Dreaming about your ex: What meanings?

Dreaming about your ex: What meanings?

You must be wondering the real reason why, now that your relationship is over, you are dreaming about your ex. Maybe you are already taking the right steps to rebuild your life and even then, the dream vision of your ex-boyfriend tends to pop into your head.

You make a big effort during the day to concentrate on yourself and you don't understand what is happening... When you lie down and sleep, he is there to invade your dreams.

This can have several meanings, don't worry, it's not prescient! Throughout this article, we will show you different types of this dream so that you can have the exact meaning of your dream.


Dreaming about your ex in different situations

If you stop to think, when you fall asleep, you end up turning off the "key" to your conscious mind, that way whatever is in your subconscious will have space to surface, and that's through dreams. .

In this, often unresolved things in your life like a breakup or even a repressed feeling may come to your mind in the form of dreams. With this opening of your subconscious, the dream realm also tends to be connected to reality. Understand the different meanings and types of ex-boyfriend dreams.


Dream about seeing your ex

To dream that you see your ex may indicate that you have a need to love and be loved, it is an emotional need. When this happens, your mind still lacks discernment when thinking about love and relationship.

This type of dream can be symbolic of your need and loneliness, since you already had a routine with your ex-boyfriend.

So, he ends up thinking about the freshest thing, finding his last relationship with his ex. So, it can simply mean an emotional lack.


Dream about talking to your ex

Dreaming of talking to your ex may relate to your attitudes and how you handled certain situations.

It ends up showing your daily routine: if you are in the habit of looking for his things, if you harbor thoughts of possible reconciliations, ruminate on conversations and moments already lived, this could be the meaning of this dream.

So you need to stop and think about whether you are really moving on with your life and getting to know each other better after this breakup or whether you are still stuck in the past and holding out hope of reconnecting with your ex.


Dream about kissing your ex

When you dream of kissing your ex, the meaning may expressly relate to feelings of affection and memories of times shared with that person.

This type of dream, as much as it emanates from your subconscious, signifies a certain link of nostalgia for your ex, perhaps awakened by a scene that you witnessed from third parties or flashbacks of intimacies experienced by both of you.

It's time to weigh up if you really forgot about that love and left it in the past or if you still want it in your life.


Dream about marrying your ex

Dreaming of marrying your ex can have several interpretations, but one of them would be the emotional dependence you have on this person. In this context, it is quite possible that you still have the hope of rekindling a past relationship and that you are full of expectations. 

See Dreaming of Getting Married.

By creating such hopes, you may be disappointed. So, if this is what you want, it's time to put your feet on the ground and see if this is really what you want for your life and if your ex-partner is living up to your expectations.


Dream about fighting with your ex

To dream that you are fighting with your ex signifies that you may still have some outstanding issues that you did not resolve with him when you ended your relationship. This backlog can be something that actually happened and you couldn't come to a consensus, or something that was a figment of your imagination, something that happened and you're stuck.

The best thing to do is leave it in the past and remember that even if you ever get back together, going back to the problems of the past is not going to work. Put a cross on that and don't let this problem interfere with your subconscious.


Dream about calling your ex

When you start dreaming that you are calling your ex, it could be that you are missing contact with him and in some way it is not good. Anyway, you have to analyze the context of this dream and see what kind of contact and connection you had with your ex, if it was a connection with a healthy conversation or something toxic, for example.

After analyzing this, interpret your feelings and see if such a connection makes sense. But whatever it is, don't go to him to tell him that you had this dream. You have to let go and not be shaken by it. It could be a sign of relapse, be firm.


Dreaming about a childhood ex

If you dream of your childhood ex-boyfriend, it might indicate your nostalgia for the good old days. Not from your ex-boyfriend, but from then or other simpler situations from your past. Maybe you miss a time when your only concern was to be happy?


Dreaming that your ex is making you suffer

Both to ignore you and to make you suffer, this type of dream means that some things are over. That is, you have to learn to let go of some pain and move on. Don't be afraid to think that you deserve to be happy, because you deserve to be.


Dreaming about your ex giving you a present

While you were dating your ex, you must have already received a gift from him, right? According to esotericists who interpret dreams, this dream indicates an absence of affection in your present. In other words, maybe you sometimes feel the need for affection, either to give or to receive. 


Dreaming about getting back together with your ex

If you're dating, you and your current partner need to stay connected. Plan activities that keep you connected to each other.

If you are single, take better care of yourself, your health and your self-esteem. Remember that, even alone, we are capable of creating good memories.


Dreaming about her ex-boyfriend with someone else

Anyone who dreams that an ex is with someone else while you are together must interpret the context of this dream. After all, the details make the difference for you to understand precisely what you dreamed of. If you dream of an ex-boyfriend:


Dreaming that you are fighting with your ex-boyfriend

Fighting with an ex-boyfriend in a dream may indicate that this relationship has created resentment. Maybe you didn't get over an event between you or you reacted badly to the other's behavior. Even if you feel hurt by your ex, don't let that discomfort keep you from enjoying your life.


Dreaming that you want to get back together with your ex

Although many people believe it, this dream does not indicate that you want to get back together with your ex. It is a sign that your emotional pains will soon be over. To do this, you need to get out of your comfort zone and deal with your insecurities properly.


Dreaming about her ex-boyfriend in the hospital

To dream of an ex-boyfriend in the hospital is an indication that you are doing well with breakups. The meaning is better when you dream that your ex was released as it signifies good feelings. In other words, you are prepared for new love experiences if you so desire.

Also, this dream can be understood as a self-care advice to follow. After all, it is important to take care of our health to live better. Always listen to your body's cues and be aware of your physical and emotional changes.


