The Devil - Tarot of Marseille Interpretation Card

The Devil - Tarot of Marseille  Interpretation Card:

The Devil is a controversial card. Some people love it and find it very beneficial and others, on the other hand, may even feel disgust at times. To learn how to understand the Tarot card and get the most out of it, read the meaning of the Devil below.

Key words related to the Devil of the Tarot de Marseille

The Devil of the Tarot upright card: materialism, vitality, addictions

The Devil of the Tarot reversed card: manipulation, revolt, hold on the body.

Description of the Tarot Devil's Blade

The Devil's card is the arcana 15 of the Tarot. It features a satyr. It is a creature that is not quite human. She has goat horns (a frequent representation of the Devil), breasts and the sex of a man.

It has bat wings. One could say that the Tarot Devil represents both a scapegoat for all our misfortunes and a character who sucks all our energy. This representation shows that when we indulge in addictions and passions, they take all our energy and leave us without vitality.

When you look at the Tarot Devil, he squints, sticks out his tongue and laughs at the same time. The Devil has the ability to hypnotize us into his nets.

Its purpose is to attract humans to exercise its power over them. On the second plane of the card, there are 2 imps. A female imp and a male imp.

They're attached to a chain and seem to be held against their will. The ties seem to be loose, but the hands behind their backs show a lack of willingness to let go. Thus, the Devil knows how to keep people close to him despite their will but without effort.

Both characters resemble the Devil. Notably, just like him, they have horns, although smaller... The Devil's company transforms their beings. On the other hand, the tails show that they are less and less human. The Devil rests on a globe that could symbolize the world.

The meaning of the Devil in the Tarot:

The Devil is a card full of contrast. This card which can appear very positive in certain respects is always imprinted with a form of enslavement and must always be analysed in detail.

The Devil represents the power of the dark side of man.

Its animal side with its passions and impulses that it cannot control.

It is also about the attraction that certain pleasures or habits can exert on him.

The Devil's card is shown upright:

The Devil represents all that is hidden, all the dark forces within us. He can therefore indicate that you are imprisoned in habits or forces that are often external but that you cannot control.

Pulling the Devil's card is heavy with meaning and all the negative aspects are concentrated when the Devil comes out right side up.

With the Devil in a Tarot deck, you must expect negative changes, dangers beyond the consultant's control and against which he cannot resist.

Thus evil can be excess or lack. Excess when it becomes destructive, so in that case evil triumphs, dominates and takes all.

The Devil creates the illusion. This is undoubtedly the most dangerous. He knows how to deceive by appearances.

The Devil is a sign of various dependencies

If you draw the Tarot Devil in a Tarot deck, you may ask yourself what binds you, what is it that you do not feel free, what is it that prevents you from acting? In fact, the Devil seduces but does not tie you. It is you by the seduction that he exerts on you that creates your chains and imprisons you.

Terrible upheavals can occur. Lack, when it comes to lack of energy, nihilism, apathy, submission and dependence on other people or forces.

To harmonize the deep strength within you and regain vitality, meditate with the Devil's card.

It is also possible that the Devil of the Tarot represents the dependencies or the bonds that you undergo in your life. It can be food, drinks, but very often the Devil will also speak of dependency in an emotional relationship. You want to escape but you stay because you want to get something that is stronger than freedom. It will then be necessary to try to break these chains by changing your beliefs, your behavior or by trying to understand how this dependence affects you.

The Tarot Devil card may also indicate that you are obsessed by a person, a situation, a project. It takes all your energy and prevents you from living.

The Devil's correspondences with the minor arcana

The Tarot Devil card brings out certain personality traits by exacerbating them. For example, the cult of personality, the arrogance that can be found in the Tarot's Sword Rider card, Superficiality or narcissistic love, as in the Reverse Bowl Rider card. It may also lead to destruction, He may act by abuse of power. But his favorite activities are debasement, tyranny, lying, intrigue, scams, slander, perversion...

Some minor Tarot cards take up aspects of the Devil's personality. Thus, the 7 of Swords will represent profit and betrayal. Read all its meanings on the 7 of Swords card of the Tarot. The 7 of Cups will also very well highlight the effect of temptation and the illusions to which man can be exposed if he is not careful. Read the 7 of Cups card to see all its meanings.

The Devil card in the Tarot deck is shown reversed:

Upside down, the Devil's card of the Tarot is much easier to live with. It is his energy that appears above all, psychic energy, sexual energy, magnetism, power of seduction and magic that allow to exercise a certain power over others and to dominate them. The actions are easier and occur spontaneously.

Nevertheless, it is not without danger either, and you must understand that you find yourself "stuck" in emotions that make you dependent.

The advantage of the Devil's card upside down will be awareness. Indeed, the upside down Devil loses some of his hold and you are able to realize that there are bonds that make you dependent. From then on, this awareness will push you to understand and seek to free yourself from it. This is when you will feel ready to make changes in your life.

Knowing how to free yourself from dependencies

Nevertheless, the card of the Devil upside down shows that there will be many obstacles and easy relapses. Above all, you will have to fight against yourself. Fight your fears and anxieties. It will undoubtedly be necessary to take stock of everything in your life, and try to eliminate what is not healthy for your body and mind.

In any case, the Devil in reverse can also present sudden changes in situations, events and unexpected surprises to be grasped before it is too late.

The consultant becomes courageous, fearless, fearless, feels confident as if he is being helped by dark forces. The Devil always symbolizes recklessness. And in this case, it is rather beneficial, allowing him to enhance himself and to bring out his hidden internal potential.

The card of the Devil upside down may also express the need to distance oneself from everything. To understand the need to be more detached from life, desires and people.

Summary and synthesis of the Devil card reversed

Magnetism, risks, love of luxury and wealth, daring, impulsiveness, intense sexual intercourse, seduction.

It is a card of success and fortune, but it is always obtained in a somewhat dubious way, by unorthodox and unlegal means.
It can also express great power and influence over others.

You play the cards thinking of one person in particular:

  • In the professional field:
    His intentions are not necessarily laudable. Avoid collaborating with such a person. But if you can trust him or her, he or she will be a person who will develop your business and help you take it to the next level. In any case, always keep an eye on them and don't trust them to the end.
  • In the sentimental realm:
    She is a fascinating person with a very strong magnetism, but she is also unscrupulous and capable of any baseness. She is dangerous for you all the more because she is very attractive and promises you a thousand pleasures. It can also create in you a form of dependence from which it will be difficult to free you. Beware of unhealthy relationships.
  • In the financial realm:
    Do not entrust your money to him, you are dealing with a swindler. She will know how to use all the means at her disposal to steal from you.

The Devil's message:

Be careful to stay on the right path, do not give in to temptations, be alert to dangers and beware of others.

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