Dreaming of Ocean: What Meanings?

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Dreaming of Ocean: What Meanings?

The Ocean is the symbol of calm, peace, spirituality and emotional balance. The moving ocean waves know a lot about your inner feelings. Let's find out what they mean in your dreams:


Dreaming about ocean: General meaning

The ocean primarily symbolizes your calm mind, fluctuating emotions, and inner strength. Dreams related to the ocean give you a deeper analysis of your life situations. Calm water in the dream denotes your spiritual behavior and suggests that you remain calm no matter what situation you find yourself in.


Dreaming of rough ocean

The dream of turbulent and stormy ocean waves shows your inability to control the situation. Uncontrolled ocean waves also denote your confused mental state and emotional disturbances. You must first calm down to calm the situation. Until you regain control of your emotions, external situations will be difficult to manage.


Dream about looking at the ocean

Looking at the ocean in the distance in a dream indicates that you are considering an intimate relationship. You can seek help from your partner for sexual pleasure. Looking at the ocean while there indicates that you are in a peaceful situation and that you will enjoy these moments for now. Swimming or floating in the ocean is considered a good omen. It is also a sign of good luck.


Dreaming of calm ocean

To dream of a calm and welcoming ocean means that our soul is calm, a symbol of rebirth or fulfillment, of purification from a period of crisis and stress. Calm force which, with its movement, brings energy and continuous renewal, in its placid dimension the ocean becomes a symbol of birth, a kind of maternal womb that cradles us and gives us new life. Dreaming of immersion can signify a desire to return to basics or reconnect with family.

If you dream of bathing in the ocean, it is a symbol of relaxation and serenity. You have time ahead of you, you can leave your worries behind for a while and enjoy your carefree life.


Dreaming of a rough ocean or a storm

If we dream of the rough ocean, high and stormy waves or even dream of drowning in the ocean, the dream vision turns into a symbol of fear and disturbance. It may simply mean the need for a shock, a drastic change that we cannot achieve.

To dream of a restless ocean represents the power of the ocean symbolizes an uncontrollable and threatening force, something that deeply disturbs us and that we need to bring out, like sea monsters lurking at the bottom of the ocean.


dirty ocean dream

Dreaming about dirty ocean can have different meanings, some of them can be spiritual restlessness, pangs of conscience or negative thoughts.


Dreaming of being in the middle of the ocean

It might indicate feeling lost and confused; but if in the dream you feel good and you are not afraid, it can mean liberation, new horizons open up before you.

If we swim, it could mean the need to express emotions and the way you swim is how those emotions are handled. If we are swimming with difficulty, it means we are uncomfortable and unable to express any emotion, if swimming becomes too difficult, it means we have to face very difficult challenges which cause tension. On the contrary, if we swim without problems, it means that we know how to get rid of the problems of life.


Dreaming of ocean flooding

If in a dream the ocean floods its shores, overruns homes and towns, then there is no doubt that your emotions are elated, because to dream of sea water and floods represents a crisis with one of your relatives and loved ones. Extract your thoughts, don't keep them, don't be afraid of being deceived. You have to follow your instincts.


Dream of ocean at night

The meaning of dreaming about the ocean at night means that you are not living long enough, you need to run more adventures and enjoy life, the moment you are living right now.


Dream of a black ocean

To see a black and gloomy ocean in a dream is a sign that your state of mind is one of anxiety, fear and isolation. The dream of getting lost in the ocean is a warning that draws attention to accidents, nuisances and disasters.

Since the color black in dreams is also associated with the unconscious and the ocean is also a symbol of the unconscious, seeing the black ocean in your dream can mean that you have no chance to examine yourself. : many things about you are unknown to you. You may want to look inside, but this "dark barrier" prevents you from seeing.


Dreaming about the ocean receding or drying up.

To dream of the ocean drying up, remaining without water, conjures up images of dryness and aridity. The water goes away, retracts or even disappears. As water is closely related to people's emotions, feelings and emotional experience, in my opinion this dream indicates feeling drained, feeling emotional void, feeling drained of emotions.

This could be the consequence of a great disappointment. Try to react and find new blood and food for your soul. Don't let the ocean you have within, with all its immense wealth of life, dry up.


Dreaming of the ocean which opens up, which divides.

Dreaming of the ocean opening and dividing immediately brings to mind the passage in the Bible in which Moses, with the help of God, opens the Red Sea and allows the Jews to cross it and flee from the Egyptians who were trying to destroy them. persecute, but they were overwhelmed by the waters.

In the book of Exodus, it is said that the Jews, who fled under the leadership of Moses from the Egyptians who had enslaved them, found themselves trapped at one time, for in front of them lay the Red Sea, and behind their backs the Pharaoh and his troops chasing them.

Dreaming of the ocean opening up is certainly a very strong and unusual image, which we are not used to. Dreaming of such an extraordinary event has a special meaning, and now I am trying to define it. The key to the interpretation of this dream lies in the idea of ​​"passage": it is a particular passage, through the waters, which makes it truly unique.

Crossing the ocean, indeed, in dreams indicates that you are ready for some kind of "new life". Even if you don't follow this passage in the dream, in my opinion, even just seeing the scene of the ocean splitting in two indicates that in your life you are opening up amazing opportunities for yourself, great news awaits you. To see such an extraordinary scene in a dream, you must be a special person with great mental strength.

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