The perfect cocktail for your next "drink" according to your astrological sign

It's terrace season, it's hot and you're out of inspiration in your quest for cocktail ideal? Or are you always undecided? Do not panic, here what drink to serve you according to your astrological sign

And if ever the cocktails linked to your ascendant or your moon sign appeal to you too... why not taste them too during the next 5 à 7?! Good summer!


Challenged by adventure, it's simple for Aries: he wants, he goes! But first, a caipirinha with a good white rum please.


Taurus is good-natured, sensual, intelligent and he likes to take advantage of the present moment... It's a delicious Ti-punch that he needs!


Charming, elegant, but not without a small effect of surprise... A strawberry mojito is essential for this audacious sign.


Three words: discretion, emotions and seduction - in other words, in perfect harmony with an ice-cold margarita, the ideal drink for heat waves.


A penchant for refinement, combined with a desire for lightness and a taste for freedom; it is washed down with a Long Island Iced Tea (or a cocktail with bubbles, if the party is on the agenda) for the Lion.


The Virgin deserves a drink this summer that is as vitamin-packed, tangy as it is refreshing: a kombucha and citrus mocktail! Fancy a touch of alcohol? Why not end the evening with a Café Maker's as an after-dinner drink...

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We suggest a good Bloody Caesar to satisfy Libra's cravings for balance! In addition, it can be enjoyed at brunch as at 5 to 7!


Intense, passionate and fiery, Scorpio fully deserves its fresh Cosmo!


Dynamic, fun-loving (even more so under the sun), what could be better than a Sex on the Beach with tropical flavors for Sagittarius? Or any other vodka-based drink!


He is serious and endowed with a great strength of character, the Capricorn should treat himself to a little lightness with a very fruity Sangria!


Eccentric, free-thinking, he likes the difference… And probably the famous Italian Spritz cocktail (or a limoncello Spritz)!


Cool, compassionate and dreamy, Pisces likes to take it easy. So we send him a delicious Blue Lagon (or a good little glass of rosé wine) and goodbye to the hassle.

To your "shakers"... and cheers! 

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