The Magician on tarot - Tarot card Representations

The Magician on tarot - Tarot card Representations:

The Tarot Magician is a card of pure potential. It represents the juvenile traits (joy, enthusiasm) of every human with his strengths and weaknesses. It is an excellent Tarot card for entrepreneurship but it also contains an important element, the wand. To know how to understand the card and get the most out of it, read the meaning of the Wand.

Keywords of the Tarot Magician

The Tarot Magician upright card: Concentration, Resource, Potentiality

The Reverse Magician card: Manipulation, Planning Delay, Unrevealed Talents

Description of the Blade of the Magician

The Tarot Magician is a young man. A juggler who seems to excel in his art. He is standing in front of a table and therefore in an active position. He is holding an active stick in his hand, reminiscent of a chopstick. One can assimilate to the idea of a magic wand and potential in the making. This element is undoubtedly one of the most important elements of the card.

The wand appears on the right side of the card. So in a projection towards the future or towards a concretization of a goal or project.

in his other hand, he's holding a denarius. These two elements (the wand and the denarius) refer to those that make up the Tarot's minor arcana sequences (the sticks, the denarius, the cups and the swords).

On this card are present, in the form of symbols (knife for the swords, pouch for the cups, stick for the sticks and finally the gold coin for the deniers). They represent all four suites of the Tarot's minor arcana.

Let's take a closer look at the Tarot of Marseille Magician

The Magician is located on a hilly landscape. This landscape is filled with vegetation: the active principle of life and the internal strength of the Magician. The Tarot Card Magician wears a hat reminiscent of the shape of a figure eight. A bit like two circles that meet at the top of his head. If we look more closely, we can see that the hat is shaped like a spiral, a bit like the symbol of infinity. As such, it reminds us of the hat on the Tarot Force card, which has an inverted shape in relation to the Magician's hat.

The Tarot Magician is shown as the card of the beginning and the one who begins the journey.

You play the cards thinking of one person in particular.

  • In the professional field:
    To find thanks to his eyes, your project will have to be original and well thought out. Always remain on your guard nevertheless because of his personality.
  • In the sentimental field:
    Don't rely too much on appearances, you may have to deal with a cunning person, it's up to you to see what the real background of his personality is. If his qualities are well used (card upside down), he is a dynamic person. She always has new projects and always needs to be on the move and in a creative phase. She is independent and voluntary. Her adaptability is important.
  • In the financial field:
    In principle you can count on this person, but always keep in mind his or her cunning.

He has before him all the tools he needs to complete this journey successfully. We can see that he is holding only two objects but he does not take the objects on the table showing that the potential is present but not yet revealed.

As such discover the article on the Voyage of the Magician through the Tarot of Marseille.

He has before him all the tools he needs to make this journey a success. We can see that he is holding only two objects, but that he does not take the objects on the table showing that the potential is present but not yet revealed.

The secret of the Magician

The Magician's secret lies in his wand. This stick has no power unless one learns to focus his intention on a specific point and to throw it.

Thus the wand is in his hand (active element) and shows his ability to change his destiny and to program his life in the best way. Then, in order to realize the power of the wand, the Magician meets the Pope, who explains how to operate the wand. It is not that simple and that is why it is necessary for him to make the journey through the following 19 positions in order to understand exactly how the principles of cosmic law and life work.

Meaning of the Magician's card shown upright in a play

The Tarot Magician is a juggler. He shows his skill and skill in handling the objects on the table. However, this is a promise because he has not yet shown his skills.

The number 1 on the Tarot Magician card is the number from the beginning. It is a card that speaks of potential, beginning and innocence (in the positive sense of the word) and shows what is within you. The beginning, but also the perpetual renewal of your abilities with each new adventure that presents itself to you. It's the promise of living life to the fullest and biting into it.

The Magician, like the Jacks in the Tarot Minor Arcana Suites, will show the beginning of every act of creation and the desire to accomplish your goals.

You have planned for whatever area of your life. Thus, the Magician indicates that everything is possible and that the opportunities are right there, within reach.

Numbers and the Tarot: See the articles on their meanings.

The Magician, a builder?

Le Magician often appears when you are in a dynamic of construction and creative power. You then carry within you the energy of a new life cycle.

In a play, the Magician will represent the need for you to embark on new ventures. In unknown projects or in the exploration of as yet unaffected skills. The Magician is about new experiences but also about growing and developing.

The Magician's card asks you to have confidence in yourself and in your success and everything will come in due course. This card is about letting go, living in the present and not worrying about what will happen because everything is at hand.

The Tarot reader suggests that the situation will change for you in an imminent way (or is in the process of changing). It will be presented to you with all the components to implement your wishes.

When the Magician is shown in a tarot consultation, it announces a new action. It announces the beginning of something. It shows a new direction, new initiatives.

The qualities of the Magician's blade

His qualities are presence of mind, diplomacy, intelligence, skill, genius, resourcefulness.
This card in the Tarot of Marseille play symbolizes the triumph, all the qualities of youth. Whatever the actions or judgments, they always prove to be positive and victorious. This card will be an excellent card if you have specific wishes or desires.

It will help you to resolve the obstacles that you face or that do not let you carry your project through to the end. The challenges that are before you will be overcome.

