The Sun Tarot Card - The Meanings of Tarot of Marseille

The Sun Tarot Card - The Meanings of Tarot of Marseille:

The Sun of the Tarot is a card that radiates love. It represents for many the love and joy of being loved. But the Sun is also the paternal power or sometimes still the excess. we often forget this side. The Tarot cards as well as life shows a balance. Each one must be lived according to this balance. To know how to understand the Tarot card and get the best out of it, read the meaning of the Sun below.

Keywords related to the Tarot The Sun

The Tarot Sun card upright: clarity, warmth, success

The Tarot Sun card reversed: pride, devaluation, lack of love

Description of the Tarot's Sun Blade

The Tarot's Sun card is a very positive image reminiscent of a foster father. The sun is in many cultures the one that allows life and generates it. It represents

here an optimistic image of contentment and fulfillment. It follows quite naturally the Moon card of the Tarot which represented, it, the dark side. Thus, the two parts of the world are present here, the yin and the yang, the day and the night, the hot and the cold, the feminine and the masculine...etc....

The Tarot Sun card is a very positive image that reminds one of the foster father. The sun is in many cultures the one that allows life and generates it. It represents here an optimistic image of contentment and fulfillment. It naturally follows the Moon card of the Tarot which represented the dark side. Thus, the two parts of the world are present here, the yin and the yang, the day and the night, the hot and the cold, the feminine and the masculine...etc.

The presence of a small wall in the background in yellow (divine nature or divine intelligence of man in the construction) and red (dynamism) contrasts with the front of the scene.

Construction is the symbol of man's work, intellect and constructive and structured energy. The wall is smaller than the twins, a symbol of humility of work and of man's awareness of his condition and his abilities (see on this subject The House of God).

To understand the card of the Moon, to read its meaning

The Sun is the source of life. Children bathed in the rays of the Sun give thanks for its blessings joyfully and represent the joy of the Inner Being who is finally free to express himself freely. Children are almost naked, they have nothing to hide, everything is truth. They represent the purity and innocence of childhood. The period when we were totally in tune with our Inner Being.

This Tarot card represents the strength and purity of the liberated spirit. It can represent the two parts of the self, the conscious and the unconscious, one watching over the other.

Tarot of Marseille Sun Card Meaning

The Tarot de Marseille Sun card represents success and joy. The Sun nourishes with its rays and brings abundance. The Tarot's Sun gives the strength to realize oneself in life. No matter the obstacles, there is always a positive and radiant energy that will push you to succeed and bring you joy and happiness. The people you meet on your path will be attracted by the bright and warm side of the sun.

This warm and radiant energy allows you to overcome all challenges and succeed. The Sun also shows that you are now in a position of strength and that you can finally share your successes with others. You will radiate happiness and love. It is a card of success.

To create a harmonious flow within you and to find contact with your Inner Being, meditate with the Sun.

The card of the Sun is shown upright:

The Sun is the arcana 19 of the Tarot. It is a profoundly positive arcana, showing a state of joy and inner fulfillment. It is in simplicity that one can blossom and find happiness.

The Sun of the Tarot of Marseille is the luckiest card in the game. Moreover, it illuminates all the other cards with its rays, attenuating the effects of the negative arcana.

The Tarot Sun card shows that you have confidence in yourself. Life brings you joy, the sun shines and you succeed in everything you undertake. The sun represents the feeling of fullness and calm.
The Sun is life itself. The joy of feeling alive and fervently embracing this consciousness.

The Tarot Sun also talks about your destiny and doing the best you can and then letting go. The Tarot Sun also talks about the basic values.

There is no need to be complicated. It speaks of the liberation of the Being associated with the simple fact of feeling alive and enjoying life as it comes.

The Sun invites you to live fully

The Tarot Sun is an invitation to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and to spend time with those you love.

The consultant gets everything he could ever desire. From then on, he will be able to take advantage of it if he knows how to stay in the wonder of the children and in a good mood.

The secret of happiness is also to have understood that you have to be content with what you have.

