The Hermit - Tarot Card Interpretation Guide

The Hermit - Tarot Card Interpretation Guide:

Keywords related to the Hermit of the Tarot

The Tarot Hermit Card upright: Inner Search, Wisdom, Isolation

The Tarot Hermit card reversed: slowness, loneliness, isolation

Description of the Hermit's blade

The Hermit appears on the card with 1 lantern in his hand. The Hermit is the arcana 9 of the Tarot. Behind him, the yellow ground that seems hilly and it could symbolize searching and fulfillment.

The Hermit has attained spirituality and is ready to share his knowledge with others. He also decides to continue on the path he has chosen and is all for his purpose.

Its heavy mantle composed of several layers seems to indicate the layers of experience also those of initiation. The number of the arcane is important: IX. It is the number of birth. This is indeed a spiritual birth following a long path of intellectual maturation and solitude.

This coat also cuts him off from the world and represents his ability to isolate himself to work on himself. His staff directs him and is associated with the world of the unconscious.

The meanings of the Hermit

The Hermit of the Tarot is a tarot card that represents the necessity of turning inward to work on one's inner self.

It will therefore most of the time be a card that will talk about the need to isolate yourself in order to look at what is inside and understand. In particular it will very often be related to elements of the past that need to be examined and dealt with.

The Hermit card of the Tarot represents that which is solid, concrete, deep and which time allows to mature. The slowness symbolizes prudence, reserve, discretion, patience, sense of duty. It is the methodical search for truth.

The Hermit card is shown upright:

In the Tarot of Marseille Tarot deck, the Hermit's card is a card of movement although it is slow.
Therefore it refers to all that is destined to evolve. It is a slow and deep gestation.

The Hermit of Tarot card suggests that you are in a phase of introspection or that it is necessary for you to turn your attention to what exists inside to find answers.

If you pull the card of the Hermit, it is because you probably have a great need to understand in depth what is going on inside you.

The card of the Hermit also indicates that your degree of consciousness is now internalized and that you have understood that the truth you seek is within you and not in the distractions of the outside world.

Thus, this card will indicate that this is an opportune time for you to withdraw from daily life in order to better understand your inner motivations and personal values.

The consultant who pulls the Hermit in a tarot reading is in a difficult phase of his life, he is tired, he is tested. He has to turn to the forces within him to evolve and to be able to continue on the path.

The Hermit is often regarded as a difficult or terrible arcane...

The need for introspection

The Hermit will also symbolize that you are now in a period of searching.

You want to find the truth no matter what. You have a deep need to find a new direction in your life and this can only come through inner discovery and a form of contemplation.

There are times in life when one asks questions and challenges the status quo by seeking deeper meanings in life.

The card of the Hermit of Tarot symbolizes precisely this. This search is essentially a solitary search because the answers cannot be found around you.

This need for solitude is important in order to see inside you and not to let yourself be blinded by the outside world.

Pulling the Hermit in a Tarot consultation is always good. It assures the consultant of good and wise advice, good words, secrets revealed and worthy of being received.

Through techniques such as meditation, contemplation, or an in-depth examination, you may be able to re-evaluate your personal goals and thus change the direction of your life.

You will look at life in a much deeper, more spiritual way and begin to transform your priorities. The Hermit of Tarot is associated with a certain level of spiritual elevation.

Find your roots and free yourself from them. Meditate with the Hermit.

Meditating and withdrawing from the world

Moreover, the appearance of the Hermit suggests that it is necessary to develop true spiritual power through deep introspection and withdrawal from what daily life brings. This is why this card truly insists on the need to withdraw from the world or in any case to isolate oneself.

The Hermit also represents the need or desire to turn away from the consumer society and focus precisely on spiritual values.

Its slow march resembles more a psychological quest than a real displacement. It makes one think of a passage from one state to another. The Hermit card of the Tarot is reminiscent of introspection (movement to the left - world of the mind, thought, intuition), of turning inward to analyze the path traveled, to take stock of one's past or actions and to meditate.

The Hermit of Tarot has also learned some lessons such as helping others with the power of unconditional love. He also shows compassion and detachment.

This tarot card also indicates that you have gone through a critical phase and that now you are able to understand and especially appreciate that the paths we finally choose lead us all to much higher goals.

The Hermit of the tarot is self-sufficient and does not need to convince others of what they should do. That is why he works in silence.

Meditating with the Hermit of the tarot will teach you the wisdom that exists inside you. It will also allow you to bring to light the bonds of the past that are now useless and to be able to recreate your own path of life.

Through this meditation and visualization to music, the Hermit allows you to reach your personal wisdom and free yourself from the past.

Summary of the Hermit Card of the Tarot card

The Hermit symbolizes:

  • meditation,
  • introspection,
  • as well as loneliness.

He'll talk:

  • of deepening,
  • of contemplation,
  • of inner wisdom.

In order to achieve all this, it is necessary to enter into isolation, and reserve, in order to have better concentration, to find the truth that can only be revealed to those who are worthy to receive it. It will also be associated with key words such as, protection or occult world.

The Hermit is shown reversed:

When the Hermit's blade of the tarot comes out reversed or when the neighboring cards are negative, it means :

  • regression,
  • loss,
  • stagnation,
  • The opposite of positive evolution.

The slowness of the arcane turns into inertia.

