The Empress of Tarot - Complete Card Guide

The Empress of Tarot - Complete Card Guide:

The Empress of the Tarot is a card full of beauty. Some people love her and find in her an extraordinary charm. Although it can be very meaningful for some, for others, understanding and interpreting it in a deck will be complicated. It is true, the Empress takes on many concepts from the representation of Mother Earth to the consultant. To know how to understand the Tarot card and get the most out of it, read the meaning of the Empress below.

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The Empress of the Tarot upright card: Fertility, love, abundance, femininity...

The Empress of the Tarot  reversed card: relational blockages, emotional dependence, communication problems

Description of the Empress' blade

The Empress represents the archetype of Mother Earth (Gaia). She also represents, according to the psychology of the depths of Jung, the anima present in each one (the prominent glottis, a masculine attribute, seems to show the presence of the animus in the Empress).

It is, moreover, the feminine and active principle... The fecund principle which allows to create and to generate. The Empress is a Tarot card that speaks of fertility, but also of harmony, luxury, abundance and beauty.

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The Empress and the Emperor of the Tarot

The Empress looks at her husband the Emperor to whom she gives orders or on whom she projects actions. The card of the Empress appears as a woman in body but as a man in spirit. A self-confident person who knows how to make decisions. A woman of head.

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His belt goes up high and is at the height of his diaphragm. The Empress exudes an aura of peace and clamour. She wears a crown that shows her connection with the supreme authorities but also with the divine (the colour yellow). The card of the Empress represents luxury.

She sits on a flesh-coloured throne that shows that she is in perfect harmony with the world of matter. The Empress knows how to concretize her projects and thoughts.

The colours on his crown (red and yellow) show that his mind and thoughts are in constant activity.

Her hair is white. They indicate here that the Empress is a woman of experience and wisdom.

The Empress is a card holding the assets of femininity. Intuition, receptivity, connection with the living and life. She is full of energy and reflects the abundance of her inner self.

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The map of The Empress is drawn right side up:

The Empress of the Tarot is the triumph of femininity! Femininity is translated in many ways:

  • Beauty,
  • sensuality,
  • fertility,
  • the ability to generate and create,
  • motherly love,
  • feeding... etc.

The Arcanum 3 of the Tarot asks you to connect to your feminine part in order to release the Yang energy that exists within you.

She asks you to create the beauty that exists within you and to reconnect with your sensuality. The whole kinesthetic part of you. The taste, the touch, the hearing, the sight... It asks you to make the most of everything your body offers you in order to enjoy life intensely. It invites you to taste all the experiences of pleasure and personal development.

The Empress can also announce a birth, but you will have to read the card in association to get the confirmation. Pregnancy can also exist at the metaphorical level, indicating here that you are in the process of giving birth to something within you.

With the Empress you can embark on new ideas or new projects without fear because she is also a guarantee of success. She is the spokesperson for ideas and helps you to make them grow within you and develop them so that you can then take them out of you.

Its values are:

  • affability,
  • sympathy,
  • beauty,
  • fascination,
  • seduction in the good sense of the word

The Empress as a component of nature

The Empress also encourages you to connect with nature, from which she draws her strength and energy. She proposes that you reconnect with the forest and everything that is close to the earth, to mother nature.

The Empress of the Tarot will make you feel the beauty of the earth and will allow you to center yourself and take root in the depths of the earth's energy to allow you to work on your perception and your recurrence. She will reveal in you through this process the potential that exists between the Earth and the Universe.

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The card of the Empress of the Tarot de Marseille, it is a feminine protection, good results will be obtained thanks to will and intelligence.

The Empress is also the map of good understanding and dialogue. Solutions will be found after fruitful discussions.

The Empress and the connection with the forces of the Earth

The Empress is also a card of protection and love. If you are a mother, you can use this card to explore your role as a mother and better understand the gift that is given to you.

For fathers, the Empress encourages you to love your children by accompanying them through open and empathic communication and development in order to guide them. The Empress is a card about relationships. About connecting with others and how you can support others. It is a card that speaks of love and giving, of being supportive and a caring listener.

It talks about communication and creating a privileged space with others to express your feelings and theirs.

