Dreaming of Teeth: What Meanings?

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Dreaming of Teeth: What Meanings?

Teeth are a vital part of the body: with them we can chop food and ingest it: with healthy teeth we can bite hard. At the same time, we can use our teeth as a weapon and defend ourselves with them. Today, they are also an important status symbol: healthy, straight, white teeth that are synonymous with wealth and attractiveness. Dreaming of teeth has a strong meaning.

It is a common misconception that people with diseased or rotting teeth and chronic caries problems are neglected and resigned. Because no one can do anything about their genetic predispositions. Conversely, there are those people who rarely use the toothbrush, but who naturally have white and healthy teeth.

And there are those people who clean their teeth regularly and carefully, but who are always a permanent patient at the dentist, who suffer from tooth discoloration and defects or who have braces or dentures.

Grinding your teeth during sleep can also lead to long-term abrasion of the tooth substance, destruction of tooth enamel and therefore problems: a splint placed over the row of teeth can help.

As a dream symbol, teeth are of particular importance: the tooth has been one of the most important and widespread symbols in dream interpretation for a very long time. Negative sensations are often associated with teeth in a dream. Many people dream that their teeth hurt, rot or even fall out. Those affected often wake up from these nightmares in a panic and bathed in sweat. But what different meanings can this dream have?


Dreaming of a tooth: The most common symbols


Dreaming about dental accessories


Dreaming of toothbrush and toothpaste

According to the general dream interpretation, a toothbrush is a dream symbol that the sleeping person may not not being able to handle criticism from others very well. The use of toothpaste symbolizes the development of solutions to problems such as fears or difficulties in the real world. One who in the dream brushes his teeth very long and vigorously, should in reality be less concerned with his appearance and vanity.


To brush your teeth in a dream

Anyone who dreams of brushing their teeth with a toothbrush is obviously a very meticulous and hardworking person. The dreamer wants to free himself from all negative influences and purify himself. The result of tooth brushing are clean and healthy teeth, which according to the general dream interpretation represent vitality and energy.


Dream about bleeding teeth

If blood appears in a dream of teeth, there may be a restriction of hidden life energy due toworries and bad thoughts. Perhaps the sleeper is currently lacking motivation because he or she cares too much about a certain thing. A conversation with friends or family can sometimes work wonders if the symbols “teeth” and “blood” appear together in a dream.



Dreaming of dental caries and other problems


Dream about having a hole in your tooth

If the person in the dream sees a hole in the tooth, he must first consider whether these were his own teeth or those of another person. If your own tooth was impacted, this dream reminds you pay attention to financial losses. If someone else had a hole in their tooth, certain relationships could have a negative effect on your own efforts.

If there are several holes that can be recognized on the tooth, this is considered magnified. The dreamer should definitely be careful with his money and barter deals.

If it is a hole in the front tooth that causes pain in the dream event, it can be seen as an indication of sexual passions and needs, which may lack depth. Perhaps the dreamer feels sexual desires, which are currently satisfied only for a short time.


Dreaming of rotten teeth

A dream in which the teeth are rotten can be a symbol of various fears and worries of the dreaming person. She may be afraid of a great loss that could threaten her in the business field.

The fear of being abandoned can also play a role when tooth decay, tooth decay, or a black stump appears as a dream symbol. There may have been difficulties in the dreamer's relationship life for a long time, of which the rotten tooth makes him aware in the dream. If this interpretation applies, the dreamer should talk openly with her or her partner about these problems.


Dream about crooked teeth

Crooked teeth should not necessarily be interpreted negatively in dreams. Some people naturally have somewhat crooked teeth, but they are still healthy, so their crookedness may indicate a natural and pure character of the person who dreams. She does not allow herself to be guided by external influences, but defends her individual personality.

It looks different, however, if the sleeper in a dream experiences a desire to have his teeth straightened with braces. So the person obviously has a strong need for recognition and would like to hide everything ugly about them.


Dreaming of toothache

Toothaches can be uncomfortable even in our dreams; in waking life they were mostly caused by inflamed teeth or bleeding gums.

If one suffers from such pain in his dream, one can get in touch with difficulties and conflicts in waking life. The dreamed toothache indicates that the person in the dream has to go through some troubles in the near future, but then can enjoy life again without worries.


Dream about losing your teeth


Dream about losing your teeth

In the vast majority of cases, the dream event is related to the dreamer's fear of certain things he faces.


Dreaming of falling teeth

When teeth crumble and break in a dream, some aspects related to one's own sexuality can be linked from the point of view of the psychological interpretation of dreams. For example, it is quite possible that a purely physical relationship is coming to an end. Which is not necessarily negative.


To dream that a tooth is wobbly

If the dreaming person realizes with shock in the dream that a tooth loosens and turns into a wobbly tooth, he must pay attention to possible disappointments and losses next time. Also, depending on one's own life situation, loose teeth can foreshadow various problems: Often an important decision is foreshadowed by the dream about the loose tooth. 


Dream about several loose teeth

If you dream that the teeth are loose, failure and defeat could threaten you in reality. These can occur both in the professional environment and in the private environment of the person who dreams. 

