The Strength - Guide to Tarot Card Meanings

The Strength - Guide to Tarot Card Meanings:

KeyWords Related to the Strength on the Tarot card

The Tarot Strength card upright: Competence, Mastery, Courage

The Tarot Strength card reversed: Weakness, uncertainty, incompetence

Description of the Tarot's Strength Card

The Strength - Guide to Tarot Card Meanings

In the center of the Tarot Strength card, which represents the arcana 11 of the Tarot and taking up all the space on the Tarot card, a woman seems to be exerting gentle pressure on the jaws of an animal that could be understood as a lion. The woman looks at the lion (representing desires and passion) that is looking at her. The glances that the protagonists exchange are placid. The lion seems totally tamed by the woman.

The Tarot Strength card is interestingly represented by a woman and not a man. This is important and denotes the willingness to show mastery of strength not through the raw physical element but through gentleness. The Strength is represented here by a woman to show that it is not physical and violent strength but spiritual strength, that of thought and intellect.

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The Strength wears a head covering on its head in the form of the sign of infinity. It is reminiscent of the headgear on the Boatman's map, but in that it is reversed here. His clothes are red to symbolize action and blue because of his connection with the world of intuition and the inner world.

The woman seems to tame the lion with quiet strength, the one that comes from within. Her arms describe a circle. The left and right hands come together through the animal's mouth. The left represents the mind and the right represents action.

The card of The Strength of Tarot is shown upright:

Through a strong and well-constructed will, the consultant with the Strength in a tarot card draw can dominate the situation. The consultant is determined. He is able to master and tame the brute strength. He can channel his energies to transform them into a positive strength.

The consultant has in his hands all the intellectual and spiritual energies necessary to move forward and overcome obstacles. Thus, he will be able to assert himself and his own reasons. He is sure of himself and master of himself. Thanks to the arcane of the Strength, he is able to transform his defects into qualities because he knows how to accept himself. He is able to seduce by his intelligence and to dominate others and the situation. He is capable of extracting truth from lies, truth from falsehood.

To master the Tarot simply and easily, think of individual classes.

The Tarot Strength card represents the strength and determination to reach a specific goal. It can also be a way to exercise power. In this way, the Tarot Strength card can be reminiscent of the Chariot card. It is a form of power authority. But here the power is more refined. The Chariot has evolved. The Chariot externalizes its strength and externally affirms (through attributes) its strength and will. In contrast, the Tarot Strength card is an internal card. It represents the internal mastery and power of the mind over matter.


With this blade, it is about control, self-discernment, triumph, vigor and vitality.

The lesson of the Strength Card is to overcome obstacles with internal abilities and self-confidence.

The Strength is in essence determined, persevering, patient and even-tempered. It is simply focused on its task and strives to achieve its goal with determination and measure.

The map of the Strength speaks of compassion, of love. It is about putting forward feminine qualities such as patience, tolerance and love.

The point is to lead, leaving each one a bubble of air. The Strength is also an acceptance card. In this way, the Strength card creates an atmosphere of tolerance and trust. It is about creating a climate of peace and security so that you can influence or lead others in peace.

The map of the Strength represents the archetype of domination by gentleness. It is about understanding that it is possible to tame the brute strength that exists within us.


The lion represents your inner nature and the young woman represents your ability to tame your inner nature.

Thus, when we are able to master the primary instincts, thoughts and violent and animal emotions within us, the qualities of strength surface.

The Tarot Strength card represents the highest level of mastery and awareness that allows you to control yourself and, through rebounding, to control your environment.

Success is guaranteed if you fight for a just cause. Victory is easy and difficulties are overcome without difficulty.

The Tarot Strength card is rich in meaning. It gives you the opportunity to connect with yourself and to release what is within you in a controlled and peaceful way.

This card speaks of self-confidence, mastery...

If the Strength card appears in a draw, it indicates that you have the ability to control the strength within you. It will also indicate that if you have obstacles to overcome, you will have to go through a learning phase to learn to master your internal abilities. The Strength will teach you patience and non-violence.
Finally, the Strength is an invitation to connect with your Higher Guide to manifest your deepest desires.

Meaning of the reversed Strength card:

The Strength - Guide to Tarot Card Meanings

In this case, she can either express weakness, incoherence, that is to say that all her virtues are attenuated or become their opposite, or she can signify the excess of her qualities thus transforming into defects such as violence, risk, pride, tyranny, egocentricity, anger.

The Reverse Strength card may also refer to violence directed toward you by you or toward others. It may also talk about aggression, aggression as a result of uncontrolled anger. It can then express violent animal instincts and a lack of self-control. The Strength may also talk about a lack of self-discipline.

Strength and emotional relationships

In a relationship, the inverted Strength card will be able to say that you do not feel good in the relationship. You may feel too much pressure from your partner, or you may feel dominated, or you may wonder about your partner's feelings and lack confidence in your relationship. You may also wonder about your partner's feelings and lack confidence in your relationship. The manifestation of the Strength in this case will be anxiety, anger or insecurity.

You pull the cards thinking of one person in particular:

  • In the professional field:
    In the professional field: Even the hardest work does not scare him. She can also be a formidable opponent because of her tenacity and willpower.
  • In the sentimental field:
    He is a determined and intelligent person who is in complete control of all his instincts. She is courageous and is not afraid to face adversity. You can count on her and if she has feelings for you, she will keep her commitments. She is a person with whom it is pleasant to develop a relationship because she has reached emotional maturity.

  • In the financial field :
    In the financial field: Difficulties of any kind do not frighten him. It will support you to the end even if your situation is desperate.

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