Dream about an ex giving you advice

Sometimes we receive guidance where we least expect it. In this case, dreaming that your ex is giving you advice means that you cannot repeat the failures of your past. Although we are human and prone to error, we must learn from our failures.

So, try to weigh your options before making an important decision. Maturity also involves responsibility with our attitudes and our growth as people. If you've ever been in a relationship that didn't do you any good, ask yourself if you learned anything important from it.


Dream about cuddling an ex

Those who dream of this need to pay more attention to care and self-confidence. This dream is a representation of your desire to feel more secure about the choices you are making. Maybe you feel in doubt or indecisive when you have to make important choices in your life.


Dreaming about an ex-boyfriend with someone else

Finally, to dream of your ex-boyfriend dating someone else represents the tough choices you had to make in life. In other words, sometimes what seemed like a certainty turned out to be a time of transition for you. For example, your relationship: in order for you to be happy, you and your partner had to break up.


Dreaming about your ex: The different symbols of this dream

Dreams have different meanings and dreaming about your ex requires some interpretation.

When you have this type of dream, it is believed that it could be your subconscious and unconscious speaking for you, which you often have not been able to accept. In the next topics, some ways to interpret your feelings through dreams related to your ex will be listed.


You miss

If you have frequent dreams about your ex, you may be homesick and this is something that has affected you a lot because dreams are often the desires of your feelings that are reflected in you.

You need to seek peace with yourself and seek to understand how you still feel about this person. If this kind of feeling is just a desire for affection and good times shared, but which for you today is insignificant, let it go. Now, if this is something that affects you directly, it is necessary to seek help to deal with your breakup traumas.


You have unresolved feelings

If you have unresolved feelings for your ex and you feel like it's something that's bothering you, now is the time for you to try to end it and stop feeling bad about yourself. something that used to be.

When a relationship ends and something is unresolved, the ideal is that you look for ways to have peace of mind and that you can really leave it in the past. Remember, it's not worth worrying about something that has been, and the best thing to do is not to dwell on things from the past.


Are you worried about your new relationship?

To know if you are worried about your new relationship, you need to keep in mind what you want for yourself and your new relationship. For this, you must be good with yourself, especially in your spiritual domain, in order to be able to lead your new relationship with lightness.

This way, you will be able to understand what is bothering you in this new relationship. If what's holding you back in your relationship are past issues, remember that you shouldn't make comparisons to previous experiences and that your happiness is solely your responsibility.


You're not done yet

If you still haven't recovered, you may be in a fragile and delicate situation. The end of a relationship is not always easy and everyone feels it with different intensity. When we talk about overcoming, we have to remember that it takes time.

If you haven't gotten over it yet, stop following him on social media. Live your life and take care of yourself. It is very important that you put yourself first and have self-love right now.


Are you afraid of being hurt again?

If you've just gotten out of a relationship, chances are you're worried about being hurt again. Everyone knows how difficult it is to go through this meeting phase and how bureaucratic it is. You should always keep in mind that no two people are the same and, above all, you should not have expectations that can become frustrating over time.

When you have the opportunity to get involved with someone else, remember not to compare yourself to someone from your past. Besides, your happiness depends only on you, never forget it.


You have to forgive him

The question of forgiveness is something of the first importance, so you must forgive it to be good with yourself. Forgiveness is necessary for you to have peace of mind and to get rid of past karma and afflictions.

Everything that is experienced has a reason and you should not try to understand it. Simply forgive, you will feel a lightness in your heart. Holding grudges and hurt feelings will only hurt you and leave you shackled in bad feelings. Get rid of anything that doesn't make you feel good.


Something in your life worries you

If you've spent your days feeling anxious, thinking, or with your head down, there may be something in your life that's worrying you. With this, you need to reflect and see what caused you to feel this way.

Also, everyone around you has noticed that you are no longer the high-spirited, infectious person that you used to be.

In spiritualism, you must have a spiritual and emotional balance to have discernment of what concerns you. Remember that the shadows on the path are not stronger than the lights that guide you. Don't let everyday worries take over your thoughts.


Something in your life is making you unhappy

If you feel that something in your life is making you unhappy, you need to find out what affected you. It can be in the emotional, professional, emotional, spiritual domain... Soon, you will have to discover what affects you and what you can do to improve this problem in your daily life.

Don't put the responsibility for being happy on others, always be responsible for whatever you allow to happen in your life. If you have something that makes you unhappy, get it out of your life once and for all and don't settle for the crumbs.


Last things to know

One of the possibilities of dreaming about your ex, according to spiritualism, can be related to relationship trauma that you have already experienced.

For example, you dream that your partner is interested in someone else, and in your subconscious you have no control over such a situation. When you wake up, you realize it was a dream.

However, you end up getting carried away by such an event in the dream, bringing it into your reality – and therein lies the problem.


It's not about your ex, it's about you

You have to understand that it's not always about your ex, but about you. Don't get carried away by thoughts and traumas from the past that will affect you over time. Do spiritual treatment and be good with yourself.

In cases similar to the one mentioned above, the biggest problem lies in your thoughts. Dreams are nothing more than thoughts coming from your subconscious, that is, something that you are used to thinking and carrying with you.

So when you start creating bad thoughts it ends up being triggered in dreams and the worst is when you wake up and you keep living the dream in your head.


You are the one ending the relationship

Understand, once and for all, that past relationships should stay in the past. The ex in the dream is you ending the relationship. Don't look for alternatives to try to fix something you know won't work and won't change.

Often the dream is an intuition from your subconscious mind warning you that it really is the end and that you shouldn't dwell on something that's been over for a long time - and you are fully aware of that.

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