Dreaming of Poo: What Meanings?

Dreaming of Poo: What Meanings?

Dreaming of poo is usually positive. For many it is unpleasant and also a dream that leaves a bad memory. However, in their meaning, the poo dreams are considered positive. At one time, many of those who were interested in dreams even thought that dreams with animal poop were the perfect signal for doing business. In this article, we will see the different details of this dream so that you can have the exact meaning of your poo dream.


Dreaming of poo: General interpretation

With scientific advancements in dream interpretations, this type of dream is interpreted as a signal of positive news, but it is suggested to remain calm when making a decision about something new in your life, such as a project. . 

That is, dreams with poo can portend success, as long as the dreamer takes the trouble to research and analyze the project well. Blind decisions will conversely yield approximate results.

When you understand this interpretation, you are ready to accept the good fortune that awaits you. Now, if you are a person who cannot tolerate smells or see excrement, the meaning of the dream changes a little for you, it does not mean that it is negative, but it requires a little more effort to achieve results.

But be careful, because each dream varies depending on the type or origin of the poo. To give you an idea of ​​this facet of the dream, it is for example not the same thing to dream of animal excrement than of humans and if it is a human, it will depend on whether it is an adult, a child or a baby for example. Every detail influences the interpretation of this dream.


Dreaming of poo: Meanings

Dreaming about poo can have several meanings. Although most are positive, in some cases it can signify illness, fear, loss of your partner or concern your peace of mind, it all depends on the details of the dream.

Understanding this is part of the process of changing your life and understanding the circumstances around you as a person. In other words, it may be your own environment that gets in the way of your goals.

To find the true meaning of poo dreams, keep in mind the different dream scenarios and whether the feces belong to a human, an animal or a stranger. I present to you the different meanings of this dream so that you can make an exact interpretation.


Dreaming of dog poo

It probably seems normal to you to see dog poo in your dreams.However, it represents all those issues you are currently having and feeling like you have lost control of your life. That is to say, a situation where you have not taken the right actions to solve the problems and where you only feel the consequences.

If you dream of dog poop, it is necessary to begin to find solutions to the actions of your past so that it does not continue to blur your present. One way to do this is to apologize for your actions and try to remedy the situation by giving others the space to act on their own.

Dreaming of dog feces, especially stepping on it, can portend relationship problems, often associated with infidelity (see the dream dedicated to infidelity).

In other cases, it could be a sign that you are really reckless and do not understand your problems. 

In some very special and rare cases, a dream with dog poo leaves presage positive surprises or very promising news.

See dream of dog


Dreaming of human poo

A dream with human poo is usually positive and portends success, but it depends on the circumstances in which it occurs. The only way for it to be a positive dream is if you don't mind the feces you see. 

The above means that you are really on the right path to success, but in many dreams you will need a little more detail to find the right interpretation.

Dreaming about human feces bothering you can on the contrary portend problems in your personal financial situation. 

Due to your actions or failure to correct mistakes, a period associated with new adversity is approaching. 

Before this happens and if you dreamed about human poo, it is important to have an action plan in place regarding possible issues that your subconscious has detected and is expressing through this dream.

If you dream of strange human poop or someone else's, it means someone needs your financial help. However, these companies that they will suggest to you are illegal and will be done with the aim of harming you. Dreaming of someone else's human feces is a sign that they want to confuse you.


Dream about poo at home

These type of dreams can feel uncomfortable, but it is actually linked to success in business and fear in the relationship. There are variations of this dream, like cleaning up your poop, which means great business with big profits. Dreaming of poo in a public bathroom portends insecurities can lead to business closure.

A dream of poo on the bed (see dreaming of bed) of your partner suggests serious problems with your partner, especially when he or she is going through a bad phase. In these cases, dialogue is suggested to resolve issues and not let things get out of control. This dream portends moments of discomfort when both of you want to clarify issues.

Dream to poop in a hidden or very private way means that you are hiding something important, especially related to your mental health. However, if you dream that you are looking for someone who is pooping in the bathroom, it means that they are keeping a dark secret and you may find yourself in negative situations.


Dreaming of baby poo

A dream with baby poo, when you have your child, represents all the fears about illnesses that can be life-threatening. It should be clarified that new mothers constantly have this type of dream, but the meaning ceases to apply to them, because it is only a dream related to the work they have to do on a daily basis. 

