Temperance - Marseille Tarot Card Interpretation

Temperance - Marseille Tarot Card Interpretation:

Temperance Tarot is a card with a soft and restful look. It is often difficult to interpret often at the end of the Tarot reading. It needs other cards to specify the nature of its message. In any case, Temperance is an important card with a message that focuses on the management of one's emotions and the conception that one can have at a given moment in relation to our environment. To know how to understand the Tarot card and get the most out of it, read the meaning of Temperance below.

Keywords related to Tarot Temperance

Tarot Temperance upright card: balance, harmony, fluid communication

Tarot Temperance reversed card: Imbalance, Lack of Vision, Excess

Description of the Temperance Blade

The Tarot's Temperance card features an angel that appears to pour the contents from one container to another. This angel is asexual as angels are. He shows that we are one and not divided as we may appear in our incarnation.

The angel has one visible foot (according to the tarot versions) representing the power of action over the material world and another hidden, representing the immaterial world.

Likewise the colour of the dress is divided into the colour blue and the colour red which represents the world of action and the world of perception. The external and internal world.

Temperance represents the angel of life who transfers the fluid of life from one urn to the other. This fluid, which can make you think of a liquid or a form of energy, is the central message of the card.

The appearance of the angel

The wings are flesh-coloured, which makes her more human. The wings give an impression of lightness, of detachment. Here everything is softness and lightness, the passage of the fluid in the urns, the wings, the curves of the character which are harmonious. There is no apparent effort. The angel represents intuition, sensitivity, reason, it is stable and fluid, it is the antithesis of chaos.

His body is in front, but his head is slightly turned to the left, symbolizing reflection and the past.

The hair is adorned with a red flower, red being the color of action, it is not passive in its spiritual dimension, we find this same combination in the clothing.

The vessels represent the vases that make up our being, conscious and unconscious, and the need to create a harmonious flow to unify all our parts. It is about mixing opposites in order to be unified.

The Tarot's Temperance card is shown upright:

The arcana 14 of the Tarot is the arcana of exchange, of the serene flow of life. It is positive. Things flow normally and quietly towards improvement.

Temperance is the map of regeneration, of respect for all noble values (self-discipline, temperance, moderation).

The internal energies through the flow of fluids must resume their course, everything must rebalance itself after the ordeal of the transformation of  death card of tarot.

These are the benefits that you reap after having lived well and applied judiciously the advice of the Death card .

The Tarot's Temperance card also indicates that you are learning to be more balanced and moderate in your life. You have understood that the middle path is the one that allows you to reach the goal with the least effort and the most energy and profit. The most direct path.

The Tarot's Temperance card will also be able to talk about long-term plans and the fact that you have gained clarity about what is important to you.

The greatest benefit of Temperance of the Tarot is undoubtedly that you have understood that all the stages of your life are there to allow you to learn and to put to immediate use what you learn.

Temperance: Peace and Balance

This card speaks of peace and harmony, tranquility and rest. It is the arcane of harmony, cooperation and sociability. It always announces good surprises.

In an affective relationship, the Tarot's Temperance card can speak of adaptation and balance in the relationship. Therefore, it will be important that the relationship be balanced and not that one of the partners make efforts to adapt alone.

This card speaks of peace and harmony, tranquility and rest. It is the arcane of harmony, cooperation and sociability. It always announces good surprises.

In an affective relationship, the Tarot's Temperance card may speak of adaptation and balance in the relationship. Therefore, it will be important that the relationship be balanced and not that one of the partners make efforts to adapt alone.

The flows of the card

Temperance by the passage of liquids from one side to the other shows the need to understand that white is not totally white and that black is not totally black. Seek the right balance and equilibrium between what has been, what is and what will be. This also leads to finding within oneself the path to perfect balance, which can only be achieved by controlling one's emotions (harmonizing them) so that they are in the right balance (neither too much nor too little).

Summary of the Temperance card

The Temperance card is very much linked to the idea of regeneration, be it physical or psychic. It speaks of serenity and calm reflection. It is about tasting happiness, feeling at peace with oneself and with the world. Tarot temperance can also speak of adaptation, sociability, communication. The whole being to find the balance necessary to its well-being. It will then allow one to move towards a quiet evolution and to assimilate progress in a calm manner. Temperance is also a card of protection and appeasement.

To create a harmonious flow within you and feel the effects of inner peace, meditate with the Tarot.

Temperance is shown reversed:

The reverse is true.

- It is excess and exaggeration.

- Instability, dispersion and prodigality become the dominant points on the map.

Obstacles are difficult to overcome, everything is unstable, unbalanced, not harmonious, problematic. The consultant has problems of communication, of exchanges with his environment.

Temperance speaks of intuition like many Tarot cards. Intuition is an essential component of life. It exists at different levels and is found in the animal kingdom in the form of instinct but also in other more evolved forms.

The other face of Temperance

The Temperance card drawn upside down will show the conflicts and difficulties in maintaining balance. From then on, stress and tension will be the order of the day and it will be difficult to find inner peace.

Temperance upside down may tell you that you need to think about your decisions and the path you have decided to take today may create a form of disharmony in your life.

Perhaps you feel lost and no longer see where you are going. It is necessary today to reconnect with your inner energy and understand what is preventing you from moving forward.

From a social point of view, Temperance upside down may express difficulties in communicating with others or that you feel very isolated.

It is also possible that you may not be able to resolve conflicts and that you struggle to assert yourself. In other words, you spend a lot of energy asserting yourself and making your voice heard, but this energy is wasted and in any case, cannot be used effectively for you.

To rebalance the parts of you and find this inner harmony, meditate with Temperance: Meditation with Tarot Temperance

Summary of the Tarot's Temperance Card:

This mystery:

  • request to (re)reconcile
  • to be impartial,
  • to be balanced in his judgments.

Communication is an important trait, but there is no evolution. Everything remains as it is.

In a Tarot deck, it can sometimes appear as a somewhat static card. To know if a business will succeed, it will require the input of other more significant cards on the move.

Keywords for the Reversed Temperance card

The card will express the need to look at certain points that need to be corrected or to be given attention. Laziness, indifference, improvidence, antipathy, frustration, avarice or the opposite, disorder, disagreement.

You play the cards thinking of one person in particular:

  • In the professional field:
    Its privileged domain is negotiation and exchanges of all kinds. It is made for team work and is able to adapt to any situation.
  • In the sentimental realm:
    She is a very balanced person, very tolerant, knowing how to adapt to situations and people. She is very attached to her balance and cannot bear to see it broken. To seduce her, go into her universe but do not transform her life, because she might be angry with you to death.
  • In the financial realm:
    Charitable work suits him perfectly. She is a good listener and will always seek to find a solution to others' problems.

The message from Temperance:

Be moderate and flexible

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