High Priestess of Tarot - Tarot Card Meanings

High Priestess of Tarot - Tarot Card Meanings:

The High Priestess of the Tarot is an often misunderstood Tarot card. The High Priestess presents herself as an austere woman and often leaves one doubtful when she is drawn. Yet, the Priestess is a card of great depth that holds the secret of the Tarot, unrevealed. To know how to understand the card and get the best out of it, read the meaning of the Priestess.

Thus, the High Priestess of Tarot of Marseille will represent the link that exists with the unconscious world. The world that is only accessible through very particular passages. The world of dreams, of the understanding of symbolism or techniques to access the unconscious.

The card of the High Priestess of the Tarot is shown upright:

The arcana 2 of the Tarot de Marseille symbolizes the secret evolution of things.

It is a positive card, but its action is not in the material world. It is rather in the whole mysterious and secret side. The Priestess of the Tarot of Marseilles acts through perception and intuition, leaving aside the mind and the world of the intellect.

Meaning of the High Priestess Tarot card upright

In a play, the card of the High Priestess upright will symbolize the need to pay attention to your intuition, to your inner voice. The Pope will ask you to take stock of your life. It is a question of understanding higher purposes than those of daily life.

She will ask you to put aside everyday concerns. It is necessary to listen to what is going on in you and what your Supreme Wisdom advises you. You will then be able to devote yourself to techniques of meditation or listening to yourself.

The card of the High Priestess on the right asks you to trust what you feel. You have to leave the mind and the world of the intellect aside. It is your intuition that is most important now. It is your intuition that will lead you to the essential information. The one that is dictated by your unconscious mind.

The High Priestess... the mother, the grandmother...

The card of the High Priestess also represents the mother in the deepest sense of the word. Mother Earth, Gaia, the earth from which we come. As such, it recalls the Empress of the Tarot, but acts on the world in a different way. She will also represent in a Tarot reading the mother, the grandmother or an ascendant.

The drawing of the Papal card in the Tarot expresses rather the inner growth and all that touches the spirit. All things happen slowly after maturation. Everything happens after a long process of secret and hidden transformation of the world.

  • For a man, the High Priestess will represent his feminine and intuitive part, his anima. This part he must listen to in order to reach unity.
  • For a woman, the High Priestess, will indicate that she must have more confidence in herself. She must develop her feminine side and her feminine assets... Not be afraid to reveal her most feminine qualities. She will not have to hide behind a manly mask to act like a man to be respected for example.

A very feminine card

The card of the High Priestess of the Tarot is an essentially feminine card. This card of the tarot shows all its beauty; love, softness, restraint, intuition, warmth, discretion...

Together with the card of the Bateleur, the card of the Priestess symbolizes the two axes on which man must develop: the world of physical action and the world of the spirit.

The card of the High Priestess is endowed with all the feminine qualities and values (patience, constancy, fecundity, prudence, moderation).

The card of the High Priestess is quite positive. It shows that the consultant will obtain a positive result to the question. However, this will only happen after a long period of maturation of events.

It heralds the reflection and the time needed to achieve it. The High Priestess of the Tarot also announces that things are changing profoundly... She shows that for the moment nothing is yet visible. Little by little things will end up maturing and appearing in broad daylight.

A summary of the card of the High Priestess upright in a Tarot de Marseille play.

The High Priestess of the Tarot is endowed with feminine qualities such as fertility and patience. She is also endowed with spiritual qualities that can be accessed through meditation. The High Priestess represents stability, the secret world. She also represents the need for prudence and reserve.

This Tarot card is harmony, expectation and trust in what is and what will be. The card of the Pope is endowed with benevolence, clairvoyance. It is a good influence of the spirit. It also announces success through work, the attainment of peace and serenity.

Meaning of the High Priestess of the Tarot shown reversed in a play:

The card reversed or "against" the High Priestess concentrates in it all the opposites of the arcane shown upright.

When the card of the Hight Priestess comes out upside down, it generally announces the blocking of a situation very often beyond the consultant's control.

It is always an arcane expressing deep sensitivity and intuition.