Dreaming of baby poop portends obstacles and new challenges. trying to find the right path that will lead to success. This is a sign that things are far from going well, especially when your enemies take advantage of any moment to attack you. If you constantly dream of baby feces, it means that every time danger is closer to you and you are not doing anything to control it.

Another interpretation of dreams with baby poop relates to your social circles. That is to say, very soon you will start sorting out your friends to find out who these people are who are basically just an obstacle. Some advice you get from them only slows your way, you have already started to identify these hidden enemies.

I advise you to read the article on the interpretation of baby dreams to get an even more precise idea of ​​​​the dream.

Dream about poo on hands

A dream with poo on his hands portends low professional self-esteem. You consider that your professional life is stagnating and that very little is positive for you. It's a way for your subconscious to make it clear that your work is pointless and that without you your business would continue the same way. Although this is a negative sign, it is a way of understanding the low motivation of recent days.

If you dream of pooping on your hands to throw it at another person, it means that a conflict is emerging with another person. However, it will be your wrongdoings and injustices that will ultimately punish you socially. It's time to start letting go of your impulses.

Dream of pooping

Have you dreamed of pooping? You are probably plagued with problems and negative situations in your life.. To dream that you are pooping in your in-laws' house portends problems in the family and in your personal relationship. This is likely due to ongoing conversations and situations that have not been sufficiently clarified with those involved.

A dream of poo that bursts your pants portends a terrible public humiliation, especially for your own actions. It is advisable to remain silent, especially when no one has asked your opinion on an argument. 

Dream about pooping and you fall in the bathroom or the toilet means that your mind is restless and on the verge of madness.



Dreaming of cat poo

Some studies claim that the cat hides its excrement out of shame. If you dream of cat poo, it portends a moment of shame and the need to hide something that is important to you, because you think it can harm you if others find out. In general, a dream with cat feces portends situations where silence and discretion are the best alternatives for you.

However, constantly dreaming of cat poop suggests that the dreamer is not good at keeping secrets and will soon reveal them. In reality, something is bothering you and although you recognize the risks of telling others about it, you are desperately looking for a sign. 

I recommend you the article on cat dreams which can give you more details about this dream.


Dream about stepping on poop

Stepping on poo in your dreams is a sign of good fortune. This is due to an old belief that stepping on poop equals success. Today's interpretation of stepping on poop in dreams has preserved this meaning, but warns that the path to such success will not be easy. In the following days, you will have to overcome some obstacles to achieve this success.

A variant of this dream is to step on feces and then clean yourself up immediately. In this sense, it means that some problems in your financial life begin to gradually disappear. You must not rush the process and you must allow each act to have its own reaction. (See dream of walking)


Dreaming of a lot of poo

A dream with a lot of poop can represent several things. and depends on the emotions experienced in your dream to understand it. Emotions of disgust, discomfort and disgust mean that the next few days will be awkward and very erratic. So much so that the inconveniences that arise in your life will be caused by your bad deeds.

When you dream of a lot of poop, but you don't care, it's because you understand that your goal is bigger than what's around you. In other words, you bring all that feces back as something you don't mind and that success is more important to you. However, it is a way of remembering the circumstances around you


Dream about eating poo

Dreams of eating poo are often negativeThey symbolize financial problems, illnesses, fears, depressions, stress and anything else that might bother you in the weeks to come. 

It is a clear warning that something is seriously wrong in your life and the results will be devastating. Even though he warns of the danger to your economy and your thoughts, it usually tries to point out the mistakes you make on a daily basis and put other people at risk.

A dream of eating poo can also augur economic gains through illicit means, that is, by deception or undertakings outside the law. This will cause problems in the future, especially with the authorities when trying to answer the charges.


Dreaming of a mouse poo

A dream with mouse poo augurs luck and the multiplication of your goals. In other words, if you are looking to increase your customers, your money, your representations or your profits, you will find the answers to its objectives very soon. Mice are often very positive in dreams.



Dream about smelling poo

Dreaming of the smell of poop portends an upcoming physical or mental problem. 

If it is a pregnant woman who has this dream, it means that you are experiencing complications in your pregnancy. 

If you're a man, it means you have legal issues that could even land you in jail. 

If you are a woman who is not pregnant and you dream of the smell of feces, it means that you are subject to legal problems and you will have to give many explanations to get out of trouble.


Dream of poo in the mouth

A dream with poo in the mouth symbolizes an illness. You are completely intoxicated by problems, toxic relationships and professional stagnation, which will cause diseases in your life. 

