The Judgement Tarot Card Meanings

The Judgement Tarot Card Meanings:

The Tarot Judgement is one of the cards that is difficult to interpret. It speaks of understanding the purposes that animate us and awakening to the supreme message. It is true that in a draw, this card will be a little difficult to interpret and it will also be necessary to analyze the surrounding cards to know which interpretation of the card to favor. To know how to understand the Tarot card and get the best out of it, read the meaning of the Judgement below.

KeyWords Related to the Tarot Judgement Card

The  Judgement Tarot card upright: rebirth, call, new

The  Judgement Tarot card is reversed: a priori, no questioning

Description of the Judgment card

The card of the Judgement puts in scene an angel who holds a trumpet and 3 characters who receive this message. His red arms show that he has the power to act and that he can also act on matter and not only on spirit.

The landscape made of golden hills (according to the versions of the tarot) show the state of mind of the characters and the obstacles that present themselves on the path.

Blue and red rays come from the cloud on which it rests and show that it emanates from the energy of his person. The trumpet he holds in his hands symbolizes the divine voice or divine justice, divine judgment.

In the second plane of the arcana, in a lower plane we see three flesh-coloured characters (humans) with blue hair (they receive the message of the angel) who draw a triangle (symbol of unity) and who are naked (nakedness) because indeed this nudity has no sexual connotation. Their position and body show that they are praying, that they are in an attitude of thanksgiving. One figure seems to come out of a coffin and the others are praying. It would seem that the angel's call raises the dead and gives access to another form of life. It also reminds us of the Archangel Gabriel. The others are praying, ready to listen to the Last Judgement.

There is no escape from the judgment of the angel.

The Judgement Card reminds us that everything has an end, but also that the end represents the beginning of a new beginning.

The Meanings of the Tarot Marseille Judgement card

The Arcana of Judgment represents the 20th card of the Tarot. The arcana 20 of the Tarot expresses pleasant surprises often related to justice or the means of communication.

If the Tarot's Judgment is reinforced by other positive arcana nearby. Conflicts will be resolved, victory is at hand.

It is also the card of communication in all its forms (telephones, emails, letters). The decisions will be announced in an unexpected way by the most modern means.

To know how to hear...

The Judgment card is a card of self-questioning and self-examination. This card asks you to question yourself, which requires you to make an effort, or to review your attitude through an inner reflection that can also be done through meditation.

It is a question here of observing what we are and how we act and of questioning ourselves in order to no longer be the observed (the actor) but the observer (the spectator).

You will then be able to understand how you function but also the meaning of what you are doing. This card is there to make you understand that if nothing changes in your life, then it is time to question yourself and implement other strategies.

The Tarot judgment card may also mean that you are beginning to make progress and that you are finally beginning to understand how life essentially works and what to expect from it.

The Judgement card is shown upright:

If you pull the Tarot Judgement card upright, it may mean that you are on the right path. You have understood the essentials of life. It is a form of awakening and deep understanding. Like a form of rebirth. It may be a call to live your life differently. To better listen to your inner guide and to open yourself to the infinite possibilities.

Today you deserve joy and fulfillment and you must accept it and savor it in the present moment. You are also a source of inspiration for others. In fact, the Tarot Judgement Card is a form of calling. You must respond to this call to allow you to reveal the Deep Being within you.

Thus, the Judgment of the Tarot shows you that you have understood past experiences is that you are strong now from this experience.

Finally, you begin to understand, the Truth begins to take shape. Your wounds are now healed and you are ready for renewal. You have finally understood the lessons of the past and you are finally able to learn from all that you have experienced. Because of this, you now know how to enjoy life and all that it can give you.

The Judgment is the penultimate card of the Tarot's major arcana just before the Tarot World card. In that, the message can only be very strong and very accomplished.

Knowing how to make the right decisions now

In a more prosaic way, the Tarot Judgement Card may also represent the need to make decisions or change course. It may also be that in order to make these decisions, you had to trust your intuition or listen to your inner voice (the voice of the angel). This card may also speak of revelation that allows you to make significant changes in your life or to make viable choices based on your past experiences.

The Tarot's Judgment card will also speak of judgment, whether it is the judgment of men, the affairs of justice or the judgment of the spirit. That is to say, knowing how to judge situations or make the right choices.

