Dreaming of a black cat: What meanings?

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Dreaming of a black cat: What meanings?

The black cat is very associated with mysticism, magic, witchcraft and, according to popular imagination, the black cat represents bad luck. Although the black cat popularly represents the darker side of things, dreaming of a black cat can have many interpretations, including omens and positive meanings.

The interpretation of the meaning of dreaming about a black cat depends on the context in which the dream is presented and its details. For example, in Persian culture, the black cat is considered a spiritual companion, which transmits wisdom, intuition and protection. Therefore, for Persians, dreaming of a black cat has a deep meaning, besides being an immensely positive dream.

On the other hand, in the Muslim tradition, the black cat represents mystical powers and spiritual and magical experiences. For Muslims, the cat's blood is a powerful essence for practicing spells, while its flesh is a powerful source for undoing them. Therefore, we can conclude that for Muslims this dream can have both positive and negative interpretations.

In Brazil, the black cat is well known for transmitting bad luck, but this is not the case. The black cat can have different meanings depending on the context in which it appears. Read below the possible meanings of this dream.


Dream about catching a black cat

If during your dream you observed a black cat, approached it and picked it up, this demonstrates courage and a manifestation of wisdom. This dream indicates an old habit of keeping silent when something you don't like is being overcome. Therefore, to dream that you caught a black cat reflects your spiritual maturation.

However, if the black cat was caught on the sly or by hunting, shooting or trapping, it is necessary to think about its life. To dream of a black cat taken by force cruelly demonstrates a lack of balance and insecurities in resolving the conflicts present in one's life. This dream invites you to relax and cultivate patience.


Dream about feeding a black cat

Feeding a black cat in your dream represents a desire to make life more beautiful. Food symbolizes the fuel you need to make your life more meaningful. The dream is an alert to recall the conditions necessary for such a feat: dedication, resignation, learning, discipline and good company.

To dream of a fed black cat is an invitation to be bolder in your life and to plan more wisely.


Dream of stroking a black cat

Caressing is a gesture of love and affection. Therefore, petting a black cat demonstrates your true loving and wise personality and that you may not be using it in your daily life. Allow people to discover your emotional side and you will see great changes and transformations in your life.. These transformations, which you have always imagined to conquer them.


Dreaming of a black cat attacking

When a cat attacks us, scratches us or bites us, it represents aggressive behavior. When it comes to an aggressive-behaving black cat, it's a sign that you're not being guided to properly impose your affection on your family and friends. Perhaps you are wrong about your current driving and the impressions you give are totally different from what you expected.

On the other hand, this dream in general can also indicate losing trust from family and friends. Identify your flaws and correct them.


Dream about seeing lots of black cats

To see a group of black cats in your dream means that you unwittingly ignore your surroundings. The cat is a symbol of intuition and wisdom and when a group appears in front of you in a dream, it is an alert to what is happening around them. 

Notice in what aspect you should be spiritually awakening in your life. Perhaps you are not so aware of your "higher self", which leads to a life full of daydreams through imagination.


Dreaming of dead black cat

To dream of a dead black cat means that harmony is falling apart in your life. Such a dream usually occurs when a moment of existential crisis is present in your life. Although it sounds like a negative dream, it comes across as a call to watch your thoughts and not get carried away with pessimism and negativity. Thought has a lot of power, use it to your advantage, imagine what you want for your future with healthy and positive thoughts.


Dream of crossing a black cat

It is common to interpret as bad luck the appearance of a black cat on our path. However, in the dream world, this encounter has other interpretations. In a certain sense, the dream can even be associated with some kind of bad luck, but in other ways.

It is likely that the dream came to you as a notification for impose yourself more in your decisions, without respecting what others say. In this regard, the dream may indeed represent a tone of "bad luck." Because you are not following who you really are, and the consequences can hurt you mightily.

In short, the message of this dream is: "There are certain things and decisions that are up to you to resolve and choose, ignore any intervention suggested by others."


Dreaming of a black cat on the street

It indicates that you have a hidden feeling and strength within you. And this force will only manifest itself in an appropriate and fertile environment. There are some things you can't neglect in your life, especially good company and learning. There is a phrase that is well known to all of us: “Tell me who you are with and I will say who you are”. This phrase has great wisdom and perfectly sums up what this dream is trying to insinuate.

Either way, use this message that only a black cat on the street can deliver to you and go find your gang. The right setting, environment, and company will ignite that strength you carry within you and your full potential as a spirit will come to the fore.


Dreaming of a black kitten

You probably already intuitively know the meaning of this dream. A black kitten demonstrates an inability to control the impulses, desires and temptations of life. The puppy symbolizes his immaturity as a spiritual and primitive being. In other words, dreaming of a black cat kitten is a invitation to expand one's consciousness and consciousness by devoting oneself to the study of spirituality and mysticism

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