The Wheel of Fortune - Tarot Card Interpretation

The Wheel of Fortune - Tarot Card Interpretation:

The Particularities of the Wheel of Fortune

There are three animals. Symbolic and magical number: The time (past, present and future) of the same three stages are represented on the arcana: the animal that descends, the animal at the top of the wheel and the one that ascends, thus probably also the cycle of life which also consists of three phases. These are expressions of the ternary.

The Tarot Wheel of Fortune is a card that leaves you a little bit hungry. It is difficult to interpret and often needs other cards to clarify its meaning. Essentially one understands a story of movement, but this card goes much deeper than that. To know how to understand the Tarot card and get the most out of it, read the meaning of the Wheel of Fortune below.

Keywords related to the Tarot Wheel of Fortune

The Tarot Wheel of Fortune upright: good fortune, cycles of life, destiny

The Wheel of Fortune of the Tarot reversed: blockages, delays, instability

Description of the Fortune Wheel Blade

The card of the Wheel of Fortune is a card that intrigues. A wheel on which 3 characters seem to turn, one on top, one towards the

The one down and the other up with a crank and a pin. It is often difficult at first glance to understand the meaning of the Wheel of Fortune card.

At first, the first impression that emerges is that of change. Indeed, each of the characters occupies a different place as the wheel turns. Only the axis of the wheel remains in place and does not seem to move. The character at the top of the wheel seems to be watching the whole thing and represents the life that passes or the testimony that is made of it. The card of the Wheel of Fortune seems to represent the material world and the power of the Universe that directs everything without our knowledge.

The wheel of fortune,( i.e. of destiny) is the symbol of existence, of alternating movements. It represents the Universe, the earth or the Cosmos. The cyclic character of the universal rhythms, the alternation of day and night, the movement of the planets. It is the sum of the movements from which life springs.

It is a circle, it has neither beginning nor end, it is eternal, its movement is continuous and is perpetually renewed.

The two characters on the wheel symbolize two opposite movements: the rise and fall. The man symbolized by the flesh colour is in the fall and on the periphery of the wheel. He undergoes the movement, he is not the author of it.

The card of the Wheel of Fortune bears the number 10. This number which contains the number 1 is the most evolved form of the qualities of the number 1, the beginning, the beginning with all the power and opportunities it contains.

The meanings of the Wheel of Fortune:

With the Wheel of Fortune which constitutes the arcana 10 of the tarot, everything moves, everything changes, everything turns. Nothing is fixed, no situation is fixed. The Universe is in perpetual motion. The consultant who draws the Wheel of Fortune card of the Tarot must expect to move.

This is the carpe diem. We must take advantage of the present moment because no one knows what the future will be made of. All things are inscribed in a cycle and it is necessary to accept that it is so. There are good moments and more difficult moments but nothing is eternal.

The main message of the Tarot Wheel of Fortune card is that you must accept the periods of life and not get attached to any of them. Everything changes, it is the law of impermanence.

You must therefore know how to take advantage of life and the present moment, the only one that truly exists and that guarantees you to live and to have a hold on what you live.

Knowing how to seize opportunities!

That way, you will always know that hard times follow better times and vice versa. This will give you a form of letting go of life and will allow you to better understand life in its entirety.

It is therefore necessary to seize opportunities in flight and take advantage of the moment. The alternation of good and bad things leaves the consultant the possibility to evolve quickly. Thus, the Tarot Wheel of Fortune card suggests that you should not simply wait to be tossed around by life in its ups and downs.

You have the ability to stay in control of what happens in your life by taking the place of the central character, the one at the top of the wheel. So by focusing on the present, you can actively work to improve your future. On the other hand, it is important to understand that just because you are at the bottom of the wheel does not mean you have to be more concerned.

The Tarot Wheel of Fortune card will also indicate that it is possible that in your present present you may be subject to external elements or in any case that you do not control. You must of course accept this if you want to move with the Wheel and not block it.
The Wheel of Fortune refers to the law of the Universe and what it sends us as a result of what emanates from us unconsciously. Thus, it may seem that certain elements are unexpected and beyond our control.

So you don't really have a choice. You have to accept what comes or struggle and in that case in denial you block the Wheel.

The Wheel, a question of adaptability and acceptance.

The Wheel of Fortune has in a tarot deck the power to cancel all the negative effects of neighboring cards.

Thus, according to the logic of the cycle, everything positive can become negative later and vice versa.

It also symbolizes the unblocking of a situation, unexpected events, rather happy. It thus carries within it a form of joy and trust in the laws of the Universe. Indeed, for these to work and correspond to our deepest wishes, we must learn to become optimistic and accept what happens to us with joy. In this way, we can strengthen our intention to achieve more abundance and prosperity in our lives. Being positive and accepting allows us to have more control over our lives and especially to direct the course in a more positive way.