This card suggests that you will be presented with solutions, or tools and strategies to solve everything that is necessary to achieve your goals according to your desires.

Concentration, Law of the Universe...

The Magician's blade also indicates that you can benefit from all cosmic forces if you use it. It is important to have a clear idea of what you want and to set up an active and precise planning.

The Magician's card is also a concentration card. Indeed, the Magician is all to his task of Magician with the objects present in front of him. It is a sign that you must know how to focus on your goal in a very precise way.

This implies that you must show commitment so as not to divert the power of the cosmic laws from you and not to cut yourself off from the potential that lies within you.

The qualities of the Tarot Magician

The Tarot Magician also shows that you are doing well with your skills, resources or tools.

Use the full potential of the Magician, and all the skills necessary to help you reach your goal, and these will develop gradually.

The Magician is a pragmatic and concrete character. He shows immaturity in certain aspects because of his youth (in the construction of the project and also because he is the first card of the Tarot).

If you draw the Magician card, stay focused on what you can use within yourself. The resources, skills, and how you can use them in the tasks necessary to accomplish your project.

Follow this link to find out how the Magician is a strategic arcana in the Tarot de Marseille.

Meaning of the Magician's card in a draw drawn upside down

The card upside down or "upside down" indicates disappointment . A way of behaving too, with greed or by manipulation (the manipulation of the tools, but misused).

Thus, in these cases, the Magician uses his skills and tools for negative purposes.

  • The Reverse Magician may also talk about cheating, or even deception.
  • As a person, it could be a person who can't see clearly, and is confused about his or her plans or goals.

In this case: two possibilities to interpret the Tarot Magician

1 - The card announces excesses, exaggerations and all the qualities of the Magician are transformed into defects (cunning, recklessness, boasting, violence, charlatanism...).

2 - The card announces a lack of something and in this case all the characteristics of the Magician disappear. The person is shy, undecided, unable to act, lacks self-confidence and initiative. Everything seems wrong or impossible to achieve.

For example, The Magician's card upside down might suggest a direct action type salesman who is rushing. For example, the upside down card of The Magician might look like a direct action salesman rushing forward, but he's beating the air and not acting according to a concrete plan. He talks a lot, uses tricks to get people to buy, but doesn't get anywhere concrete.

The upside down or "against" blade of the Tarot Magician may also indicate that you are planning things that are not realistic. Perhaps it is also due to impatience that pushes you to launch into something without taking the time to mature it.

The Magician invites you to reflect on yourself.

The upside-down Tarot Magician's blade also shows that you have many skills but that you are leaving everything uncultivated. It shows that you are not exploiting your potential and that you are not seizing the opportunities that are offered to you.

This is an invitation to reflect on your skills. An invitation to make a list of what can be developed, used, worked on. All of this to enable you to develop yourself and move towards projects or goals. It really makes you want to get involved.

It is also possible that you don't give yourself the chance to develop your potential because of blockages or lack of freedom.

What you need to remember about the reversed Tarot Magician Card

The reversed Tarot Magician's blade shows that you have talent inside you. But whether they remain hidden or untapped. That they really exist and that it is especially appropriate to ask yourself which talents/competencies they are.

You can also ask yourself if you are pulling the Tarot Magician card upside down if you are using your talents/competencies wisely . What can you do to maximize your potential so that you can enjoy yourself and grow.

The Tarot Magician's Blade upside down or "upside down" in a Tarot deck may also announce that you have hidden potentials. It's like a magic wand to help you understand certain aspects of your personality. Why you live such and such a situation but that you leave them completely aside. In this case, the Tarot card will announce that it is advisable to seek this potential to allow you to evolve. For example spiritually or on your life path.

Summary of the arcana of the Magician in a Tarot

  • The reversed Tarot Magician suffers from a lack of scruples
  • He often behaves like an upstart.
  • He is an impatient character (a bit like a child).
  • He can be an intriguing person, a liar...
  • He may present himself as a con man or a person using trickery, violence to achieve his ends.
  • He may show selfishness, pride or, on the contrary, have a weak will. In this case, he will be lazy, lacking in decision and more inclined towards failure and immobility.

The Tarot Magician generally symbolizes a new project or a new relationship. It is always associated with work, study or practice. It is the symbol of skill, courage, impetuous and determined youth.

To find out if you are dealing with a Magician, consult the tutorial on: the 3 ways to discover someone's personality with tarot cards

The particularities of the Magician du Grimaud

He's a young man, standing tall, well-camped on his feet squarely on the ground.

  • He stands behind a flesh-coloured table that rests on only three legs (the fourth being invisible). The table signifying the extension of the domain on which The Magician must act, which is that of the human. The Magician is at the beginning of everything. He is the beginning, the pure potentiality.
  • The command stick is held in her left hand and shows with her right hand instruments that represent the areas on which The Magician will have to act.

This Tarot card has a great strength that allows him to dominate the situation by using his psychic force. However, in order for it to exist, he must possess the right tools. He wears multicolored clothes where red (symbolism of colors) predominates, the color of action, activity and energy.

The message of the Tarot Magician:

I invite you to take on new projects and set out on an adventure. Have confidence in yourself, you are on the right track.

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