Thanks to the judgment card you now see clearly and that you have a guide on your path.

The Tarot Judgement Card will also show that you know how to face challenges. You finally know how to overcome them. But, it is because you are guided and that you finally know how to listen to the voice of your guide.

Summary of the Judgement Card

The card of the Judgement speaks about celestial protection. The Tarot card speaks of liberation from the past and all the ties that prevented you from living and enjoying. The Judgement card will also be a card of healing or renewal. It will also speak of the favorable judgment of men but also in another sense, it may speak of fame, public, communication or even unexpected and positive events, victories, and success.

Judgement is shown reversed

The Reversed Tarot Judgement card may indicate that you do not accept to see the truth. You then connect to what you believe to be true by having a wrong vision of the world. Perhaps you doubt yourself or refuse to accept the truth as it appears in the open.

Your inner monologue prevents you from seeing and seizing new opportunities. Thus, your gaze remains riveted on your beliefs and preconceptions and prevents you from seizing new opportunities and opening yourself up to renewal. You then turn in circles in your logic without finding the exit door or solutions to your problems.

The Judgement Card on the other hand will speak of the impossibility of self-questioning and introversion.

The Tarot's Reverse Judgment card can also show that you have locked yourself into a life of routine and beliefs from which you cannot escape and that you are no longer able to understand and think. Everything has become mechanized. You don't take time to ask yourself what is essential. You miss the essential things in life.

It is also possible that you have things from the past that are chasing you, or that you have made mistakes and they are preventing you from seeing.

Knowing how to question yourself

The Judgment on the other hand will also be able to show that you are not happy but without really knowing why because you do not question yourself or you do not question yourself in your functioning mechanisms. You will then find it difficult to overcome your obstacles and you suffer the consequences that you cannot overcome either.

The card of the Reverse Judgement can also show that you are unable to make the necessary decisions to move forward. You are afraid to make decisions because you don't know what the right choice can be and you are afraid of making a mistake. At this point you are unable to move forward because the decisions are important and you stagnate in a form of painful indecision.

The card of the Reverse Judgement can also talk about problems with justice, emotional troubles, frustrations, bad news that come through all means of communication, resistance and refusal to comply with decisions of Justice for example.

It can also indicate that you refuse changes and that they are then imposed on you. Finally, finally, the Reverse Tarot Judgement card may also indicate the loss of a trial.

Synthesis Keywords of the Tarot Judgement Card shown reversed

The card of the Reversed Judgement essentially expresses an idea of i or negation whether it is internal (in the majority of cases) or external (a court decision for example). It can also speak of an unfavorable answer, of failure, or of negation in a general way.

It is a card which is not always easy to interpret and which requires to take into account the atmosphere of the game and the neighboring cards.

It is about man's destiny which must be on a higher plane. On the material plane this blade symbolizes papers, images, stability in business.

You play the cards thinking of one person in particular:

  • In the professional field:
    It is a person who prefers to analyze and study before starting a business. He will do the same with his collaborators. But he is also lenient, which allows others to correct their mistakes. He is a person who knows how to take advantage of his own experience and that of others in order to use it for efficiency and communication.
  • In the sentimental domain :
    He is an understanding person, with great spiritual energy. He is a very thoughtful person who only grants his friendship or trust after careful consideration. Be upright and virtuous to deserve his attention. If this person decides to share his life with you, you will have a rewarding life as a couple built in harmony and respect for each other.
  • In the financial domain:
    It will only undertake an action after carefully reflecting on the viability of the project.

The message of Judgment:

Look deep into your soul.

Details on the Tarot Judgement Card

The Judgement Card can seem complicated at times. It essentially expresses the idea of taking responsibility for one's actions. That is to say, depending on what one has done, one obtains a result. Therefore, it is true that in a print, its interpretation is not easy.

The Judgement will also express the fact of listening to one's inner voice and following the path proposed by our spiritual guide. This is not easy because it is constraining and forces us to turn our gaze away from our daily interests to see in a wider and more extensive way. It is a question of understanding that we are here to be happy and not constrained in circuits that go against our fulfilment. But our inner guide can help us to find this path again. It is up to us to know how to listen to it and especially to listen to it.

The Tarot meditations can help you to connect with your spiritual guide to better understand what is the best path and the best decisions for your well-being.

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