The Tarot Sun card will also talk about the joy of being with those you love. It speaks of the universal love that one can feel for all things and of feeling whole and full in this love which is the very source of life.

The Sun announces success, a favourable and serene period in joy and fullness. Enriching affective bonds that should be enjoyed before the wheel turns, material and moral rewards, encouragement, gratification. This is the summit of what we can hope for. It is the end of worries, disputes and obstacles.

The Sun in Sentimental Matters

The Sun represents above all the couple. It will thus make one think of a beautiful couple relationship that exists or that is being formed. It can also symbolize a couple with children.

The Sun is endowed with a masculine energy. It will therefore be attributed to the father and the father's protective energy. The card therefore represents paternal love in the broadest sense of the word, the couple growing up and safely within the perimeter of love.

It is also about a fertile love because the Sun by its rays fertile.

Summary of the Sun card

The Sun card of the Tarot represents Happiness, Enlightenment, Brotherhood, Joy, Eloquence. It will be significant of constructive period, it brings all kinds of successes.

The Sun card of the Tarot is shown reversed:

Its opposite, reverses all its qualities.

  • Instead of light, there is darkness,
  • instead of joy, instead of sadness,
  • instead of harmony and understanding, discord and conflict.

The card of the Sun upside down indicates that it can be difficult to see the positive sides of a situation. We are then focused on the blocks and obstacles without being able to see clearly.

So there's a breakdown in communication. The consultant can no longer communicate, contacts become difficult or even insurmountable and he prefers to take refuge in solitude. The failures follow one another, the projects do not succeed. The rupture also hides lies, misunderstandings, misunderstandings.

You can no longer be enthusiastic and lose your joie de vivre, especially because of the consequences of past situations or relationships.

In its conditions, you will find yourself depressed and without desires, but you must be aware that this is temporary.

The card may also show psychological states or character traits. For example, the sun upside down will show a person full of ambition in the negative sense of the term, or a person too proud... It may also show a feeling of worthlessness or that one does not feel happy or comfortable in a given situation or position.

The upside down Sun may also show the complete opposite. That is to say the fact of not seeing things as they are. Here the card of the Sun joins the idea of the Moon card of the Tarot but under another aspect. It will be a matter of refusing to see clearly and for example to be too optimistic, even unrealistic in relation to a situation.

Summary of the sun card reversed.

The card of the Sun upside down could show behaviors such as not being frank, or being totally in the appearance forgetting the simplicity and truth of the Inner Being, it could also be about exhibitionism of wealth for example or overestimated presentation of oneself. It will also show a form of forced solitude, delays, disappointments, delayed or cancelled projects.

Synthesis of the card of the Sun :

It is the radiance of thought, intelligence and great feelings. It is synonymous with great devotion and noble feelings. It contains within it all the elements of success. It is total triumph.

You play the cards thinking of a particular person:

  • In the professional field :
    He is a brilliant person who is made for positions of responsibility. Her magnetism and personality predisposes her for negotiations and the resolution of delicate situations. On the other hand, she can't bear to take a back seat.
  • In the sentimental field:
    He is an intelligent, brilliant, energetic person who has noble feelings for you. You get along well with her and your feelings are mutual and harmonious.
  • In the financial field :
    It attracts money and wealth by its personality. Associating with her can only be beneficial.

The message of the Sun:

Enjoy life and all that is given to you while you have it, afterwards it may be too late.

Precisions about the colors of the Sun

The Sun is yellow (symbolism of colours) in its centre and its rays are blue, green, red and yellow (symbolism of colours).

The colors of the Sun indicate the levels of action of the star: green on nature, red on man (the action), blue on the spirit and finally yellow on the soul (the divine).

There are also two white rays (generosity and purity). Thinner and more numerous black rays end up surrounding the sun, showing the dark or negative side of everything, even positive things, so the sun is beneficial in the sense that it warms and illuminates but its excess leads to aridity and burning.
The drops of colour that fall to the earth are: red, yellow, blue and white.

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