The consultant is inward-looking and closed to the world around him. Success is no longer possible because withdrawal and caution are too great and become paralysing.

The Hermit's card of the upside down tarot deck could symbolize, for example, that it is necessary to spend more time on your personal reflection or conversely that you spend too much but that it does not lead you to anything.

In other words, you try to connect to your inner wisdom, to your spiritual part, but you are not succeeding. In these cases, the Hermit upside down will encourage you to create a space to meditate and reflect on your spiritual part.

The Hermit's upside down tarot card will also indicate that it is necessary, almost urgent, to devote time to connect with your inner self and rediscover the true values of life. It is also a reflection on the purpose of life or why you are on earth.

It is possible if you draw the card of the Hermit upside down that you have been too busy with daily life, too busy with work and have forgotten to listen to your intuition or in any case to your inner voice.

The Spiritual Guide par excellence

That is why the Hermit of the tarot now asks you to go in search of your spiritual part to find the path from which you have strayed and you now focus on rebuilding your interior on a spiritual level.

On the other hand, if you've already spent a lot of time thinking about yourself, the Hermit card of the upside-down tarot deck could suggest that you're isolating yourself too much. In other words, that you are becoming a Hermit and cutting yourself off from the world and from others.

Even if it helps you reach a higher spiritual level, temporary isolation is not total withdrawal from the world. It is therefore important to stay connected to others even when you are undertaking a great spiritual journey. Never forget that others are also important to your development.

The lantern he carries to light the way is partially veiled by a piece of his mantle. As a result, it lights only a part of the path. Its meaning is symbolic of course, it represents the light of knowledge and it is partially veiled so as not to dazzle those who are not accustomed to this light. It serves to clarify the shadow zones, it allows us to see things that only the heart can see.

The affective sphere

In the case of an affective relationship for example, but also for a friendship, the inverted Hermit card could indicate isolation.

For example, it could show that one person is looking for solitude or simply withdrawing from the relationship while the other person, on the contrary, would like to get closer.

In all situations, it is necessary to respect the will of each person and to leave sufficient space to develop.

But he will also be able to indicate that in a sentimental relationship the need for this separation is necessary.

Nevertheless, the Hermit's card is not a separation card but a necessity card to reflect on oneself or to re-focus on oneself and on the relationship. It is therefore a phase that is sometimes necessary in the couple to, for example, repair the relationship.

You wish to know where you are in your sentimental life? Ask for a consultation

If you take out the Hermit card upside down in a tarot deck and you are single, it will probably be an indication that you are tired of being alone and that you have a very deep desire to create a relationship with someone. Nevertheless, the Hermit will show that you have a tendency to isolate yourself and that it is difficult for you to make that connection.

Summary and synthesis of the Hermit Card of the Reverse Tarot card

The Hermit speaks here of unwanted isolation, of inertia, but also of mistrust, sadness, shyness, mutism. The card of the Hermit expresses the general idea of a feeling of loneliness, of disharmony.

The Hermit may also speak of material poverty, of loss. He will show fears, obstinacy. Finally, the Hermit upside down could also symbolize the inability to accept change, the lack of momentum.

The obstacles become insurmountable, the situation is blocked. The consultant is afraid, he does not dare to go ahead and get in touch with others. He remains withdrawn and is paralysed by his lack of action. Bad advice is given, inner conflicts appear insoluble, fatality and bad luck are the order of the day.

The Hermit is the little light on the path that can illuminate any problem to solve it. It is prudence combined with reflection. The slow, serene but safe construction. Bringing good advice and light on the knowledge still hidden.

You pull the cards thinking of one person in particular:

  • In the professional field :
    Don't ask him to be fast and dynamic. On the other hand, all his actions will be wisely matured and you can count on their success. You will be able to confide any secret without any ulterior motive. He will be a person who will know how to analyze a situation in detail and on whom you can really count. On the other hand, don't expect her to assist you in an emergency... She needs time.
  • In the sentimental field:
    In the sentimental realm: This is a person who is withdrawn at the moment. He needs to take stock and can't make any decisions. In a relationship, he will be very communicative and will attach great importance to harmony and spiritual communion. But she will not be a sensual person and she will not take you into a passionate relationship. On the other hand, she will be a person you can count on and who will also guide you on your spiritual path with love and selflessness.
  • In the financial field:
    If the card is poorly circled or drawn reversed, the Hermit may symbolize a stingy person and someone who is bitter in his pursuit of gain. But he will always be able to give you very good advice as long as it does not cost him anything. As for the rest, the Hermit is not really comfortable with money and usually has little of it.

The message of The Hermit:

Prudence and reflection are two virtues that one must know how to cultivate.

Particularity of the Hermit

The cane on which the Hermit rests is reminiscent of a pilgrim's staff, it is in contact with the yellow earth and thus allows him to capture the energies of the universe.

The character of the Hermit's card... is not folded on himself closed to the world but on the contrary in contact and listening to the outside world. All this makes one think that his retreat is wanted and not imposed.

The Hermit has a large beard and long, flesh-coloured hair (symbolism of colours) which gives him the title of wise man.

He will seem worried (the three wrinkles on his forehead). His inner work is not peaceful, the path is difficult, he is going through an ordeal to be better reborn afterwards.

They also express old age, reflection, maturity of mind, but also rupture with the surrounding world, renunciation, total acceptance of solitude, withdrawal.

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