A loose tooth is sometimes a sign that the job is overwhelming. The dreamer may be afraid of not meeting the requirements that are demanded of it. Likewise, several loose teeth in the jawbone can represent a symbolic warning of a serious stressful illness, such as burnout.


Dream about broken teeth

If a tooth breaks in the dream, it represents a warning of impending trouble. The dreamer should not panic when he or she sees the dream symbol "broken teeth" in front of him. Teeth that have broken, for example while biting off a piece of bread, also prompt the dreamer to simply let the unalterable happen and not put themselves under unnecessary pressure from excessive ambition.



Dream about pulling your teeth


Dream about pulled teeth

A dentist removing some of the dreamer's teeth or drilling in his mouth in a dream, such as during a dental operation, can be interpreted differently as a dream symbol. 

On the one hand, the person who dreams could be relieved of a heavy burden or pain from which she has suffered for a long time. On the other hand, the extracted teeth also serve as warning sign in the dream world: the dreamer should be careful not to interfere in other people's affairs, as this may lead to negative consequences for him.


Dream about pulling one of your teeth

Anyone who pulls a tooth out of their own mouth in their dreams is warned of possible false speculation that they may have already committed. It means that the person who dreams has miscalculated a deal and now has to live with the consequences. It could be a lost bet or an overpayment. The dream of independently pulling your teeth warns against taking risks.


Dream about breaking your teeth

If one experiences in a dream that the teeth are broken or pulled out or the jaw is badly injured, the affected person should consider whether there are people in his environment who are hostile to him. 

The sleeper may interpret this dream as a warning to go through life a little more carefully in the future.

Anyone who knocked someone else's teeth out in a dream should make sure to keep their own emotions and urges under control while awake. If you are challenged, try to stay calm and relaxed.


To dream that a dental space appears

In a dream, you feel yourself with your tongue on the rows of teeth or you look in the mirror and notice that there is suddenly a gap where there was none before. If someone experiences such a scary dream, it can symbolically represent the fear of loss of sexual attractiveness. But is this fear even justified?


Dreaming of dentist = dream of anxiety?

In addition to the possible real fear of a visit to the dentist, the dentist symbolizes in dreams self-determination and self-affirmation of the sleeper. 

So, if he is in a scary situation in life right now, the dream may encourage him to use his positive skills. Those who now use their talents can overcome the obstacle much more easily.


dream of braces

If you see someone wearing braces in your dreams, a possible warning of deception and lying hides behind. There may be selfish people around the dreamer who plan sneaky things. If you wear braces yourself, confusion and difficult times may beckon. At the same time, your own need to be the center of attention can become a problem.


To dream of tooth - the general interpretation

Anyone who loses his teeth in a dream will soon lose a loved one according to the general interpretation of real life. It doesn't have to be related to the death of a family member or close friend, spiritual separation, "living apart" or forced distance for professional reasons can also be the cause. of a dream of a lost tooth.

Dreams of loose or decaying teeth, as well as the extraction of a tooth can also symbolize this. But they can also only represent a warning of failure: a loose tooth in the dream shows the affected person that he may be threatened with illness, old age, decline in vital energy or material loss , for example of a financial nature.

Often these dreams are accompanied by uncertainty and fear, if, for example, a dog interrupts the dream. The dreamer is afraid of such a negative experience, which can trigger a frequent repetition of the nightmare. If it is usually broken teeth that completely fail in the dream setting, this can certainly be interpreted as a positive dream image, because behind it, among other things, the overcoming of uncertainties.

The dream of pulling a tooth yourself, however, can be interpreted in a more positive way: it often means that the affected person will benefit from someone else's problem and achieve success. In the dream, however, the false teeth symbolize, according to the general interpretation, a need for recognition and vanity, but also a false success.

Dreams of healthy teeth are much less common, but they are not meaningless. Contrary to negative dental dreams, healthy teeth mean strength, health and (financial) success. Such dreams can also represent high power in men.

The growth of new teeth is also considered a positive sign according to the general dream interpretation, namely as a symbol of change: a new phase of life begins for the dream. He will find hope and be lucky. In addition, a child could be born.

If your teeth are chattering in a dream because you have a fever with chills, this can be understood as an indication of poor general health. The affected dream should currently spare its strength.


Psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation of the dream symbol "teeth", these often represent a sexual aspect in the dreamer's subconscious. Neglected or diseased teeth accordingly symbolize the fear of loss of sexual attraction. This is especially true for women.

If young girls dream of knocking out teeth, including tooth roots, it could also be a symbol of losing their own virginity. Most men are (unconsciously) afraid of losing their own power.

Also, dreams of teeth perceived negatively, depending on the psychological interpretation, may also represent feelings of guilt, which the dream feels towards one's partner. These feelings of guilt can come from, among other things, a secretly hidden and unplayed sexual fantasy.

Especially those who are laughed at in dreams for losing their teeth may be in conflict with their own self-confidence and are deeply anxious in real life. The person concerned must overcome these doubts and fears.


spiritual interpretation

Dreams of teeth, according to the spiritual interpretation, are especially interesting when dreaming about the loss of some part of the body. In the future, those affected are threatened with difficult access to their own spirituality. It is possible that he loses sight of them entirely.

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