The Reverse Tarot High Priestess card will indicate that you are not listening to what is important to you. You need to take time to temporarily isolate yourself and listen to your inner voice. Therefore, the Reverse High Priestess suggests that you do not necessarily have to listen to the opinions of others. You will find the solution in yourself and not in the advice of others.

She will then speak:

  • of superficiality,
  • of impatience,
  • of passivity,
  • of inertia,
  • of selfishness,
  • of pettiness,
  • of revenge.

It may also be a call from your inner voice that feels neglected. In this case, you must do everything possible to access this message. In this case, you can view the High Priestess of the Tarot to immerse yourself in its world through meditations, for example. It is important to try to understand what she is trying to tell you.

Think that the High Priestess of the Tarot exists in you and will always be part of you. She is an integral part of you through the voice of intuition. It is therefore possible to connect to her through the Tarot card.

To know how to develop your intuition by using the assets you already have within you,

Who is the Pope?

The reversed card of the Tarot's High Priestess also suggests that you are in principle a person with a strong intuitive potential. However, you have lost the connection with your Deeper Self. Perhaps this is due to the fact that you have focused too much on material problems.

The card of the reversed High Priestess will indicate that you are no longer listening to your Higher Wisdom. You have lost the direction and the guide. Perhaps the most important message is that you need to take time for yourself and temporarily isolate yourself from others (regarding concerns).

Take time for yourself to find yourself.

In a completely different register, the card of the upside down Tarot High Priestess may be the sign that you have gifts but that you do not have the understanding of them. Perhaps you use your gifts to impress others or for more or less dubious purposes. In any case, not to your advantage.

The inner gaze

The Inverted Tarot High Priestess will also indicate that you are neglecting the deepest part of yourself. This is a source of problem for you. You have difficulties in the arrangement of your life or simply in your feelings and in your well-being.
Develop your intuition through practical exercises to access your inner potential.

To learn more about intuition, how to hear it and develop it, read Developing Your Intuition with the Tarot de Marseille

The revered High Priestess may also indicate that you have problems accepting your femininity.

  • If you are a woman, you despise or reject the feminine qualities in you. This creates an imbalance that takes you away from yourself, your intuition and your Higher Wisdom.
  • If You are a man, it is a sign that You refuse a part of You. For example, you consider it weak. This denial is detrimental to You. You refuse the part of the emotions and to access them. The result is a lack in your life.

The essential quality of the High Priestess, which is that of secrecy and reserve, can be negativized. Especially when the Tarot de Marseille's Papal card is upside down. In this case, the High Priestess will speak of slander, gossip, gossip, plots and secret affairs. She will also be able to express that you are excluded from certain affairs or that people meditate on you. She will sometimes announce a secret affair with another person when the consultant is in a relationship as well.

What you need to remember about the reversed Tarot card of the High Priestess

The card speaks of sterility (physical or spiritual). It may announce a separation (by loneliness). Associations such as for example the card of the Lover, the card of the Devil (it will be more adultery), the card of the Hermit (for solitude), will be revealing...

In a completely different register, the card of the Papess in "against" will announce ideas of revenge (in association also with the Devil for example). Ideas of blockages for lack of listening to what is really good for you (with the card of the Hanged Man for example). Or again, a bad intuition, hypocrisy from one or more people against you.

The reversed card of the High Priestess will make you think of inaction. You will find it difficult to get down to work, procrastination, laziness. The upside down Priestess will also be synonymous with indecision.

General summary of the card of the High Priestess:

The High Priestess of the Tarot is the symbol of fecundity and spiritual wealth. The spiritual sphere in which it evolves asks us to take a time of reflection. It is a question here of having a form of serene and peaceful meditation to see things with benevolence.

Particularities of the High Priestess in the Grimaud region.

His coat displays the colours of spirituality and wisdom (blue and red (symbolism of colours)).

She is the guardian of the secret. In order to know this secret, it is necessary to go through a long initiatory path which does not lie in knowledge but rather in the forces of the unconscious.

The card of the High Priestess holds a book on her lap, but although it is open, that is to say, presented to all, one can only penetrate this book intuitively, through its feminine side, with one's heart and soul. The Book refers to intellectual work and learning. Her body appears hidden as well as her hair to better transcribe her mental and spiritual values.

