Dream about an ex wanting back: What meanings?

Dream about an ex wanting back: What meanings?

If you want to know what it means to dream about an ex who wants to come back, know that this dream reveals that the past is still troubling you. Check out all the interpretations for a dream like this below!


Dreaming about an ex who wants back: What you need to know

Generally speaking, any dream involving people from the past is a sign that events and emotions that should have been left behind are still bothering you. Maybe you don't like that person anymore, and maybe you love them.

But what the dream really brings in its essence is the desire to relive emotions that have been experienced next to that person.

Relationships don't end because they were totally bad. If they were totally bad, they certainly wouldn't have started. Each relationship, even if it ends, may have generated in you a particular emotion, joy, satisfaction, pleasure.

These are the emotions that surface in dreams through messages like seeing your ex asking you to get back together.

Of course, this dream can have various interpretations, which accompany your feelings towards this person and take into account the events experienced in the dream itself. That is, how he asked you to come back, how you reacted to this request, whether or not you accepted the request, all of these interfere a lot in the interpretation of your dream.

So if you remember anything that happened in this dream, just compare these events with the interpretations we provide below and I am sure you will find the answers you are looking for regarding the message this dream has. for your life.


Dream about someone who wants to come back: The meanings

In general, dreaming about your ex-boyfriend asking you to get back together reveals that this person is still bothering with you. Whatever you feel for him, love or hate, will show up in your dreams as a comeback, your subconscious is bringing that person back.

This is the type of dream that can reoccur many times, as it indicates that you need to overcome what you have been through. As long as you don't get over it, you can continue to dream about this person.


Dream about an ex boyfriend asking to come back in person

It means you miss that person. It could even be that the relationship ended in a negative way, but this dream indicates that you are missing some moments.

This dream indicates that you need to overcome the lack of this person or, depending on the case, overcome your pride and get back together with him. But remember that the second option is viable only if this relationship was healthy and happy.


Dream about an ex boyfriend asking to come back on the phone

It indicates that you miss the person, but you don't want to be in contact with them anymore. The fact that this contact works by telephone in the dream, symbolizes that there is a great distance between you, something that can no longer be changed. So overcome what you lack in this person and move on.


Dreaming about your ex who wants to come back and crying

Indicates that grievances remained between you. Crying in this dream symbolizes the pain, the wound, which has not yet been healed.

Therefore, you may want to get back with this person, but only time will tell whether it is possible or not, because only time can heal the wounds and end the grievances. If you had this dream, it means that there is sadness between you and this person.


Dreaming about your ex who wants to come back and gets on his knees

It shows that there are still feelings in your heart. The fact that he appears on his knees demonstrates that there is great passion for this person who is no longer in your life.

It is a dream that reveals discomfort with the end, disillusionment, discontent. It will take effort to overcome this situation and leave the past behind.


Dreaming about your ex boyfriend asking you to get back together but you refuse

Indicates that you have pride in your heart. For him to appear in your dream asking to come back reveals that you are still feeling something, but the refusal indicates that you are proud of your decisions and have no intention of going back.

Note: Be very careful when interpreting this dream because it does not mean that your ex wants to get back together with you, what is creating this situation is your own subconscious. Therefore, it is you who must heal your own wounds, resentments or seek solutions if that feeling still has meaning. But remember to always respect everyone's space and opinion.


Dream about your ex boyfriend asking you to get back together and you accept

This means it's a sign that you still have feelings for that person, even though you deny it and don't want to feel that love/infatuation. This dream also reveals that there are no more regrets in your heart, and this is a positive point, indicating that you know how to forgive.


Dream about your ex boyfriend asking you to come back with a ring

It reveals that you were disappointed with a situation in this relationship, that is, things did not go as planned and you now feel that things could have been different.

It also reveals that even though the relationship is over, you still feel something for that person and you can even expect to get back with them.

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