Dream of wearing a wedding dress: What meanings?

Dream of wearing a wedding dress: What meanings?

Have you ever dreamed of wearing a wedding dress? Here's what it could mean.

Dreaming of getting married is quite common. It happens to those who are really about to do it and to those who, on the other hand, do not think remotely or are very afraid of it. What happens less often is dreaming that you are wearing a black dress instead of a white one.


Dream about wearing a black wedding dress

When this happens, it is important to investigate the dreamer's experience, thoughts about marriage, and recent experiences. Having considered all these aspects, they can be placed in the symbolic meaning of the dream.

And all this in order to be able to grasp all the messages of the subconscious. Let's find out what it means to wear a black wedding dress in a dream.

Let's start by saying that dreaming of getting married brings different symbolisms. For starters, you change your life, get away from home, and achieve one of the most coveted goals (at least from society's perspective). For this reason, it is more than normal that love fantasies but also anxieties and fears revolve around this event.

In this context, dreaming in a black wedding dress can usually indicate great anxiety about marriage or feeling that something is not as it should be. This is obviously supported by all the negative emotions felt during the dream.

It is otherwise if the black dress is a desire of the dreamer who may dream of it as a sort of self-claiming, a desire to get married but to do so outside normal canons, or a desire to amaze everyone. In this case, the emotions will be very different and certainly positive.


Dream about wearing a dirty wedding dress

Sometimes the wedding dress you are wearing in a dream may initially be white, but then change color and become black or dirty and torn. In this case, it is clear that the dreamer fears something either from himself or from the person he loves.

Regarding yourself, the problem could be a lack of confidence or a feeling of not being up to the task of living together or taking on the responsibility that it entails. In some cases, however, the dream can also indicate a fear of completely confiding in another person or a lack of trust in one's partner.

As always, even in this case, the emotions experienced both during the dream and upon awakening will make the difference.


Dream about wearing a traditional wedding dress

More generally, the wedding dress indicates an underlying romanticism that is mixed with the desire for change. Obviously, the state of mind of the dreamer will again outline the symbolism of the dream.

If during the dream you feel anxious or want to escape, maybe the subconscious is indicating that you are not ready for the big step yet. If, on the other hand, the emotions are positive, the message is certainly positive and capable of offering a glimpse of what marriage could be like in the future. 


Sometimes the wedding dress is worn by a dear friend. In this case, the dream might indicate a change (or a fear of it) that is about to affect someone close to you. The presence of a black dress can therefore indicate a desire to be close to those you love or to protect them from something that you have noticed on a subconscious level but are not yet able to see clearly when you are awake.


Dreams and numbers

For those who want to play the numbers of what they dream of, the number commonly associated with the wedding dress is 69.  

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