When we accept to really live the connection with the Earth, with mother nature, the feminine part in us reveals itself and allows us to create abundance and joy in our lives.

Take the time to live the card of the Empress of the Tarot in order to feel this love and all the love that surrounds you. Feel the energy emanating from the Earth that creates the potential for fertility and love within you. The Empress helps you to create abundance and fill your life with joy.

Meaning of the Empress in a Tarot reading...

Moreover, the Empress in a Tarot reading may indicate that the energy of the Universe will intervene in your life. This is a way to give you the boost you need to move forward. It is also a way to allow you to become aware of your inner potential or to make you understand that you must love yourself and highlight what is within you through the love that you can bring to yourself.

The Universe brings wonderful things to you not by chance but in response to your vibrations. The Empress helps you to raise your vibrations to get positive responses from the Universe and to realize your life. I develop this theme in the meditations of the Tarot.

The Empress sends you the message that you are loved and that you receive all the love that the Universe has for you. All you have to do is simply accept it.

Summary of the Empress card in the Tarot de Marseille

The Empress will speak of a person who acts with discernment. She is an intelligent person, endowed with great intuition, and with a high sense of observation.

He will often be an educated person, but this Instruction can take many forms. His knowledge and intelligence can also be built up through his life experience.

It will generally be a female character, but she can also represent the anima in a man and all the qualities he needs to develop to be more whole and more in connection with his deepest being.

It will also be a question of wealth in some cases, but in the sense of abundance. Finally, the Empress will often be a person full of inner and/or outer elegance and charm.

A good book to understand the associations of the cards with each other and the book "Le Tarot au quotidien" by Colette Silvestre. It allows to understand from a logical and intuitive point of view the associations of the cards between them in the 3 main areas, material, professional and sentimental. A good guide to understand card reading by association.

The Empress is pulled upside down:

The Empress in reverse will speak of loss of power or influence in a situation. It will often characterize an inner malaise. But it will usually be a loss of emotional power.

That is to say rather of loss of influence on a situation or on a person but always in the relational or emotional field. She may also talk about emotional dependence or too many emotions blocking communication and relationships with others. With the drawing of the arcane upside down all the attributes of the Empress are reversed.

The Empress can become a pretty bad card when drawn backwards. But to interpret it in this sense, you will have to take precautions and look for confirmations in the other cards of the deck so that you do not misinterpret your draw.

In extreme cases, you can expect malice.

For example, a person (often a woman) using subterfuge. A person using hurtful, rather untrue words. Conversely, you may see a person using vain coquetries. It could also be a person prone to despotism. On the other hand, you may see a person who is very slow in his actions and decisions.

The Empress upside down, a difficult woman...

To know how to interpret the Tarot with your heart and not your mind, consult the page, Interpreting the Tarot

The supreme intelligence attribute of the arcana becomes superficiality, ignorance, even stupidity.
It often announces countered actions, setbacks, failures.

The inverted position of the Tarot Empress card will speak of unfulfilled emotional need. Or about not taking into account one's own emotional needs.

She may also show a person who is undecided about her relationships with others or the direction she wants to take her relationships (as in an emotional relationship for example). You should look for the cause of this lack of harmony in yourself and not in others. This will be a sign that it may be necessary to do some introspection sessions to better understand what is happening in you or to meditate with the Empress to better understand her message and see what is happening in you.

The emotional side of the Empress

In a drawing concerning an emotional relationship, the Empress upside down will indicate that you are unable to express your feelings in all sincerity. You hold back your thoughts and the expression of her last ones.

It is difficult for you to express your feelings. You may feel stifled in a relationship. It may be helpful to confide in someone if you have the opportunity. This would allow you to share your feelings with someone who can understand them. This simple action would allow you to reconnect with your inner self.

The upside-down Empress card may also suggest a form of dependence on others. For example, you play roles and act according to the reactions of others, or of your life partner.

You do not feel free to express your feelings and emotions. Meditation may help you to understand how to release and express yourself with confidence.

Do not overprotect!

Another facet of the Empress, on the other hand, could be overprotection. This leads to suffocation. For example, you are overly protective of your child. Without meaning to, you suffocate it with love and do not let it develop. But this can also happen with your life partner, friends or family. You must then listen to the Empress carefully. But here again, remain receptive to the message of the Empress without going too far. Thus, listening first and then acting is a good thing. To help you, you can make the calm and emptiness within you to hear your inner voice.

