The Star - Tarot of Marseilles Card meanings

L'Etoile du Tarot - Tarot de Marseille card interpretation:

The Tarot Star is a card full of sweetness and love. It is not easy to interpret in a Tarot deck because although one understands the philosophy of its message, it is not always easy to apply it in a concrete way. To know how to understand the Tarot card and get the most out of it, read the meaning of the Star below.

Keywords related to the Star Tarot card

The card of the Star upright: Unconditional Love, Divine Realization, Spirituality

The Reversed Tarot  Star card: Lack of confidence, despair, delays

Description of the Star tarot card

The Star card represents Nature :

  • the earth by the yellow ground (symbolism of the colors),
  • Water by the Blue River
  • Air through space and Fire through the stars.

The Star which overhangs it is the symbol of the light and the guide like the shepherd's star. It is composed of 8 red rays (symbolism of the colors), which symbolize energy and 8 yellow rays (symbolism of the colors), perfection. Here all is only purity, return to the sources.

Meaning of the card of the Star shown upright:

You are now entering a period of calm and love, you have found energy and stability. The Tarot card tells you that you can now have confidence based on love of everything around you and above all love of yourself. You have learned to forgive and to forgive yourself.

You can now hope because the future is taking shape under good auspices. This card is always very favorable in the game, it also announces supernatural protections. The future looks good.

The finish line is near and success is certain. The consultant has for that purpose a lucid intelligence and all the necessary capacities to reach his goals.

A transformation card

The Tarot Star also announces the success of a personal transformation. You now have new ideas and are developing favorably. You must let intuition do the talking. Thanks to the Star, you are now stronger and you know how to bring productive and significant changes in your life. Now you are living in full consciousness, enlightened and in harmony with yourself and with the Universe.

The Star card is a card of generosity. It shows that you know how to share without counting and give all you have without expectation and without return.

It is also the arcane of communication, contacts can be useful or necessary, the consultant must seek support and should not remain isolated. The Star illustrates the world of dreams, of the collective unconscious.

Summary of the Star Tarot Card

The Tarot Star card is a card of hope. It speaks of the flow of flows and energy with harmony, peaceful communication, kindness, but also self-sacrifice. It is also a demonstration of total faith. Through love one reaches a more optimistic way of life. It is necessary to have trust and faith in life. Happiness is within reach. The Star card will also express ideas of happiness, beauty, sincerity, and protection.

The Star is shown reversed:

Luck becomes bad luck, obstacles and difficulties are to be expected. The consultant acts recklessly, he is obstinate, rigid, does not communicate with his entourage.

The reversed Tarot Star card is not very difficult. However, it suggests that you have difficulty connecting with yourself. You have lost faith and are going through a period of discouragement and despair. The Reverse Tarot Star card may indicate that you have negative thoughts that prevent you from projecting yourself positively and bringing good luck to yourself.

You may have experienced disappointments in your relationships and may no longer be able to give love spontaneously. You can no longer find or see the beauty of life.

A problem of self-confidence

The reversed Star card of the Tarot deck may also show a loss of faith. To move forward again, you must regain faith. Thus, the appearance of the Reverse Star card offers advice on how to pull yourself together and regain confidence. It is necessary to apply the teaching of the House of God in order to access the truth and enjoy universal love. If you believe in yourself, the Universe will believe in you and you will find joy and happiness in your life.

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