Dream about having sex with another man: What meanings?

Dream about having sex with another man: What meanings?

To dream of having sex with another man is a way of being in deep contact and assimilating the characteristics and attributes of a person of the same sex. 

It may be that, in a work environment, this situation is related to the fact that you experience feelings of competition towards someone, of comparison, of domination and of subordination. Therefore, having this intimacy with someone, in a dream, is a symbol of the desire to deepen and investigate the other, regardless of the moral value of the feeling attributed to it.


Dream about having sex with a friend

Our circle of friends is linked to our social life. So when it occurs to dream that a friend is gay and we are having sex with him, we are faced with a sign that there is an impulse towards social relations. This way you want to build relationships with different people and other circles. Now is the time to invest in it.

So don't be afraid to allow yourself and be open to new relationships. It is also possible that the relationships you already have will deepen even more. Connect with the idea that conversations are uplifting.


Dream about making love with a stranger

Everything that is unknown to us is new. Therefore, to dream of an unfamiliar homosexual signifies the realization of something new in your life that will bring you complete satisfaction. Thus, it is advisable to turn on the radars and be aware of the situations and opportunities that may come your way.

Do not be a stranger to what happens to you, so as not to miss the opportunity to act in favor of chance. Great events can be irretrievably lost, due to the distracted way we move through life. So open your eyes, your ears and your heart.


Dream about making love with an acquaintance

To dream of an acquaintance who comes out as gay and with whom you have sex indicates that someone close to you is going through a moment of positive transformation. Generally, the potentially transformative events we go through in life represent important milestones and it is common for us to encounter difficulties along the way.

In this way, the attentive gaze of a close person can be of great help. Right now you may be that person. Thus, being present in the life processes of others is enriching, because it can also teach us a lot, because we are helping someone with their questions.

Dreaming of being gay does not mean that someone will come out, because it is not necessarily a fact directly related to sexuality. This type of dream speaks much more about our desires, in general, and how we deal with them. In other words, it says a lot about our attitude towards the wills we have in life.

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