To redesign your life, connect to the divine source, meditate with the Empress' card.

The Tarot meditations are guided meditations that

  • will help you to feel good and relaxed
  • The Empress Card will connect you with the Empress Card to better understand and retain its meaning while benefiting deep within you from its message.

Taking another look at the emotional realm

More generally, the Empress' card in the Reverse Tarot deck may indicate that you are not feeling well emotionally. She may say that you don't feel at ease with yourself or that there is something missing in your life that you can't identify.

You may need to invest yourself in something else in your life in order to blossom. This may come through the desire to create, or the need to reorganize your life in a different way.

If you are unable to thrive in an emotional relationship, you may need to regain your self-confidence.

To learn how to manage an emotional relationship, read the article: Improve your Tarot Relationships.

In fact, there is no need to think or to make the mind work. It is a matter of acting according to what you feel deep down inside. Like a call from the depths. It is this desire, this voice that it makes you listen if you feel the need to change something in your life.

In other circumstances, the Tarot Empress' card may speak of blockages, certainly emotional, but also in the creative realm. This could be, for example, blockages for people who write or that you are unable to advance in your work or in your professional life due to a lack of ideas.

The Empress may also show a person who is depressed, moody, without desire, may be in the middle of an emotional storm and no longer knows where to go. A too strong hold of the mind that disconnects from the emotional part and does not leave any more the leisure to understand the internal potential.

Summary and Synthesis of the Tarot Empress Card :

The Empress is associated with the number III (symbolism of numbers), a number attributed to the creative intelligence since it is composed of 2+1 which is the fertile power. It symbolizes, therefore, the fertile power of actions, projects and matter.

You pull the cards by thinking of one person in particular:

  • In the professional field:
    You must flatter her to gain her trust. If the card comes out upside down, she will be a person you must be wary of, because she will take advantage of your missteps. The Empress of the Tarot is a good counsellor. She knows how to make contacts and is very good at her job. She is a person of success, you will be able with her to carry out a professional project, and succeed in what you have undertaken thanks to her help. On a more negative side, the Empress could be a somewhat tyrannical person that you see at work, a difficult colleague or a demanding and tyrannical hierarchy.
  • In the sentimental field:
    She is an open-minded, intelligent person, full of charm. She has excellent qualities as a mediator. She is a person who likes to be flattered, but who unfortunately often remains superficial.
    The Empress represents the woman in all that is most beautiful and attractive par excellence. If you are a man, you meet an extraordinary woman. If you are a woman, the Empress can represent you as well. She can also be a close person who can be a friend with wonderful qualities. The Empress of the Tarot represents a relationship, success in love, seduction... self-confidence...
  • In the financial field :
    Watch out for his overly interested side. You'll only do business with her if it's to her advantage...

Colours of the Empress

The blue colour (symbolism of colours) dominant in the arcana informs us that this is a rather passive character, blue is nevertheless tempered by the red (symbolism of colours) of the crown and the dress. He is not a totally passive character.

This passivity, this inaction is only appearance, in fact it is overflowing with energy but this energy is concentrated on the legs (red). This tells us about the untapped potential of the character.

Her hair is white (symbolism of colours). They are free, they are not tied up, which is a bit surprising for her rank. The untied hair shows the power of seduction and the freedom that the Empress claims from the Emperor. Thus we can conclude that she is not constrained in any way and that she is free.

The message of the Empress:

Connect to the essential

Particularities of The Empress of the Grimaud Tarot

Colors of the Empress

The blue colour (symbolism of colours) dominant in the arcana informs us that this is a rather passive character, blue is nevertheless tempered by the red (symbolism of colours) of the crown and the dress. He is not a totally passive character.

This passivity, this inaction is only appearance, in fact it is overflowing with energy but this energy is concentrated on the legs (red). This indicates the untapped potential of the character.

Her hair is white (symbolism of colours). They are free, they are not tied up, which is a bit surprising for her rank. The untied hair shows the power of seduction and the freedom that the Empress claims from the Emperor. Thus we can conclude that she is in no way constrained and that she is free.

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