of ego and that in more than one sense, its treatment obeys trivial reasons.

Artwork or not, the truth is that in a dreamlike sense, dreaming of getting a tattoo can be said to represent the worship or admiration we feel for something. It can mean excessive admiration for the person himself, a family member, an event. It is a question of making a representation of its individuality by staging an external and graphic element. Generally, in fact, we get a tattoo when we want to draw attention to a feature that we keep inside and want to make obvious.

Tattoos are a personification of internal messages that are not obvious at first sight. We want to emphasize and highlight something that belongs to an inner process, so it's likely that dreaming of getting a tattoo also reflects a need for expression; there is something you carry within you that you have not been able to exteriorize for fear of being laughed at and this fact appears in your dreams as a tattoo on your skin. But let's see together a particular dream context when it comes to dreaming about getting a tattoo and how to interpret it.


Dream about getting a tattoo on your arm

To dream of getting a tattoo on your arm is a sign of the strength and commitment you will have in accomplishing your tasks. If you see an incomplete tattoo on your arm, it indicates that from now on you will have to give more strength and determination to your actions, because otherwise you will continue to go around in circles and will not be able to do your homework.


Dreaming about getting an ugly tattoo

To dream of having an ugly tattoo suggests that a bad reality or decision-making situation is having a much longer lasting effect than I hoped. It could be a wrong decision regarding illegal acts that got you in trouble in the past. If the tattoo fades, it suggests a loss of individuality and freedom.


Dreaming about getting a tattoo in the sun

To dream of getting a sun tattoo represents power, vitality, strength, and leadership. The sun also symbolizes reincarnation or rebirth and can also symbolize immortality. Tattoos containing the image of the sun refer to the beginning of something new in the life of the person who dreamed of it. So if you are in a new phase or in the middle of a change, try to seize every opportunity.


Dreaming about getting a tattoo and regretting it

Dreaming of getting a tattoo and regretting it means you will overcome conflicts, anxieties, and whatever else stands in your way in life. Sometimes you will go through a situation that you cannot overcome, such as a broken relationship, a fear or a mistake and it will prevent you from continuing. But this dream indicates that over time you will overcome everything and start a much happier phase.


Dreaming about getting a tattoo on your chest

To dream of getting a tattoo on your chest indicates that the person next to you is more important than you want to admit. The tattoo in this particular area is the representation of a love story that is beginning to be written and truly serious.


Dreaming about getting a foot tattoo

Dreaming of getting a foot tattoo is associated with travel, new worlds, and new experiences by exploring different things. Indicates the transformation. It can be associated with a physical or spiritual journey. In this case, it will depend on the design depicted on the tattoo. For example, a rose on your foot could indicate that you need to embark on a journey to find a new love or reunite with a love you have lost.


Dreaming about getting a wrist tattoo

To dream of getting a wrist tattoo represents meeting someone with whom you will have a very strong and important friendship in your life. This link will make your life better and easier. You may be going through difficult times where you will miss a friend to share the difficulties and emotions and this dream tells you that you will soon find that person who you can always rely on.


Dream about tattooing someone

Dreaming of tattooing someone has incredible meaning. It may mean that you will leave your friends, but you will have a legitimate reason even if those reasons are not obvious at first. This dream also shows new experiences and great opportunities to achieve happiness.


Dreaming about getting a neck tattoo

Dreaming of a neck tattoo usually shows other people's opinion of you. When you have a neck tattoo, people will easily see the image adorning your neck. This indicates that people are making you an object of judgment. But the main thing about this dream is that you don't care what they think and you stay true to your personality.

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