Which animals sleep the most?

Which animals sleep the most?

When we talk about animals that sleep a lot, many of you automatically think of a sloth, the dog or the cat that you let sleep at home, cozy and peaceful in your bed. 

However, the real and ultimate champion of hours of sleep is much more unexpected than you think...

Animals that sleep more than others

Naturally, some animals sleep a lot more than others, and Jerome Siegel, director of the Sleep Research Center in California, says hours of sleep are proportional to the amount of food and calories each animal ingests. 

Thus, animals that eat less end up sleeping less. However, as with humans, sleep is also adapted to their age and needs.

According to Siegel's theory, herbivores sleep less than carnivores because they need to spend less time absorbing energy from food. 

This is especially true for giraffes: these giant, long-necked herbivores only sleep soundly for 5-30 minutes a day! Can you imagine what it would be like to sleep less than an hour a night?

Who is the sleepiest animal of all?

Some animals spend more than 80% of their time sleeping, all day. We're sure that's the idea many sleepers have of paradise!


Have you ever wondered what your cat does during the day? We have the answer: sleep. A cat spends about 11 to 12 hours per
day to sleep;


Between 13 to 14 hours of sleep;


Who said hamsters never stop? Only for 10 hours: the remaining 14 hours of the day are devoted to sleep;


One of the largest predators in the animal kingdom spends between 14 and 16 p.m. lying down sleeping;

monkey owl

He even has an owl side: he spends 17 p.m. with his eyes closed;


Spends about 16 hours sleeping;

human baby

It may seem hard to believe, but a human baby can sleep up to 16 hours a day. Never forget that the needs and the number of hours of sleep vary according to age;

armadillos and bats

Nothing more, nothing less than 19 hours devoted to the realm of dreams;


The name couldn't do it more justice: a sloth spends 20 hours sleeping;


And first place goes to this great eater of bamboo and eucalyptus leaves!

According to an activity study of koalas, scientists explain that they sleep about 15 hours and spend at least 5 more resting, which gives more than 20 hours of sleep per day. 

Their diet of eucalyptus leaves takes some time to digest and only provides them with the minimum energy they need to stay awake.

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