Card Magic Tricks

On this page you will find all the information you need related to card magic tricks.  From the different types of tricks that there are for each type of cards to how to perform them or which are the best of all.  You can also find the best card tricks that consist of guessing cards or the easiest card tricks to teach to children. 

In short, we bring you a great series of tips and card magic tricks so you can become a real card magician and leave all your friends and family with their mouths open. 

How to do Card Magic Tricks?

Card magic tricks are one of the most used in the world of illusionism. The cards are one of the main tools that a good magician must have. Although to learn, any deck of cards can be useful, it is not superfluous to have a special one. 

On the Internet you can buy special cards for magicians, this does not mean that they are tricked, only that they have a specific weight, that is, they are harder than normal cards, which makes the tricks easier. In addition, they have a specific enamel so that the cards slide well among themselves and facilitate the games of hands. 

Once we have the right deck, the other indispensable elements to do good magic tricks are patience and dedication. The normal thing is that, if you are learning, you get to know the most basic tricks. Not everyone has the ability to distract the eye from the cards or the speed of hands but little by little you can learn. 

The Best Card Magic Tricks

In this section we will leave you a selection of the best card magic tricks so that you can start practicing them and leave your audience surprised 

The chosen Card

A very simple trick to learn to do, although it never lets you down, is the snitch card. This requires hiding cards and is a great way to start. 

  1. We will take the deck and shuffle it in front of the person or persons to whom the trick is going to be done. We will ask a person to choose a card, look at it, not show it to us and memorize it. 
  2. When he or she is memorizing it, we will separate the deck into two parts and  that we will put on top.
  3. Now we will tell him to put the card on top of the half of the cards and we will cover it with the half of the card that we know the last card.
  4. The next step is to put on a bit of theatre, passing the cards around and saying we'll detect yours when we touch it. When we get to the letter we know, we will know that the next one is the one the person has chosen.

The 21 letters

This trick is also quite easy to perform and we will be able to do it correctly in a short time since it is only based on counting cards

  1. 21 cards are dealt face up on the table, leaving them in three piles that will have seven cards each. Our volunteer will have chosen one of the cards he has been seeing placed in the piles.
  2. We, as magicians, will ask you which pile the card you have chosen is in. When he knows, he will pick up the piles so that the one where the card is will be in the middle.
  3. We will repeat this process up to 3 more times and before we deal, we will turn the cards over so that they are on the back of the left hand.
  4. Once again, the cards are dealt in three piles with the cards face down and we will ask the participant in which pile his card is. Obviously, he will not know, as the cards will be face down.
  5. We pick up the cards from the table, from left to right, leaving the deck on the left hand, introducing some clever comments, the kind that give more value to easy magic tricks. The spectator is asked to focus on his card, card number 11 will be the one chosen by the participant.

Magic tricks with Spanish cards

The Spanish deck of cards owes its name to its place of origin and is characterized by a total of 48 cards dealt in four suits, or types of cards that are ordered by the numbers 1 to 12.

The number of objects of the corresponding class with the suit and the number of cards are represented on the cards, except for the last 3 which represent figures of the nobility.

The Spanish deck is usually used in tricks where the suits of the cards, gold, clubs, cups and swords have some kind of importance both for the telling of the story and for the trick itself. In addition, many tricks take advantage of the figures of the jack, the horse and the ace, the numbers 10, 11 and 12 , with some argumentative aim or to facilitate the elements of theater. 

Magic tricks with poker cards

The poker cards, also known as the French deck, total 54, 52 of which are also characterized by four suits: black spades and clubs and red hearts and diamonds. 

These cards go from number 1 or "Ace" to number 10 first and then continue to the king or "K". The last three cards do not have a number but are letters, namely "J, Q and K" which makes a total of 13 cards per suit or class.

The other two cards remaining in the French deck are two "Joker's", commonly represented by jokers and serving as a joker 

The easiest card tricks

The easiest card tricks to perform are those that do not require as much skill or agility with the hands to create the illusion of a real magic trick, so the story told by the magician or the use of more mathematical systems such as card counting gain more importance. 

Another way to practice magic tricks with easier cards can also be to use less cards to make the work of the hands easier, for example only using half of the deck and introducing more cards as we develop our skill and touch with the cards.

Although it may seem that people or the audience will not be so surprised, very few people notice the total number of cards with which the magician performs his trick.

These easier tricks are perfect to enter the world of card magic tricks and leave our friends with their mouths open while we practice magic tricks that are more complex and original


Card Magic Tricks for Kids

Almost all children are passionate about everything related to the world of illusionism and prestidigitation and above all, magic. That is why we are going to teach you simple tricks both to perform and to capture for the little ones so that you can impress the little ones in the house. 

The trio

This trick is very easy to use and usually the youngest ones like it very much:

  1. Give one of the kids at the party a deck of cards to shuffle. When he hands it to you, make the excuse of removing the joker to learn by heart the second, third and fourth cards starting from the top.
  2. Shuffle the deck at the table, being careful not to change the top four cards. Then ask the child to cut the cards in two halves and point to one of them. If he chooses the lower one, set it aside; but if he points to the upper one, give it to him and have him hold it. He should always keep the top pile.
  3. Tell him to take the first card from his half, put it in the middle and do the same with the last card. Then he must leave the top card on the table face down and pass the next two cards to his partners. Now you guess the three cards by reading their minds...

The Hostel

It's one of the most famous Spanish card magic tricks. The trunk of the action is the story that is told, so it is one of the funniest children's magic tricks. 

  1. We need four aces, four horses, four kings and four jacks. Also, we'll take any card that'll play the receptionist.
  2. The story we tell is that four citizens arrive, the aces, each one will stay in one of the four rooms. So we place in each corner of the receptionist's card a card. 
  3. Then four riders arrive, the citizens allow one gentleman per room. We hand them out too.
  4. Shortly afterwards four friends appear, and the riders and citizens give up space in their rooms for each one. 
  5. Finally, four kings arrive, who also distribute themselves among the four rooms.
  6. Suddenly, there are terrible noises. The magician turns the cards over and collects them all, room by room. 

The participant will say some numbers from 0 to 10, and the magician will pass the cards according to those numbers, one by one and in the same order. While he continues with the story, he will leave the cards again, now upside down, dealing them among the four rooms.

When he picks them up, each room will be occupied by the same four figures: the four aces, the horses, the jacks and the kings.


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