The Colors

Its flesh colour (symbolism of colours) informs us that the book is about the human being. It is open, therefore knowledge is possible; the High Priestess is associated with the moon (all that is feminine) and it regulates the emotionality.
The draperies (flesh-coloured) that surround her head seem to protect her from the temptations of the outside world and give her a very human dimension.

She wears a tiara, with three levels that symbolizes the planes: physical, psychic and spiritual. It is the order of the ternary.

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Some associations of the High Priestess

In the prints when you find the High Priestess in association with these cards, its meaning will be slightly modified or some of its qualities or attributes will be reinforced.

The High Priestess with :

  • The High Priestess: The rule is the most important thing with the need to find a spiritual guide.
  • the Empress: a gestation (real or figurative), a gift for writing or for any intellectual activity
  • the Devil: Excellent intuition for the benefit of business
  • Justice: A very secretive and seemingly cold person who is warm but can be flexible in character.
  • The High Priestess and the Wheel of Fortune: The inner quest creates a spiritual connection

The message of the High Priestess:

Meditate and listen to your intuition before you decide...

Keywords related to the High Priestess of the Tarot deck

The High Priestess of the Tarot upright: Intuition, Mystery, Love

The High Priestess of the Tarot reversed: delays, secrets, lack of listening to one's intuition

Description of the High Priestess card

The High Priestess of the Tarot de Marseille refers to mythology. The High Priestess is the number 2 card of the Tarot. One could think of the goddess Isis or Artemis, Mother Goddess.

The High Priestess sits on a throne-like form, and her veil forms a kind of screen. As if she were trying to hide a great mystery. She is the point of intersection between top and bottom, as shown by her yellow headdress decorated with green and red stones.

Its veil only lets the mysteries penetrate the initiates... It is therefore a passage.

The book she holds in her lap is the book of knowledge, the bible, the torah... A sacred book that contains the truth. She doesn't look at it because she knows it by heart and sees far beyond what is written. She looks into it because it is a symbol of receptivity.

Her blue robe symbolizes her knowledge of spiritual and supra-spiritual things and her receptive capacity. The egg present (in the Camoin version) behind her shows the fertility of the spirit. It is its capacity of gestation, to bring ideas to maturity.

You play the cards thinking of one person

in particular:
  • In the professional field :
    You can trust this person with your eyes closed, they will support you. On the other hand, don't expect too much from this person because they are not very active. Instead, expect a great deal of moral support from them. But you will have few concrete solutions to your problems.
  • In the sentimental field :
    You are dealing with a wise and pleasant person. He or she is rather discreet and reserved. If he or she gives you his or her trust and affection, he or she will love you for a long time to come. You have no fears about the sincerity of their feelings for you. You can trust her in the long run.

    This person is very intuitive and feels things acutely. So you must also be sincere with them. He or she will feel everything and will know if you are deceiving him or her about your intentions or not. For her, the most important thing in a relationship is harmony and sincerity. This is more important than a physical relationship or passion. If the card comes out upside down, then you will be dealing with a concealer. You will have to beware of them because they will not be sincere and will try to act against you.

  • In the financial field:
    If you meet the Pope on financial matters, your approach to her will have to be mixed. The Tarot Priestess Card is not a good card for business. It is a card that speaks of spirituality. Thus, this person will certainly be able to help you. On the other hand, beware of its secrecy and lack of business acumen.

The meanings of the Tarot de Marseille High Priestess card

The Tarot High Priestess card represents wisdom and understanding. She is often considered the guardian of the secret of the afterlife.

We can also talk about the unconscious world. Anything to do with the unknown.

The gigantic veil behind his head is the veil of knowledge. It is also the border between the known and the unknown.

The High Priestess thus represents enlightenment, spiritual knowledge and wisdom at the highest level.

The High Priestess of the Tarot

  • has an intuitive understanding of the Universe
  • is in direct connection with.
  • uses this knowledge to teach and show.

His power is not an active power. She prefers to show rather than act. It works in you through the inner voice, intuition and consciousness.

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