Dream of being mugged: What meanings?

Dream of being mugged: What meanings?

When we sleep, the brain is always very active, hence the reason for dreams, which emerge from the unconscious. The dormant parts when we are awake always work. 

However, the brain works slightly differently when our body is at rest. Instead of thinking literally, we think symbolically - the reason why dreams appear is a reflection of our subconscious.

One of the most common types of dreams we have is dreaming about being mugged whether by monsters, dogs, someone we are close with, etc. and admit it, it's pretty scary. 

But there is no need to worry, because just like what we mentioned above, these attacks in dreams do not mean that it literally happens to you, but rather it represents symbolic messages about the current situation in your life.

Some also say that these attacks that occur in our dreams are interpretations of how we manage our lives. You may think you are in control, but deep down inside you are vulnerable. And your dreams of being mugged are wars raging between you and yourself.


Dreaming of being attacked by yourself

When his self-aggression tends to occur in your dreams, questions you may want to ask yourself are:

Am I on the defensive in life?
Am I hurting myself or someone else in real life?
Do I have any habits or patterns that need to be stopped?

Why these questions? Because these attacks in dreams mean that you still have fear or doubt in you. Maybe there are behaviors that you've already outgrown, but you still hold on to them a bit because you're used to them, and getting rid of them can make you feel incomplete. Well, that's not true. If it's time to let go of something or even someone, let go to set yourself free.  


Dream about being attacked with weapons

Although these attacks occur in your dreams, consider your attacker's weapon. Just because you are attacked by a sword in your dreams doesn't mean you will literally be attacked by the same weapon in real life.

1. Defeating someone with a sword in dreams means victory in real life; so if it's the opposite, maybe you lose a battle in real life and ignore it on a conscious level.

2. When you are burned in your dreams, it means that you lose control of your temper and anger is the most dominant emotion in you right now.

3. When someone attacks you in your dreams with a knife, it means that someone takes control of your life.

4. Finally, a gun in dreams represents aggression. So if you are attacked or killed in dreams using this weapon, someone probably has feelings of hate towards you and your subconscious is trying to make you aware of it.


Dreaming about being mugged by someone chasing you

One of the most common dreams we have is being chased. People who experience such events tell how breathless they are after waking up from dreaming of being chased away as if it really happened.

To be chased in dreams means that you are avoiding someone in real life. Or if we are thinking metaphorically, it may be our emotions or something we are afraid to run away from.

It is best that you deal with these problems in real life because dreams of being chased are created by your subconscious reminding you that running away from your problems can cause you even more harm in the future.




Dream about being tortured

When you are tortured in dreams, it is normal not to feel pain. That would be awful! But even so, it is still terrifying to experience it, especially when we are being tortured or when someone is beating us. But what does torture mean in dreams?

If you're in an abusive relationship, it's pretty obvious that's why your subconscious is trying to remind you using your dreams thatsomething needs to be done about this.


Dream about being sexually assaulted

The most common and serious events in our dreams occur when we are sexually assaulted in the dream wave, as it could mean a lot of things.


If you are sexually assaulted in your dreams, it means you are in a current situation where you are a victim but you are helpless.

It becomes more serious when these dreams keep happening because you were sexually assaulted in the past. It is better that you consult a doctor, because it poses a danger to your mental health.


Dream about being attacked by dogs

Dog is man's best friend but it can also be your worst nightmare when a dog viciously attacks you even if it happens in your dreams. 

In dreams, the dog represents our feelings in all aspects of our life where we are emotionally protective. When someone dreams of an angry dog, it refers to his hidden anger towards others or it can mean the opposite.

However, when the dog bit you in your dreams, it means that you are a victim of other people's wickedness in real life.

Patients in a hospital might also dream of dogs attacking them, which could refer to their unpleasant feeling of having medical treatment.


Dream about being verbally attacked

Aggression by words is just as painful as physical aggression. So, if we see people yelling at us in our dreams, what could this mean?

Such dreams can symbolize disappointments and regrets in real life which have caused many negative results. Unknowingly, you blame yourself for all the problems you and other people have been through and these pent up emotions show up in your dreams as people angry and yelling at you.


Dream about being beaten

When you see people beating you in a dream, it does not mean that it is going to happen literally. Sometimes it refers to a battle between you and yourself only

In dreams, when a faceless person beats you, it may represent a self-criticism or judgment. If it's family members who beat you or friends you're close to, it may be because of the lack of support you receive from them.

But then again, it could also mean something about the current situation you're in - maybe there's a aspect of your life that you have lost control of and your dreams remind you to pull yourself together.


Dreaming about being attacked by paranormal entities

The most common attack in dreams that occurs is when paranormal entities (like a ghost) surround us when we think we are fully awake. Mentioned above, it could mean that the entities are crushing you, but if we think scientifically, it is only our brain playing with us and this that probably happens to us is sleep paralysis.

When this happens, you're still dreaming, but you're in the REM phase or rapid eye movement phase where your eyes move around while the rest of your body is still in rest mode to avoid hurting yourself while fulfilling your dreams.

Don't worry because it's nothing serious. After a few seconds you will be able to move again and you will be woken up from those scary dreams.


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