You are someone who does not devote time to your own health, which will lead to certain illnesses. It's time to start taking care of yourself because you can't afford to keep degrading your body. If you dream of feces in the mouth, prevent your poor diet.


Dream about cleaning poop

A dream of cleaning poop is a sign of good luck. It doesn't mean that money and success come to you like in previous interpretations, but it does mean that you will eliminate everything that is bad in your life. In other words, all those circumstances where you still believe bad luck is starting to change. 


Dream about rat poop

Dreaming about rat droppings heralds a triumph over adversity. Do not expect to get a lot of money, but you have an opportunity to move forward in your life in a stable and carefree way. A variant of the meaning of dreaming about rat poop is having someone in mind, in which case very soon that person will call or visit you. See the article dedicated to rats.


Dreaming of child's poo

A dreamlike vision with child's poop augurs a personal evolution. An example of this are conflicting relationships that disappear and new friends that arrive with plans to share. You are part of a process of maturing and understanding, where you will stop blaming your environment and you will understand your life better.


Dream about seeing poo everywhere

Dreaming of seeing poo everywhere is a good omen. It is a sign that a pleasant surprise is entering your life, especially to solve a need that you currently have. However, if you dream of seeing poo in disgust or if it disgusts you, the concept of the dream then becomes negative, you receive bad news.


Dreaming about pigeon poo

You probably hope that the meaning of dreams with pigeon poop means good luck, but it is not.The culture has created a myth related to the luck that pigeons generate, when it actually means a lack of responsibility and that you always try to blame others for your mistakes. 

That is, if you dream of pigeon droppings falling on you or seeing on the ground, you have to start taking responsibility and owning the problems. Once you understand the value of engagement, situations will thrive if they arise. (See dreaming of a pigeon).


Dreaming of chicken poo

Dreams with chicken poop portend prosperity. Chickens are the most productive animals on a farm giving you eggs, meat, and young. This translates to a sign that regardless of your current life circumstances, you need a clear vision to succeed. 

It should be noted that if you are not aligned with your goals or think you still have problems, this dream with chicken poo indicates that your goals are aligning.


Cow poo dream

A dream with cow droppings portends a lot of money. Cow manure is used for many production and animal husbandry processes, improving soil conditions and saving money. 

Precisely, this dream with cow poo bodes that a lot of money will come into your life through various means. If your economic situation is not the best, but you dream of cow manure, it means that you are beginning to find the solution to your financial problems.


Dream about poo from different animals

Habitually, animal poop dreams mean good luck. Their significance is the association of people, small businesses among other working groups, in order to associate strongly as a team. In other words, if you dream of animal feces, new businesses are available to you, which, of course, you need to slowly analyze. 


Dream of water with poo

A dream of water with poo does not mean good luck, but that doesn't represent anything serious either. This dream symbolizes the actions that you must undertake to improve your own life

In other words, do not try to solve the emotional state of others, but try to be aware of the actions you are doing and to solve your own life. You are someone who can succeed, but you feel stuck.


Dreaming of green poo

A dream with green poop represents lack of productivity in your life. Your environment forces you to be productive and very competitive, but you remain very boring and always bored. It starts to annoy everyone around you, especially when you vulgarly believe "everything is poo". These terms that you use are those that generate inaction in your life and only attract negative energies.


Dreaming of black poo

A dream vision with black poop portends health problems. It is the clear representation that you are literally intoxicated inside. You need to pass medical tests, lose weight, improve your diet or anything related to your health in general. 

Dreaming of black stools is a sign of poor health if you do not take the measures described above, especially when you are one of those people who eat very badly. Black is often associated with negative in dreams.


Dream about touching poop

To dream of touching poo is a sign of discomfort and uselessness in your work. You are tired of the routine and everything disturbs you when you arrive at work. Doing something wrong and doing something you don't like is a form of torture for you.

You are not at peace with your actions, especially when you feel that money is not enough to please you. In general, a dream of touching feces portends personal frustration, due to lack of motivation in your work.

Other meanings


  • Dream about pooping in an unknown place means financial problems, especially due to a lack of motivation in your work. Whatever you do, you will not be rewarded for your work and you will always be a zero to your bosses.
  • A dream of pooping in a strange and ugly bathroom is a sign of financial problems, especially due to other people's debts and unexpected charges. This is the perfect time to review your finances.
  • Dream about seeing poo in your room means romantic problems related to sexual problems. You're probably having a hard time satisfying your partner sexually and it's making both of you angry.
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