But we must not forget the double character of the blade, for those who do not know how to acquire power and goods through moral rigor, suffering and just effort, the fall awaits them.

Indeed, this card is also greatly linked to the notion of Karma and the need to overcome it.

Thus this card speaks of movement, of evolution but it is neutral in the sense that it says neither yes nor no. Everything depends entirely on the consultant and only his actions are decisive.

The cogs of the wheel...

The Wheel of Fortune card may show the need for change and the possibilities it reveals. In general, the Wheel of Fortune tends to make 180° changes in the consultant's life.

They will ask to accept and especially to know how to adapt because they can appear destabilizing at the beginning. The card will also talk about knowing how to stay anchored in order to go through all the trials of life in serenity.

Obstacles will be overcome, dangers avoided, the consultant can count on outside help. He will have to take advantage of it without hesitation because the wheel is turning. The wheel symbolizes the repetition of movement to infinity.

Summary of the Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune card may speak of good luck or of happy initiative. It is a card full of ambition and dynamism. Its connection with the Law of the Universe makes it possible to feel a good intuition, to hear good advice. The wheel of fortune can also speak of success by a stroke of luck, of heavenly protection, and also of fall for those who are wrong.

The Tarot Wheel of Fortune is shown reversed:

The reversed Wheel of Fortune card represents the opposite of good fortune. The consultant has no luck. There are reversals. The consultant is subject to external vagaries, cosmic forces against which he cannot fight. His rise is too fast and only the fall can be the logical continuation.

Unpleasant surprises are the order of the day, and everything that seemed to be taken for granted can change overnight, the consultant can lose everything because of the suddenness of the blade. There is a form of powerlessness through this message that makes the consultant unable to fight. Everything falls on him. It is possible that he is triggered by too much negativity in his life or simply things that are beyond his control.

The upside down Wheel of Fortune may also suggest that the more the consultant resists the situation, the more he creates opposing forces against him. It may then be necessary, in order to free the situation, to simply agree to let go.

But it can only be a stop moment, a delay in a project or action. It can be interesting to draw some minor arcana to complete the direction of the blade and the draw to know more in details the proposed actions.

Consult the tutorial on How to draw the minor arcana

Sudden changes in situations, events and unexpected surprises to be grasped before it is too late. The consultant becomes courageous, fearless, fearless, confident, as if helped by dark forces. The Devil always symbolizes recklessness.

What you should remember about the reversed Tarot Wheel of Fortune card

The reversed Tarot Wheel of Fortune will speak:

  • the unexpected,
  • of abandonment,
  • reversals will occur as a result of uncontrollable events,
  • of setbacks,
  • of bad luck,
  • of lightness,
  • irresponsible

General synthesis of the Wheel of Fortune card:

The Wheel of Fortune is in principle positive in the game. It means the reinforcement of a situation. But we must not forget the unstable nature of the Wheel, which means that events cannot be considered stable, because according to its logic everything is destined to evolve, to change. The change should be good and favourable to the consultant.

You pull the cards by thinking of one person in particular:

  • In the professional field:
    Clerical work is not for her. She's a person destined for jobs that move around a lot. When it comes to labour relations, don't count on stability or sustainability. The wheel of fortune will show a person who can't bear to stay in a job or in the same trade.
  • In the sentimental field:
    She's a nice, bright person. She tends to live from day to day and rarely makes long-term plans because she relies more on her extraordinary adaptability. Don't rely on stability or plans in your relationship. Live from day to day as you please and don't worry about the future.
  • In the financial field:
    Her character predisposes her more to play games of chance than to manage finances. Don't trust her with your money, she's too spendthrift and may confuse your savings with hers.

The message of the Wheel of Fortune:

Speed of decision is one of the major keys to success.

The Features of the Wheel of Fortune

There are three animals. Symbolic and magical number: The time (past, present and future) of the same three stages are represented on the arcana: the animal that goes down, the animal at the top of the wheel and the one that goes up, thus probably also the cycle of life which is also composed of three phases. These are expressions of the ternary.

The yellow animal is in the ascending phase. The colour yellow (symbolism of colours) shows that he is getting closer to the sacred and the divine. But he seems too absorbed in his ascent which is only material (attainment of success and power through pride) to truly ascend.

The animal at the top of the wheel looks a little like an imp. It is at the top of the wheel. It is a place coveted by man, the place of success. But the wheel is always turning.

So he imagines that he has reached the top, but his judgment is wrong, for a wheel has neither top nor bottom. Thus the blue imp (symbolism of colours) illustrates human presumption and pride in this way, the yellow animal symbolizing human ambition, that of rising to the same level as the divine.

The descending phase is represented by a flesh-coloured creature (symbolism of colours). This phase represents the fall, the failure. The human returns inexorably to his original condition and he cannot rise because his motivations are wrong.

However in this vicious circle all is not lost since each restart, each return to the origin, involves more experience, the experience of previous cycles that will allow to evolve positively or not.

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